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'Jersey Shore' -- MTV Tries to Divide and Conquer

1/25/2010 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The stars of "Jersey Shore" have been negotiating with MTV like "Friends"... but the network could be turning them into enemies with some serious brinkmanship.

Jersey Shore
Sources tell TMZ the network has told the cast if they don't accept MTV's deal by the end of business Monday, they will be replaced. And, MTV has told them it does not have to be a package deal -- the cast members who accept the offer will stay ... those who do not can have a nice life.

As we first reported, MTV offered each cast member a $10,000 signing bonus and $5,000 per episode. We're told the cast rejected the offer and made it clear they would all stand together and hold out for their price, though they didn't say what it was.

MTV made a new offer of $10,000 an episode -- there are 12 episodes in the new season -- but so far the cast hasn't responded.

We're told MTV already has replacements if Snooki, Pauly D, The Situation and the others don't accept the offer on Monday. But, we're told, MTV is happy to mix and match if some of the cast accepts the offer and others don't.

As for who's being the most hard-headed in the negotiations -- The Situation and Pauly D.


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you guys are NOT Friends. WOW....deflate those heads of yours!!!!!

1732 days ago

Need Publicity?    

See kids? This just goes to show that if you stay up late, don't do your homework, do drugs, and start having sex by the time you are 11 or 12, you too, can have your own reality TV show.

1732 days ago


to number 30.

i think i may know the answer to that

classic backdooring the average american as usual by the rich

the hills stars are no better than jersey shore but yet they are getting paid 100k per episode.
because they are already wealthy so 10k an episode wouldnt even cut it and majority of them have blond hair and blue eyes,aka the american dream

sounds harsh and i will get hated on for this but its true (nothing against wealthy blond people lol,more power to you,but its true,thats how it works with networks)

1732 days ago

G2K (Good To Know)    

I finally watched two episodes this past week. To me, it was standard MTV fare ie The Real World. Take a bunch of kids, give them booze, endless free time and a house to live in. The appeal of Jersey Shore is the stereotypes personified. What is funny to me is that every reality "star" thinks they've made it. Take away the props put in place by MTV or any reality show and the spotlight quickly fades. Ask LC, Heidi Montag, Amarosa, Taylor Hicks, Richard Hatch or any so-called star from the genre. My advice to the crew is to study the history. I would argue that Jennifer Hudson (Oscar, Grammy) is by far the most successful reality star in history followed by maybe Hassel "bleck" (steady job on a popular show). I applaud you guys for making the most of your chance. The show is part of pop culture in one season. Individually some of you have more shelf life than others but it is the ensemble that makes the show for better or worse. without the show your 10K appearance fees will dry up quickly. Make a deal you can all live with and then hit the tanning salon.

1732 days ago


They are totally replaceable!!

1732 days ago


Who are those weasels over at MTV? Did they go to the same shylock school as the ones at TLC? Do the right thing MTV and pay these kids, and pay them well.
How is it that the slags and pukes at The Hills get $100,000/episode, and these Jersey Shore kids were getting a few hundred per. I would rather see these kids than those waste of time Spencer/Heidi; Jon/Kate etc.
You have a good show MTV; why are you going to mess with it?

1732 days ago


I was hooked on the show, Mtv mad a ton of money off that show.
10,000 to me is a lot but I think they should get more than 10grand.

1732 days ago


Snooki, Pauly D and The Situation WHO ??

Oh!! those ones slingin' meatballs.

I'll have a cheese pizza on thin crust...wear gloves and a hair net please.

1732 days ago


This show is yuck! Sick of seeing snookie, cookie, greasy, whatever her name is all over the TV.

1732 days ago


Dumb show, stupid kids, take it off the air! I'll take fries with my burger....

1732 days ago


What a disgraceful show! A bunch of no moral wanna-bees prancing around doing whatever to whomever whenever. Have we really gone this far down the sewer??

These low-lifes should be paying US to watch them, not the other way around.

MTV has hit yet another all time low.

1732 days ago


BYE, you won't be missed. Watching this show lowers your IQ. This people are obnoxious, rude, and just plain nasty. Maybe with this money, Snookie can get that FANG fixed.

1732 days ago


Take the 10k, it's more than you'll ever make in your life! Don't get too excited about your celebrity. Reality show cast members are a dime a dozen and you can and will be replaced.

Take the money. Pay cash for a modest house then go to school. You aren't going to have a career in show business so give up that fantasy.

1732 days ago


I kind of hoped they'd take some stereotypical low lives from a different ethnicity each season. This gang has pushed back the Italian culture at least 20 years. Some of them look dirty too. How about Irish, Greek, African American ... any ethnicity but Italian for another season. They disgust me.

1732 days ago


That's really not that much money considering what MTV is making off of them.

I dont think they should hold out for Seinfeld money -- but, strike a balance between keeping them in the public eye and getting what they deserve. (Remember Suzanne Somers anyone?)

1732 days ago
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