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MTV 'Teen Mom'

Allegedly Choked

by Her Mother

1/18/2010 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MTV 'Teen Mom' Allegedly Choked by Her MotherOne of the young mothers from the MTV reality show "Teen Mom" was allegedly choked and then hit by her 54-year-old mom this weekend -- and mom is now facing domestic violence charges.

The Council Bluffs Police Department in Iowa tells TMZ Debra Danielson -- the mother of 18-year-old "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham -- was arrested at around 1 PM on Saturday for suspicion of domestic abuse/serious assault.

According to cops, Farrah and Debra started arguing over childcare issues when Debra allegedly threw an MTV shirt at her daughter ... which landed "on or near" Farrah's baby, who started crying.

That's when Farrah claims she went off on her mother -- who then grabbed Farrah by the throat. Farrah told cops she pushed her mother's hand away from her throat, causing her mother to strike her on the right side of her head and mouth.

In the report, officers say they observed multiple cuts on the right side of Farrah's lips.

The story was first reported by the The Daily Nonpareil.

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To those very few who seem to think the mother over reacted... just stop. I don't care how old you are, as a parent you need to put your kid first. Nobody said you couldn't go out & try to keep up with a social life, but baby first! And secondly, she doesn't respect her parents which is why people say she had it coming. Farrah doesn't need a break, because she is never with the baby. For all it's worth, this is coming from a 21 yr old girl without a child(because you see, I am responsible & would like to live w/o having a big responsibility until I am ready & can afford it myself).

1707 days ago


Yeah, if you had to deal with Farrah and the fact that she'd rather shower, eat, party, date or sleep instead of caring for her child, you'd want to choke her to!

1707 days ago


ohhhh man---if u have ever seen this girl in action, u kno why her mom choked her out! farrah is one hell of a spoiled little brat!!!
every time i watch i want to choke her myself!!!

1707 days ago

Farrah's mom is a bitch    

Hi everyone, I am appalled that you would speak about this young woman like this. Her mother is a phsycopath. I saw the show. The young woman needs direction, attention, and help, that is clear. But Farrah's mom is a grown woman who hits people!!! Trust me if she could hit her coworkers, or her husband, she would do it. She just waits until Farrah is at her wits end to unload on her. A lot of parents do that. Farrah's parents are sadistic and Farrah needs to get away from them asap. That is the only way they all can grow up. Plus, Farrah's mom abuses her daugher and then justifies it by spoiling her. You people just see what you want to see. People wine and complain all the time but it is not justified to abuse them.

1707 days ago


she is a spoiled brat that worries about nothing but herself and gettin to party cause she is a teenager welp when you have a kid it is not about you anymore..then i see all the other girls on the show struggling with child care and the relationships with family and the fathers maybe she should watch the show and see what realy matters..not going out and meeting guys. even her friends tell her that she should be home with her baby and working to pay her parents for helping. i never liked her attitude about being pregnant, she should have givin her up for adoption.

1707 days ago


Farrah is an ungrateful brat! She deserved whatever her mother did to her.

1707 days ago


She needs the mess knocked out of her. Her mom puts up with too much from her. The disrespect is uncalled for. I can imagine she is going to be on the streets now.

1707 days ago


About time.That girl is a little snot.Kicking her tail will be well worth the jail time.

1707 days ago


I would have to agree with the others,this girl has NO CLUE what respect or being a mother consists of!!I mean really come on now never wanting or being able to watch and care for your poor and innocent baby ....In whom I feel very very sorry for to have you part of her family let alone her mother!!Farrah you are a spoiled rotten useless lil princess B****!!!!Your idea of the real word is a bit off hunny!!!Likewise as I watched the episodes I always had the feeling that Farrah's mother could use a lil counceling as well's a lil advise MISS MOM...."THE BABY TALKING IS A BIT REDICULOUS AND MAY NOT BE THE BEST WAY TO GET THROUGH TO YOUR OUT OF CONTROL TEEN"!!Be the grown up lady!!!!!

1669 days ago


All of you people that are freaking out on this teen are completely rediculous. For one, yeah, she was disrespectful to her mother, but all you saw was a few MONTHS of her life, during which the mother could have put on any show she wanted. There is a possibility that there WAS abuse to this girl for the entirety of her life, and you wouldn't know. Don't you find it strange that once all the cameras are gone she starts getting smacked and choked out? Also, if you were a teen mom, wouldn't you want a man there to offer you the support you needed? She's probably trying to find someone Sophia can call her dad, even if he really isn't. Teens have sex every day, just because this one ended up pregnant doesn't mean she's a whore. It was probably a mistake and ssome part of her is already going to regret that for the rest of her life, so keep your moronic, uneducated opinions to yourself. You don't know what this poor girl has been through. Back. Off.

1631 days ago


You are all blaming the victim here. I saw the show, the child was fed, clothed and seemed happy. I did not see Farrah being more disrespectful to her mom than most teens, in fact she really was able to bite her tongue in the face of constant criticism. If I had a mom who was that negative and controlling I would have been pregnant at 16 for sure. I am not surprised she did this and I DOUBT it is the first time she has. She seemed to relish all she daughter's failures and everything was about how she was a martyr and victim. Perhaps she should have gotten off the cross long ago and actually tried doing some parenting. I hope Farrah doesn;t repeat this cycle of verbal and physical abuse on her own daughter. Hopefully she will get the help I thought she needed when I saw the show.

1650 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

First off no kids deserve to be hit.. And she would not have been so spoiled of her PARENTS didnt spoil her. So in all reality its the mother fault she was a brat that still does not mean she deserved to be hit.. So what who isnt interested in meeting a new man?? hello??? you all should be ashamed its not right to hit a kid. Grow up.. Abuse isnt funny no matter how spoiled or how big of a brat they are.. I would never touch my kids no matter how spoiled or big of a brat they are being..

1626 days ago


3. Farrah needed to be slapped, punched, and kicked in the mouth for the way she talks to her parents. If she would have gotten a smackdown a long time ago then she wouldn't be such a bitch. She actually thinks her mom OWES her, for what, she's obviously already had a priveleged life. Where/what happened to her babydaddy? He probably realized this bitch is high maintenance and bailed.

Posted at 11:26 PM on Feb 26, 2010 by Tina

Sophias dad died u ass

1626 days ago


I feel that Farrah is a very rude person, who is ungrateful. Her parents are supporting her and she is so damed out of order. Where is Sophia's father I feel that Farrah should keep herself at home more, and stop looking man that don't even like or want her!!!

1625 days ago


AHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAAHHAhahahahahhahah! Finally she needed that foaming at the mouth all the time dnt cut it ferrah or wht ever your name is

1624 days ago
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