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Conan O'Brien, NBC Reach $45Mil Settlement

1/21/2010 9:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'brien reaches settlementConan O'Brien and NBC worked out their final conflict hours ago and have reached a $45 million settlement ... and we've learned it's a sweeter deal for Conan than anyone thought.

Network sources tell TMZ the "mitigation" clause was taken off the table. Translation -- Conan will get a severance of $32.5 million, regardless of whether he gets another hosting gig. Not bad for seven months work.

As we first reported, NBC will pay $7.5 million to Conan's "Tonight Show" staff -- and our sources believe the network added several thousand more to the pot at the last minute.

In addition, NBC will pay a whopping $4.5 million to the executive producer.

Conan has agreed he will not take another hosting gig 'till September at the earliest.

Conan's last show is Friday. We're told NBC hasn't decided who will replace Conan for the period between Monday and the Winter Olympics.

remembering Conan O'Brien


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Bobo Frog    

I'm the King. You're all queens.

Go Conan!

1734 days ago

dr cyclops    

they all blow dead fish,,how boring..glad its over
now A NOTE TO ALL YOU FATTIES OUT THERE..IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT..QUIT EATING SO in line at macdonalds to get a coffee and im behind this whale who orders ,,2 bagel,egg and bacon sandwiches ,2 hash browns and a large coke,,and then went down and ate it all herself in 6 min..i timed it,,how discusting is that..

1734 days ago


And people wonder why we all pay so much for cable television...

This is sad. The middle class working people who drive the economy are always the ones paying through the nose for things..

The cost of living is getting silly.

1734 days ago


SCREW U Conan... you are greedy. Just like the executives in corporations.

1734 days ago


What the hell TMZ . Why did you leave out the part that conan is also using part of his money to supplement what nbc is giving his staff ?

""In the end, Conan was appreciative of the steps NBC made to take care of his staff and crew and decided to supplement the severance they were getting out of his own pocket,"

You guys are really biased.

1734 days ago


I'm glad he's out, I find his show boring and his hair freaks me.

1734 days ago

Better Than You    

And I'm sure once Conan lands his next show , he'll offer to re-hire his old crew.

It's a win-win for everyone, I suppose.

(Except for us diehard Conan fans who will have to go for most of this year without our daily Conan fix.)

1734 days ago

Mom of 3    

YEAH!!!!! the creepy one is gone... thank goodness, never liked him and cant wait for Jay to get back! Then I will watch The Tonight Show agian....

1734 days ago


I fear for whoever NBC decides to have fill in for Conan between next Monday and when the Olympics begin. Who ever it is will be the biggest scab of all time.

I just can't wait for Conan to get back on the air where he belongs. Whether it be with Fox or ABC or WHOEVER. Love ya Conan!!

1734 days ago


Good...hopefully it's over now and we don't have to listen to Conan (or Letterman) whining about it all. Go away, suck. Go Jay!

1734 days ago


and I think Conan should be giving some of his $$ to the staff

by refusing to be pushed back a half an hour to save ratings and
NBC's 2 top late night stars, his ego has cost the entire staff to be
out of a job

he wasn't thinking about them-he was only thinking about himself

I think he knew he couldn't measure up as host of the tonight Show
and was looking for a way out-you know he was looking at his ratings
every day and with a 16 year following on his show he couldn't
survive the competition at that hour where Leno had been dominating

so his way out was to whine about the half hour and quit!

never liked his humor-too juvenile-never evolved sadly
now it's personal-have no respect for anyone who's ego allows them no
accountability or responsibility for their choices/actions

especially when it impacts so strongly on the lives of others

at least Jay was willing to be demoted to half an hour before Conan
to keep his entire staff working

he could have easily said that he would just keep doing his stand-up
and to blazes with NBC for ousting him for Conan when he led the

and then NBC would have been stuck with Conan's rating loser at 11:35

at least Jay seems a bit more like a team player and understands
"show BUSINESS" even though he's more blue collar than the Harvard O'Brien-who must be a bit of an embarrassment to Harvard

whoever hires Conan next isn't getting a great investment unless they want an audience that never matures since his bits never have evolved-and apparently neither has he-he's acted like a spoiled impetuous child in all of this!

1734 days ago


Only in America can a boring actor make so much money doing basically nothing. Boy, what they could do with this money in Haiti. Peace.

1734 days ago


Anyone that finds Leno actually funny must have the most watered down sense of humour is ridiculous. His writers are boring, his delivery is boring, and he steals so many bits I wonder if he and they have a creative bone in their bodies.
The Tonight show format is so pathetically old all the people who want Jay back must be over 50. Craig Fergusson is the only funny guy on late night right now. I’d love to see him host it but they’d never let a non American host they shouldn’t I suppose as it’s American as you can get. But JAY!!!!!! Give me a break the guy is a lying GOOF!!!

1734 days ago


HOW COME NBC WON'T RE-Air THE 1.5 Million comdey skit?? Hard times for America....NOT NBC!

1734 days ago

juli seutter    

Go Conan!!! Will be there for your next show! You must be an old moron to watch Jay Leno! NBC GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!!

1734 days ago
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