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Tila's Relationship with Casey

Publicity Stunt

1/13/2010 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila's relationship with Casey Johnson was nothing more than a publicity stunt ... this, from Casey's own mouth in the weeks before her death.

We've learned two of Casey's friends have come forward and said they each received separate calls from the late Johnson & Johnson heiress saying her relationship with Tila was "all for show." The friends say Casey told them she had met Tila only 3 days before the infamous engagement video.

The friends say Casey made it very clear ... she and Tila were not together. And here's the thing ... a friend says Tila was in the room when Casey made the calls.

Tila is now saying she wants custody of Casey's daughter. FYI, she has no legal standing to even make a case.


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Tila is no worse than any other "reality whore" or whatever u people call them and no one knows her relationship with Casey except her and Casey-furthermore if she really is mentally unstable and needs help like all the posters say-then its pretty sad that everyone is attacking someone with a mental illness-just saying

1680 days ago

linus4real copy and paste this link at leasst she's not hiding and saying what the truth is unlike TMZ. let's at least hear from those that dont hide!!!

1680 days ago


As if we are supposed to believe the FRIENDS??? WTF TMZ, how bout if I call you and tell you it was a publicity stunt too, and Paris Hilton and Tila really are the ones that got a thing going on Would you believe that? hahaahahaahahaa

What a crock of crap...

1680 days ago


This girl does not know what to do next for publicity. She is constantly trying to shock people to gain attention. Obviously Casey was not in a serious relationship with her.
Ava should remain with her grandmother where she will be raised in a safe, healthy environment.
This girl is using this custody issue as another way to be noticed so WHY would TMZ allow it?

1680 days ago


This Tila needs to be thrown in a wood chipper......immediately!

1680 days ago

To hell with her    

I SO hate this vietcong hooker; her continuing to waste oxygen is like nails on a chalkboard. Can't someone just off this vapid, vacuous, empty headed, attention whoring bitch? A round in the head ought to do it...

1680 days ago


she sound like she came from some eastern asian vilagge and recently learn to speak english

1680 days ago


Ok so then why did tila have her dogs???

1680 days ago


Is it believable to me that Casey and Tila would spend so much time on a lie. They must have at least been fond of each other. This is kind of slamming the dead too, don'tcha think...calling Casey Johnson a liar? Let her RIP!

1679 days ago

Sin D    

Tila has a new relaity show taping where she picks from a selection of rotten fish to mate with. It's called "Tila Tuna Love"

1679 days ago


what a flippin train wreck

1679 days ago


I'm not going to accuse anyone but if this is true and she is still acting thats really disgusting. I felt bad for her at first but if this is thats hateful.

1679 days ago


#5 - that was just slightly uncalled for... just because #1 & #2 do not find this surprising does not make them "worthless pieces of sh# for brains". I think you might need to get over yourself. I for one am not shocked by this news at all and wouldn't doubt it if it was all for show. Makes sense to me.

1679 days ago


Tila, if you want to get everyone's attention, get on a plane right now and go to Haiti. Help pull a child out of a pile of rubble, or give a thirsty broken body a glass of clean water to drink. You can even wear your booby shirts, they won't care. The shock value of seeing you do something for someone else's benefit will surely give you an extra fifteen minutes without making us all throw up.

1679 days ago

Beverly J    

Please save us from these fame hos who will do anything for the spotlight!!!! Send that beeyatch to Haiti to do some relief work digging through the rubble!!!!

1679 days ago
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