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Nancy Grace - Not Camera Ready for Deposition

1/26/2010 12:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy GraceIt's classic. Nancy Grace does not want her deposition taken because she's afraid someone will manipulate the videotape and take her out of context.

Grace is being sued by the parents of Melinda Duckett, who killed herself -- allegedly after Grace went on the air and suggested the woman might be responsible for the disappearance of her child.

Grace's deposition is scheduled to be taken this Thursday in Atlanta. Grace and CNN have objected to the videotaping of the depo.

In her legal papers, Grace's lawyer says, "The risks associated with releasing deposition videotapes prior to trial are high due to video's unique ability to be abused as they can be cut and splice and used as 'sound bites' and taken wholly out of context."

The papers go on to say there have been threats against Grace and a videotaped deposition "would serve no purpose but to further harass, embarrass and intimidate Ms. Grace and corrupt the jury pool."


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I agree with Kristen. Nancy Grace does the same thing to all her diatribe victims. So no wonder she is afraid of that happening to her. She should be held accountable for her statements and not be able to say whatever she wants without proof.

1740 days ago


This woman killed herself because she knew she had killed her son. From guilt and guilt alone. I watched that interview on TV. I was cheering for Nancy. She wanted to find the little boy. The parents are going after a woman who cared about their grandchild. They are the sick ones.

1740 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

I vividly remember this story. The "woman" that killed herself was just a kid, maybe 20 years old, tops. Nancy absolutely drilled and interrogated this girl on national tv, it was horrible. Although Nancy obviously didn't partake in her death, she certainly helped steer her to the edge, no doubt.

1740 days ago

Crissy Angela    

Give me a break. Nancy Grace was the one who "harassed, embarrassed and intimidated." Now she's afraid this could happen to her? She should have thought of that first, huh? Oh, and Nancy, don't forget to do your "flamingo" dance on that girl's grave you POS.

1740 days ago


For those having problems understanding why she is being sued, think about this.
You are a mother. Your child is missing. You go on Nancy Grace to get more air time for your missing child so she will come home to you. You are barely holding it together. Nancy Grace tells everyone that you caused the death of your child and you are hiding the dead body. She cuts you off, and insults you when you disagree. How can anyone say this? Your child is missing. She may be dead if not found immediately. You feel you have never been a good mother. You lose it and blow your brains out, so instead of looking at you, maybe they will go after the real person who took your child, and maybe she will be safe now.
No this is not logic to most people, but some people are not wrapped too tight, add in the fact her child is missing, and what happened to her in front of America. Yes Nancy pushed her emotionally.
The question is,legally is Nancy responsible? That is why we have a jury system in the US. They will decide, but I will say this, I personally feel Nancy helped push this woman over the edge. I am not sure how much. I have no idea if she should pay for it or not.

1740 days ago


While I do not like this woman, how can she possibly be accountable for the suicidal death of another? This reminds me of the trial in 1990 brought against Judas Priest. In 1985, two teenage boys were drinking and smoking pot, and planning on killing themselves. They just happened to be listening to JP. One died from the shotgun, the other blew off a side of his face and lived--however died some years later due to drug addiction. The parents tried to sue them in wrongful death, claiming that JP had a subliminal message on their record saying "do it". I liked Rob Halford's one response, where he stated that killing their fans would be counterproductive.

1740 days ago


Isn't "serve no purpose but to further harass, embarrass and intimidate" the entire concept of the Nancy Grace show?

1740 days ago


I'd pay big money to see a "Celebrity Death Match" with Nancy V.s Harvey...(claymation of course)...The TMZ Pappers can blind her as she rips fellow "Friend"...Harvey's "Man Junk" off in the first 2 seconds. She's a Man eater...

1740 days ago


I've watched Ms Grace's show from time to time and at imes I think she does serve the public well by brining to light the injustice that some people, especially children, recieve. However, that being said I also think (and I know this is entertainment as well, meaning ratings) that she is also one of the most pompous and self promoting people on TV. Right up there with Rush, O'Reilly, and Beck.
She goes on and on and on about the video clips that i'm sure and her producers hand pick to the point of being ridiculous. She berates her colleques if thier opinion isn't what she likes to here. If she is so afraid of how she's going to look or feels like she will recieve threats if a video taped deposition of here is out there then why does she expolit her children almost every night on national television by showing their pictures?
COme on Ms Garce, put your money where your mouth is and get the darn thing on film. It's going to be publice record anyway eventually. Or are you afraid of being exposed and exploited the way you do most people on your show?

1740 days ago


re: "due to video's unique ability to be abused as they can be cut and splice and used as 'sound bites' and taken wholly out of context."

Well, she'd be the expert on this, wouldn't she...?

1740 days ago


Nancy Grace now feels that she is above the law. She can dish it out but not take it. Why does she think she is any better than anyone else that has to have their deposition taped.

For a couple years now she has had many problems with CNN and lawsuits; don't forget she was let go from CourtTV. Oh, that is right, she quit right before the ax but it was clear to everyone.

Do not think for a minute this is the only lawsuit she is handling. More will come out concerning a much more high profile lawsuit and many many people will be glad when it occurs. It is my understanding from a very reliable source that once this lawsuit is over, Nancy will no longer do the show she is currently doing and will appear on another platform. If CNN were to remove her or change the show purpose now, it would be a sign of guilt on their part and not a good move since they are also a defendent in the case.

I hope we all get to see her deposition and we should.

1740 days ago

love from above    

"a videotaped deposition "would serve no purpose but to further harass, embarrass and intimidate Ms. Grace"

Sounds to me like Ms. Grace would get a taste of her own medicine.

1740 days ago


Nancy Grace is irritating to watch, and I do not like her, however, your article is inaccurate.

She is not saying "she does not want her deposition taken". She is saying she doesn't want her deposition VIDEOTAPED. That is NOT the same thing. She can give a deposition with a court reporter present to memorialize the questioning. People often request to not have a deposition recorded or videotaped. This is not unusual.

Your story is misleading, but then again, this is TMZ and Nancy Grace - you all crawled out from under the same rock.

1740 days ago


Well, Nancy Grace is reporting Elin called-off her divorce to Tiger. Why isn't TMZ all over that story?? You mean, TMZ got scooped by Nancy Grace?

1740 days ago

Susan from MD    

Good! She did exactly what she's afraid of to Michael Jackson. She's getting hers! Go Michael!

1740 days ago
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