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Sully's Plane Auction - Passengers Blocked

1/21/2010 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The airplane that Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger landed in the Hudson River is being auctioned off -- but some of the passengers of Flight 1549 looking to get a piece of the plane are S.O.L.

Sully's Plane Auction - Passengers Blocked
Several passengers on Sully's miracle flight have been calling Chartis Aerospace Insurance Services -- the company selling salvaged Airbus A320 -- trying to buy a commemorative piece of the plane.

Dan Akers -- the person running the auction -- says Chartis will sell the plane in one big chunk, not pieces.


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Why would they want to piece of the plane?

1733 days ago

tom in Chicago    

So, How does this effect the thirty Mile Zone?
Can you please stop posting crap about regular people and reality tv people? Isn't anyone else tired of these posts?
Come on TMZ, step up your game.

1733 days ago


I'll only buy it if it comes with the people on the wings.

1733 days ago


They want a piece of the plane because they defied the odds and lived when a plane had to be ditched in a body of water. I think every single one of them should be given whatever they want! Insurance companies suck!!

1733 days ago


It seems like a stupidity. But, if somebody wants to have it, what else can I say???

1733 days ago


Passengers who want a piece of the plane are stupid. What do you want a piece of the plane for? You have your life, be happy with that.

BTW - IT"S NOT YOUR PLANE! They shouldn't start giving pieces away. From what I read, you ARE able to buy the plane, just not a piece. So if you want it that bad, buy the whole plane. Does buying the whole plane sound stupid? Just as stupid as thinking you are entitled to a PIECE of something that isn't yours.

1733 days ago


This is just stupid, I think the passengers from the plane should receive the pieces for free first and then sell the rest to the public if they want it after that.

Daniel .......... Toronto

1733 days ago


if they want a piece of the plane to remind them of how lucky they truly are to be alive, then i say there entitled to it.

1733 days ago


By the way, for anyone who may not be aware of this - Chartis is actually the name of the Aerospace Company owned by AIG (yes, THAT AIG)

1733 days ago


For Christ's sake! At least let them have the seat they each sat in. That should be sovereign/good luck piece enough to satisfy everyone and the plane stays intact. Come on lawyers! THINIK!!!

1733 days ago


8. this whole thing was a set up and just an urban legend

the plane was floated into the hudson and then when daytime came it suddenly appeared,,this is all fake..sully isnt even an air plane pilot,,he works for the dept of sanitation.... you idiots believe anything

Posted at 2:50PM on Jan 21st 2010 by alfred

LOL! Sure, "alfred"!

Hey everybody, don't bother replying to this post. There couldn't BE a more obvious TMZ shill to generate traffic!

You've got enough traffic, TMZ. Stop denigrating and exploiting real news issues!

You're really getting pathetic!

1733 days ago

Todd Lee    

OK OK OK ENOUGH WITH THIS PLANE LANDING STORY!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! jesus, the guy did a great thing yes but people forget that number 1, he was doing HIS JOB and number 2, he was also SAVING HIS OWN ASS!! he didn't dive on a live granade to kill himself to save a village of sick and tired of this guy and what he did...WE GET IT!! THE GUY IS A HERO YADDA YADDA YADDA, lets name a freeway after him, lets name a star after him, lets name a hotel after him, LETS ALL NAME OUR CHILDREN AFTER HIM....GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!

1733 days ago



I'm sure you would feel the same way had you or someone you loved been a passenger on that plane, right?


1733 days ago



1733 days ago


Why would they want to buy a piece of the plane that almost killed them all?
I would hate it, ah wait a minute. history and evidence for future fame LOL

1733 days ago
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