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'Jersey' Knockout Victim -- One Huge Racist

1/20/2010 6:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy Ronnie cold-cocked on "Jersey Shore" has unleashed a hateful, n-word riddled statement on his Facebook page -- verbally attacking the Black MTV security guards he fought on last week's episode.

'Jersey' Knockout Victim -- One Huge Racist

Stephen Izzo
-- the guy who got his ass kicked -- took to the Internet after the episode aired ... and typed the following disgusting tirade:

"lets get something straight what u didnt see is i never fought ronnie i was fighting...those N**GER bouncers when that bitch ran over and snuck me..then got stomped out by those 3 n**gers as he ran away."

Izzo also uses several other slurs in various updates to his profile, including the word "mulian" ... which is a misspelled racist Italian-American term for Black people.

UPDATE: Izzo tells TMZ, "First of all these guys pushed my female friend on the ground. But I was on a show that uses the derogatory slang word for Italians, 'guido.' I am not a racist, I was using a slang word just the same as the way guido is used on the show."


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Oh boo hoo hoo! That's the most horrible thing I've ever heard! Blacks say the same sh*t about whites and latinos every day. So what. It's always going to be that way.

1738 days ago


Funny! TMZ posting any story about racism is like the pot calling the kettle black. The fact that TMZ consistently posts racist comments on its site (particularly those against Blacks), and refuses to delete them is racist within itself. Yet try and post a comment that is pro Black and see how long it will stay. You'd have a better chance if you just made an outright racist comment against Whites. TMZ loves that type of sh*t, I guess it gets more hits.

1738 days ago


KELLY should go to hell.

1738 days ago


All white people should got back to Europe........

1738 days ago


KELLY should go eff her/himself.

1738 days ago


Candy.. The reason you only saw his eyes and teeth is because he was looking at you and laughing at you while he was f ing you in the az.

1738 days ago

Zach Swan    

Yep, that mook, Stephen Izzo, was feeling that TMZ did him wrong. His FB page is protected now, but before he locked it, he tried to school people by telling them that the word "N**ger" is not racist - to him, it means "ignorant" person and is not a racial slur. He went on to blather that whites, asians, anyone can be "n**gers", and he is no racist. Let's assume you're just illiterate and truly don't understand the meaning of the worst epithet America has ever known. Well what about your use of the word mulignan? Does that mean "ignorant" too? Total mook.

1738 days ago


Yep, Dumpster Muffin has a point. Let's say this was a girl who was getting raped by 3 black guys and then called them n199ers. Would you call her a racist? I bet the PC buttmunches behind a keyboard would. First of all, this guy was assaulted so I don't think he should care about being sensitive to his attackers. Second of all, when you are pissed, you will say anything out of anger even the worst words for emphasis. Finally, Izzo should know that the word is spelled "mulignan" (pronounced moo-lin-YAHN).

1738 days ago


21. "Black people are just like normal people"

geesh interesting statement Mikey

Posted at 5:24PM on Jan 20th 2010 by Ron

its true

what separates us from socity?

1738 days ago


30. So what he doesn't like black people. Last I checked it's allowed.

Posted at 5:37PM on Jan 20th 2010 by V

yes, yes it is

but the n word shouldnt be used and we should spread this disease called racism to the next generation of kids.

1738 days ago


Thank God, he got punched by Ronnie! I knew Ronnie was a good guy! I hope that they unleash Ronnie onto this idiot again so Ronnie can finish him. Racist jerk!

1738 days ago


Mikey Said: "Black people are just like normal people, no better or worse."

Hey, Mikey, black people aren't "like" normal people they ARE normal people. You're as racist as that douche who Ronnie knocked out.

1738 days ago


Fist pumps for Ronnie.

1738 days ago


117. Boy what a bunch of white haters here. I just love your ignorant brain washed sheep comments. You wouldn't stand for your own if the blade was at your own Mothers throat. It is so typical for blacks to gang up on whites, and you know it. Yet you chickenpoos buy right into it. You jiggaboojone's are a bunch of pathetic, weak minded losers! Time and time again, you prove it! Hang with pigs, you get muddy and a stink you can't wash off.

Posted at 9:28PM on Jan 20th 2010 by TheMan

stfu and gtfo

1738 days ago


126. So, blacks are NlGGERS.

Posted at 9:56PM on Jan 20th 2010 by Jenny

-_- gtfo

tmz you need to ban some of these guys

1738 days ago
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