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MTV Star's New Mug -- Smile Wiped Clean

1/21/2010 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Markice Markice "Kesan" Moore -- the MTV reality star accused of brutally beating his one-year-old daughter -- has been released on $20,000 bail.

Moore, who was on "From G's to Gents," is accused of breaking both of his infant daughter's arms, one leg, 3 ribs and a collarbone.

Moore told TMZ the only thing he should be held accountable for is the broken wrist his daughter suffered when she fell out of her bed in July.


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Lord Snooty    

Fell out of her bed... yeah, after he raped her first I bet !

1702 days ago


As a mother I am apaulled the justice system has already failed this little girl. THEY LET HIM OUT!!!! ON bail?!! That is insane the force it takes to break a baby's bones is actually a lot I just cannot believe they let him out that disgusts me especially when on the show he was on showed his viloent behavior, and he claims a broken wrist how is that possible at the age of 1??!!! How my son is a very very active 18 month old and has never fallen out of bed and broken a bone. I think someone ought to go treat him the way his baby was.

1702 days ago


Nothing but a piece of human trash.

1702 days ago


What kind of judge would let this animal out on bail?? If he did; the judge should have made the bail a lot higher, so that he couldnt get out.

1702 days ago


What a piece of crap. As a mother... No, as a decent HUMAN BEING, this disgusts me. I hope he gets what's coming to him. I can not even begin to describe how furious this kind of thing makes me. I feel so bad for that little girl, having to go through such agonizing pain at such a young age.

1702 days ago


$20,000 for vicious crimes against a baby, and now he's out so he'll be able to hurt this child again?

Do the men who make the laws not think crimes against children are serious? GEEZ!

1702 days ago


TMZ doesn't have the whole story. I live in Atlanta and this is local news:

The infant sustained numerous fractures to both wrists and arms, the right leg, the right clavicle and to 8-10 ribs, police said. Police said the infant also sustained bruises to both sides of the head – including to the infant’s face, eyes and ears, in addition to bruises to the back, chest and rear.

1702 days ago


I honestly hope that somebody kills this "man." Anyone who could do that to a baby, especially his OWN baby, is an inhuman monster that doesn't deserve to live.

1702 days ago


OMG that is insane. #7, if that is the true information then this guy is completely insane and should not be allowed to roam the streets. How could he could do that to an innocent baby? It's people like him that the term demon was fashioned after.

1702 days ago


i disagree..i believe in hearing both sides of the st0ry first before judgement..y do everybody jump to conclusion so fast? can we at least hear this brother out before death penalty? everyman has the right to a fare trial am i wrong?

1702 days ago

marky mark    

Out of the slammer that fast, the justice system is just as bad as cops. Let me break your F**KEN ARMS and I bet I will go to jail for a long time. 1 year old little girl you have to be kidding me.

1702 days ago


I'm calling BS. My daughter once fell out of my bed when she was about a year old - a tall tempur pedic type bed, and she was scared, but not hurt. Not saying it couldn't happen, but with all of these new injuries, I'm totally calling BS. It could be the mom too, but there's definitely something evil going on here.

I bet that judge doesn't have any children. If he does, I wonder if he slept that night.

1702 days ago


This is absolutely disgusting. I have an infant and I could not imagine anyone doing anything like that to my child... Where is the mother in all this?!

1702 days ago


I hope he gets popped in the head and not w/a fist.

1702 days ago


The horrible thing is that this was initially investigated 5 months ago! He JUST turned himself in yesterday. Someone needs to seriously question what kind of investigating was going on for the 5 months since this little girl was beaten! If he would have hit a wife or girlfriend or even another man in his house, he would have been carted off to jail immediately with charges filed based on the bruises. Typical....

1702 days ago
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