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Conan O'Brien Strikes Departure Deal with NBC

1/16/2010 2:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien and NBC have reached a settlement in principle and the big announcement is expected Saturday, sources tell TMZ.

We're told NBC has already given Conan's lawyers a draft of the agreement and his hired guns were going over it Friday night. The deal should be finalized Saturday.

Once the deal gets inked, NBC will announce Conan is leaving the network. The network will also announce what we first reported -- that Jay Leno will get the full hour from 11:35 PM to 12:35 AM and it will be called "The Tonight Show" -- just like old times.

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Paige is a dumbass; sorry Paige, but it's true.

I've never liked Leno's humor and format as host of the Tonight Show. He was just so stale and brought the boring mainstream humor. I preferred Letterman and Conan who offer something a bit more left of center and creative. I'll look forward to Conan's new gig, and will continue to avoid Leno's show.

1740 days ago


Conan, put your anger toward NBC, not Leno. If the tables were turned, I highly doubt Leno would attempt to publicly degrade you like you're doing to him. Grow up Conan. You should have started an new era at 12:35 instead of cutting your nose off to spite your face.

Team Leno all the way.

1740 days ago


Jay may get The Tonight Show back but the question remains, are any real stars shallow enough to book his show? I say, not many. He's already scraping the bottom of the show business barrel the past few days; just wait until the backlash begins in earnest.

1740 days ago


The only thing I'm interested in seeing from NBC at this point is how they're going to spin this and make Jay's TS marketable. What exactly are those ads going to say?

1740 days ago


Leno really sunk to a new low. Him and NBC are going to need a massive PR job, and that probably won't help with ratings.

1740 days ago


Bub bye Conan. Don't let the door hit you on your . . .

1740 days ago

Krista how wrong is this and how sad. Jay Leno does it again, first Letterman and now Conan. The Tonight Show was class and this man mad it a joke

1740 days ago


TEAM LENO! Conan dug his own grave in striking out at NBC when he could have started something new and fresh at a brand new time. Conan could have been the next Johnny Carson, but nooooooooooo. . .

1740 days ago


i have no respect for leno after this. leno is 60 yrs old, give it up!. you retired n passed the torch to conan, now all of a sudden you want it back??

1740 days ago


Sorry Janet, but that was a terrible suggestion for Conan. "New and fresh" at a brand new time is something Jay tried with his variety show and it failed...miserably. I'm not so sure that Leno's old and stale style will improve the ratings, given his massive PR hit. Will NBC even have enough money to hire a good PR firm?


1740 days ago


Conan's brand of comendy seems to appeal to a younger demographic, whereas Leno's humor is geared towards audiences entering their twilight years.

I remember cracking up to Conan's bits all the way from high school, to college, to several years after. People around me, and of my generation almost always seem to prefer Conan over Leno.

Honestly, this doesn't seem to make long term sense for NBC. Those who predominantly prefer Leno are people such as our grandparents and parents. These are the same people who, I suspect, switched over to Letterman after Conan took Jay's spot. The same people who don't understand Conan's style of humor. While I love my grandma, she probably won't be around for the next 15-20 years. Meanwhile, in 10+ years America's current youth will be entering an age where settling down and finding comfort with a familar face after a long day of work is appealing.

Get with the times NBC!

Finally, while Conan may be receiving a fat settlement as a result of this debacle, you still can't help but sympathize with the guy. It was probably his dream to host the Tonight Show... And for things to unwind in the way that they have sucks... wealthy or not.

1740 days ago


Watch for Leno's pathetic line-up of guests next week to see a trend being established. People hate a bully and stars are sensitive to this fact; many even have a sense of fairness themselves. They will shun Leno's show like he has the cooties.

1740 days ago


Well i will say it again it dosnt matter where Jay Leno goes he is done and NBC made the worst deal of all time that i can tell you NBC dosnt have ratings not because of Conan because they need new executives Zucker needs to go cause NBC is going down the river now for sure Jay Leno if all loved him so much all would have followed him at 10 and they didnt now they will see its over over for the network and are going to now ruin the TONITE SHOW!!!

1740 days ago


Some people are so ignorant. It has nothing to with Jay and never did. The Network wanted rid of Conan as his show was tanking from week one. Jay never retired, he was pushed into it since NBC did not want to lose Conan at that time, in 2004. Jay did not ask for 10 p.m., nor did he ask for his 11:35 p.m. slot back. The Network makes the decisions, NOT Jay and Not Conan. Wake up people. The article on MSN says it all.

1740 days ago


It was Conan who threatened to leave back in 2004 unless he got the Tonight gig—now he’s getting his karmic comeuppance - he should have stayed, growed as a performer and interviewer and wait for a natural transition to occur. Instead, he threw an ultimatum at NBC and now they both are paying for it.
I’ve been a fan of Conan’s for years and i think if Leno had any Ca Jones he’d tell NBC to go f off and retire for good. Letterman should then retire and only stay on as a producer and invite coco to take over and with Craig to back him up make an awesome 1 2 punch and destroy NBC in late night once and for all.


1740 days ago
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