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Heidi Montag Version 3.0 -- Batteries Not Included

1/19/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While propped up in L.A. on Monday, robotic "Hills" star Heidi Montag showed off the aftermath of willingly undergoing ten horrifying plastic surgery procedures in one day.


This is the second time the delusional 23-year-old has gone under the knife, having already had a nose job and a breast augmentation in 2007.



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I think she's trying to look like Holly Madison. She never will, because Holly is much better looking. But it's pathetic to TRY to look like someone else instead of trying to look like the best YOU.

1703 days ago


I think Heidi looks better! Well in terms of what society considers beautiful. If we never knew of her and saw her on the streets we would think she is gorgeous. People are only giving this false moral out cry because she is so --pardon the pun- "in your face" with it all. Unfortunately there is a standard of beauty in our culture that was created to make money.Every record, magazine, tv show and product does not get moved without different versions of the Barbie Doll image. Is it sick? Yes but for Heidi I'm sure she sees this as a strategic career move. It may not be what real beauty to people but everyone judges everyone at home or in mags saying 'oh she is beautiful or oh she has a horse face etc etc. I think all the comments of people in general are hypocritical. TMZ's show is all about making fun of people who have a big belly or is ugly all the time so why are they so shocked when someone decides to do something about it. Other media called Alexa Ray ugly or Rumour Willis because they didn't have the features of their 'doll like' moms. I've been in the music industry myself and I'm considered a beautiful girl and I know for a fact that know one would give you a chance for real unless you look "hot" and I'm lucky I can actually sing. But it's hard out there. Britney's Spears career was over because she got "fat" and when she got skinny everyone said she was back! Was it ever about her music or her image. TMZ was the first to report about her zits, bad weave and budda belly. I know it's horrible and sad that Heidi did all the procedures to fit in. But she is trying to fight fire with fire. And I think people who pretend to be so horrified would have seen her on the streets years ago walking with her girlfriends and would say "oh that girl thinks she is so hot but she's not that pretty"

1703 days ago


she looks older than she really is

1703 days ago


She got butt implants too. I'm wondering why she isn't showing them off.

1703 days ago


her face look fine but the boobs what was she thinking her boobs were perfect before. if she does anything more thin yeah shell have crossed into Micheal Jackson territory.

1703 days ago


omg, she looks OLD and with no expression at all.
good thing she looks like a walking picture.
so sad she's doing all this just to be accepted on a fake world of fame and BFF's.

1703 days ago


I see nothing wrong with a little cosmetic surgery. I just don’t think taking a Barbie to your doctor and say I want to look like this. She was pretty before why change so much. You can’t even recognize her. She always seemed superficial now it’s more prominent than ever. Just a shame that someone would feel she needed to ever go to this extent.

1703 days ago


I think it is really sad to change yourself to the point of not looking at all like you use too. There has to be more to this. It seems like she is a puppet to her husband. He seems to be a bad guy and I wonder if he had something to do with this sudden change to "look better". She was pretty before. All together sad.

1703 days ago


She looks beautiful. She's dumb as a rock, but she is beautiful. Spencer needs to get the "Ken" makeover to match Barbie!

1703 days ago


Posted at 6:50PM on Jan 19th 2010 by Lynn-ann


The only people that need to be "hot" to make it is the non talent. Kelly Clarkson looks like the girl next door and she had enormous success. Heidi is not a singer, so she needs to hope she will be "hot" enough to gain some fans. Much like Jessica Simpson did. Jessica has zero talent and rode on her looks for as long as she could.

1703 days ago


Really?!? I think she looks waaaaay better, especially without that pointy chin.

1703 days ago


She looks great! Now if only she could have Spencer surgically removed she would be in great shape!

1703 days ago


WOw! You can barely even remember what she looked like before. I am quite certain it is that lame a**, douche bag, media wh*re husband of hers that has completely encouraged her to go to these extreme changes. It doesn't matter how much surgery she has on the outside, she has deep rooted issues and those will not be resolved altering her nose, checks, eyes, lips, chin, ears, nostrils,eye lids, or anything else that can possibly be rearranged on her face. It is sad because she may end of being one of these girls that has surgery, way more than she should at one time, and end up having a devastating complication that can not be corrected- and then I'm sure Dbag Spencer will be there to turn it into a reality show. I don't like either one of them, mostly because of Spencer and because I hate hearing people talk that act so stupid but I feel sorry that she thinks so low of herself to endure so grand changes at 23. Sad!

1703 days ago


Un-Real!!!! I thought she was one of those latex sex dolls.

1703 days ago


What a freak.

1703 days ago
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