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Conan O'Brien Strikes Departure Deal with NBC

1/16/2010 2:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien and NBC have reached a settlement in principle and the big announcement is expected Saturday, sources tell TMZ.

We're told NBC has already given Conan's lawyers a draft of the agreement and his hired guns were going over it Friday night. The deal should be finalized Saturday.

Once the deal gets inked, NBC will announce Conan is leaving the network. The network will also announce what we first reported -- that Jay Leno will get the full hour from 11:35 PM to 12:35 AM and it will be called "The Tonight Show" -- just like old times.

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Funny how all Conan "fans" are supporting him now...he just didn;t do it..Jay on the other hand was... is... and still will be number one...Can't wait till he's back..

1743 days ago


Jay is a bully!!! He's come accross as selfish and indian giver. I used to like him but don't plan on watching his sho anymore.

1742 days ago


Conan, you said you'd rather hang out with porn people than
networks. I'll take you up on that offer...

1742 days ago


Leno, O'Brien and Letterman are not funny. Let them all go and we can watch animal planet instead.

1742 days ago

Arethusa Cyberia    

OMG, deja vu! Wasn't there someone else who got screwed over cuz Leno wanted The Tonight Show? I seem to remember he was on Late Night and was promised The Tonight Show, but then Leno got it instead. I also seem to remember that Johnny Carson's advice to this man was to "walk." Who was that guy? Oh! Oh yeah! That was David Letterman, wasn't it? Geez, Leno, enough with the BIG REPEAT already. Conan paid his dues just like Letterman did, you putz. F off, cuz I'll never watch you or NBC again!

1742 days ago


to posting 277

you also have fallen for the myth of Leno stealing the Tonight Show years ago-Letterman beats that old horse to death and wants people to see it that way

when Carson chose to retire NBC was looking at Letterman naturally because he had a network show following Carson-and he assumed the show would be his
they also looked at others
including Leno, Joan Rivers and a few more
it was a sought after gig that everyone wanted

they decided that Leno was a better fit for the time, format and audience even though he had only occasionally done some substitute hosting and had never had a network show

an embarrassed/infuriated Letterman quit and went to CBS
whining and complaining how Jay stole the show from him

in his ego fit he forgot that the word is "show BUSINESS" and it was a purely business decision that in the end worked out once Leno established himself and topped Dave in the ratings

so Dave, with his sometimes mean-spirited sarcasm would beat that dead horse to death (even thought it was not based on facts or reality) any chance he got - to the point that his newer fans believe that to be the truth

and he once again has resurrected his wounded ego to bash Jay and NBC. Jay hasn't retaliated at Letterman over the years for the unfair bashing - just kept his eye on the prize and continued to improve his show-proving that the NBC decision to go with him was the right one in the long run

boy does Letterman hold a grudge when his ego is bruised!!

anyone wonder why Oprah and a few others stayed away from him for years!

now this NBC exec screw-up has nothing to do with Jay but Letterman won't stop perpetuating the myth-he appears to have everything to gain from it-or so he thinks

anyone old enough to remember the facts at the time is getting tired of it

1742 days ago


It's just ike when Coke went to the "new" coke it failed.

They brought it back and the rest is history.

I hate to see Conan go. I was finally getting to sleep on time.

1742 days ago


Reality is Letterman and Kimmel are afraid of Jay Leno because their rating will go down as soon as Jay goes back to 11:35. I feel sorry for Connan, however, as a comedian is very simple and NOT funny at all. His jokes are for idiots who laugh at anything. The other two mentioned above are the same, just not funny at all. Letterman looks and act like clown with those stupid movements he does while he perform same as Connan, they looks like brothers. Fatty Kimmel, your Mexican servant is better than you.

1742 days ago


when Conan goes I will no longer watch the tonight show

1742 days ago


NBC messed with the wrong fella..Conan, you can now take your show to FOX:)..Leno's boring

1742 days ago


I say fire them all Zucker, Leno & Conan. Get a new exec and hire Chelsea Handler for the Tonight Show

1742 days ago


Did anyone else notice that the e-mail is dated in February of 2008?? This wasn't happening then....

1741 days ago


Letterman can tell you what a back stabber Leno is.

It may be the end of the Tonight show period. Johnny is turning over in his grave.

1741 days ago

Tiffany bracelet    

Great site. This could probably have the refactoring tag added t it.

1444 days ago
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