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Brad Pitt -- New Orleans Saint

1/17/2010 11:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt -- who has made New Orleans his adopted home -- took his son Maddox to see the New Orleans Saints destroy the Arizona Cardinals 45-14 yesterday.

Brad Pitt photos

BTW -- the Saints just scored again.

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David Ellis    

January 17, 2010

Secretary of State Madam Clinton
Delivered by email, Fedex, regular mail
Copied to people of interest, CNN, Face the Nation, Sunday Morning and others

RE: Haiti - “Pay It Forward” and launch Carbon Credits to the Globe!

Dear Madam Secretary:

While our Nation is facing crushing debt, the earth herself spoke this week and crushed a small Nation. The Nation of Haiti: a poverty ridden Nation whose natural resources were stripped away decades ago to satisfy a debt.

Yet we must come to the aid of these victims or simple forsake our humanity. So we will lead the way and barrow from the world for we are the only Nation who has the assets and experience to lead in this moment of disaster.

Watching CBS Sunday Morning’s review of Haiti’s past inspired this thought:

Pay if forward, for all of us. Haiti 500 years ago was a tropical paradise blessed with 9,000 foot tall mountains cloaked in forest of such giants as Ceiba trees, mahogany trees, along with the common tropical beauties such as palms, fruits, and nuts that we all love.

Pay It Forward, for all of us, is this: You now have 100’s of thousands of desperate people on land that is barren and was made barren by the love of money. Human greed. Well, let’s put greed to work for the planet, and the people of Haiti. Pay the unemployed of Haiti to plant trees on the bare mountains that were once a tropical forest. And allow purchase of those credits for the carbon sinking to be payments made by the industrialized Nations for what our past took from that Nation’s future.

Realize that Haiti was originally covered by forest, as much as 93%. A country smaller than the state of Maryland, it occupies 27,750 sq km, which is equal to 6.8 million acres, of mostly deforested land.

The Plan

What is an acre of mitigation worth?

Our Government is spending $52,550 to restore 2 acres of land in downtown Gary IN. Let’s call that the high end. Our company was paid $9,000.00 per acre to restore 157 acres of tall grass prairie and mesic savanna for our Federal Government. Restoration of land and mitigation of new construction are becoming an important contribution to our economic stability and infrastructure for the restoration work ads value to often degraded landscapes and serenity to the human soul that visits the sites.

However, restoration is not only quantitative it is also qualitative. Since Haiti is tropical land with a carbon sink capacity on the high end of actual storage, and clearly at one time it was so diverse that restoring it to high end diversity will be expensive and will take a lot of work, hard labor work, over many years to come, placing a PAR value of $10,000.00 per acre is not off the map at all. Set the goal to restore 6 million acres at $10 grand per acre and Haiti becomes a global overnight success worth 60 Trillion dollars to the Global Carbon Mitigation Banking Market. This could become reality and perhaps is the silver lining to this horror.

While we are talking a figure that is 10 times our own National debt we are a Nation, and part of a global community that is raising the earths median temperature by some five to perhaps ten degrees Fahrenheit and today while Haiti has been reduced to rubble, China’s deserts are under 5 feet of snow. Florida just took how many billions in crop losses due to historic freezes, while it is110 degrees on a daily bases in Sidney Australia. Finding a baseline for global carbon sinking value is perhaps the most important and difficult economic goal of the 21st century.

So why not start with Haiti? Clearly it was one of the earlier ecosystems modern man destroyed, so the long-term value in climate adverse effects could be worth 10 times as much as this declared value of $10,000.00 per acre. In short paying the Nation of Haiti $10,000.00 per restored acre in economic terms may still be cheap when you consider the cost of its former eco-system to the world’s climate for as a carbon sink it has been neutralized for decades, when a one point is was a health chunk of planetary lung. Breathing in Carbon Dioxide and exhaling clean cool Oxygen.

It’s a perfect solution to the situation. With mountains reaching nearly 9,000 feet coupled with terrain drops back to sea level in less than a 100 linear miles, solar drafts must create opportunities to generate plenty of electricity by wind turbines. So let’s support the creation of Haiti’s Global Mitigation Bank, set the par value at $10,000 per acre and create a carbon credit deposit worth 60 trillion dollars. For every dollar DONATED, the Carbon Credit Bank of Haiti, the Government run bank will issues a certificate of purchased carbon credit, to the company, person, or Government giving the donation.

Since the destruction of Haiti’s environmental r

1702 days ago


You people are so full of **** if you don't have anything good to say about Mr. Brad then say nothing, because all your ugliness will just reflect back to you, because Mr. Brad is doing something out of the kindness of his heart, he is not asking you for anything unless you wish to want to help, so shut the **** up and listen. Say nothing, karma is a bitch for those who hate.

1478 days ago
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