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Barron Hilton -- On the Road Again

1/14/2010 2:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A likely sober Barron Hilton is back behind the wheel -- and he wasted no time getting his sick new $60,000 ride on the road.

Barron Hilton: Click to watch
As TMZ previously reported, Paris' younger bro was given a 2010 Mercedes E550 Coupe by his dad as a reward for getting his license back after his 2008 DUI bust -- and it was delivered Wednesday afternoon.

Within an hour of the car's delivery, Barron was already seen driving it -- with Rick riding shotty.

Best DUI gift EVER.


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1689 days ago


VIN - very important news!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I have to confess: I am jealous of Barron!!!! Hahahhahahaahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahaha.

1689 days ago


That's just a E350; the E550 has different lights and exhaust.

1689 days ago


TMZ, certainly you realize that in Barron's world this is equal to the general population receiving a Hyundai. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

1689 days ago


#5 byme, it's a 550. Your stated differences are inaccurate.

1689 days ago

J C    

I hope it has "Pre-Safe".
That's the new option that will stop a Mercedes-Benz if it should come up on a stationery object.
Fantastic option.Gives some peace of mind to worried parents or concerned children with elder parents.

1689 days ago


THE HILTONS ARE IN THE SAME DISASTROUS LEAGUE AS THE AWFUL JOHNSONS. The Johnsons ignored their Casey for thirty years and now they have her tragic death on their hands for, ever! The Hiltons did not "raise" Paris, they "dragged" her. We all know how she turned out! So now, here comes Barron. Drive drunk again, son, and perhaps even KILL someone, and we will gift you with an even more substantial prize than a mere "Mercedes." The name Barron, (in this case spelled, baron) indicates a "powerful capitalist." Let's hope this kid lives up to his "name" unless his parents ruin him, too!

1689 days ago


Now that's the way to teach your son a serious lesson about life. Get a DUI and end up with a brand new $60,000.00 car. What the heck!!!!!!!
Don't you rich people ever learn a lesson that more is not better. Your son will probably end up in trouble again and all you are doing is co-ing him in life. He's learned nothing, just like the wrestlers son that injured his best friend and is running around acting like as ass again. Hogan's son and your son are to young to be pulling the antics that they are, especially when they are in the public eye.
Maybe one day you rich parents will get it, hopefully it won't be after your child kills someone with his fancy car while driving drunk.

1689 days ago


The Hiltons are good parents.

Bad parents pound their kids into the ground endlessly, and never let them recover from teenage errors of judgements.
Such parents almost always lose their kids.

Good parents help their kids to move on and do better in the future.
And that's exactly what the Hiltons are doing.

This young man has not been in any further trouble,he has apologized, fulfiled his probation stage, and is now attending university.

How do we know when a person has truly "repented"? It's when they do not make the same mistake again.

Going by this criteria, Barron has learned his lesson and is now continuing on the right path. We can only wish him well.

1689 days ago


Will the haters please lay off this family. Being rich is NOT a crime.

1689 days ago


Poor people's kids get into trouble too,and often more so, so because they lack the resources to re-direct their kids into more positive activities.
The animosity directed toward the Hiltons is irrational and misplaced.
Be happy the kid is doing better and quit being so damn jealous.
Because envy is really at the root of all this moralizing.
My own parents helped me out too an I'm grateful to them.

1689 days ago


He's twenty now isn't he? His dui was two years ago. Jeez let him move on.

1689 days ago


Nice ride. Hey the Hiltons can afford it so stfu what they do is no ones bizness but their own.My dad bought me a new Ford pickup when I graduated.Bite me.

1689 days ago


Looks like he complied with all the requirents and the state of California gave him a new DL. That's how it works for everyone here. Leave him alone!

1689 days ago


I doubt the Johnson family "ignored" their daughter Casey. But you cannot tell anyone over 18 what to do as long as they stay out of trouble with the law.

Her parents probably did the best they could and none of us know any different.

1689 days ago
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