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Nancy Grace - Not Camera Ready for Deposition

1/26/2010 12:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy GraceIt's classic. Nancy Grace does not want her deposition taken because she's afraid someone will manipulate the videotape and take her out of context.

Grace is being sued by the parents of Melinda Duckett, who killed herself -- allegedly after Grace went on the air and suggested the woman might be responsible for the disappearance of her child.

Grace's deposition is scheduled to be taken this Thursday in Atlanta. Grace and CNN have objected to the videotaping of the depo.

In her legal papers, Grace's lawyer says, "The risks associated with releasing deposition videotapes prior to trial are high due to video's unique ability to be abused as they can be cut and splice and used as 'sound bites' and taken wholly out of context."

The papers go on to say there have been threats against Grace and a videotaped deposition "would serve no purpose but to further harass, embarrass and intimidate Ms. Grace and corrupt the jury pool."


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Best Mom    

Maybe now Nancy Grace knows how Michael Jackson felt when she daily and consistently accused him of a crime that damaged his soul and his life. I have no sympathy for her -- and I hope Michael is watching and smiling.

1640 days ago


It's reassuring how eloquent criticism can be when it SO hits the mark. She does NOT belong in a position where anything coming out of her mouth is relegated to the masses.

1640 days ago


Thinking-I don't know about you, but if my child was missing I wouldn't rest until they were found. I wouldn't kill myself because someone asked me some tough questions! It is clear by Duckett's actions that she was responsible for her child's disappearence. It is also clear that her parents know that their daughter is responsible. It they honestly thought their daughter was innocent, they would still be looking for answers. Instead they are looking for a paycheck!

1640 days ago


Why do all of you defenders of Nancy Grate hate the American way of life?
You automatically assume everyone she berates is guilty, without a trial....You bigots are the same as those who hung people, not that many years ago, for crimes they never committed.
In other words, the KKK; the Nazis, etc.
Believe some false profit, without due proud of yourselves trailer trash.
God help us if the South ever rises again. We're lost as human beings.

1640 days ago


She would know about "taking things out of context" she does that all the time to people she unrightfully accuses on her show.....what goes around comes around Nancy...take it like a woman.

1640 days ago




1640 days ago


Hey T a person is dead because she took her own life not because of Nancy Grace. I saw the episode where Nancy grilled this mother and Melinda D could not answer a d@m thing she was asked. She not only refused to give out information that would have been vital in the search for this little boy to Nancy she refused to cooperate with the police.And as if that was not bad enough,if I remember correctly,little Trenton's baby food,toys and photos including ultrasound photos of him were all found in the trash. What parent does that? I have a an 8 year old little girl and you better believe I would be answering ANY questions that was asked of me and I would have taken advantage of being able to get airtime by getting my daughter's story and photos out in the public.This was a woman who's world was quickly collapsing around her,she knew it was a matter of when not if she was going to be charged with something,and she went on national TV and could not keep her story straight or explain anything that she was being asked to explain. She CHOSE to go on Nancy Graces show nobody forced her to and she CHOSE to kill herself like a coward leaving this little boys father to wonder if his son is dead or alive. This family is so desperate to blame anyone and anything instead of placing the blame solely where it belongs and that is on their screwed up granddaughter!
Nancy is backed by CNN and she does have high powered lawyers that know what is best given her position as a public figure and in all honestly if you were in her shoes and could afford those lawyers most of us would be doing the same thing. And I still can't get over how many people on here don't seem to get that MELINDA DUCKETT INSERTED HERSELF into this show. She was under NO obligation to appear on that show and despite the fact Nancy is known for being tough Melinda CHOSE to do the show. And innocent people don't kill themselves. I am sorry but if you have nothing to hide you help the police,you get you child's story out there,and you answer the questions you are asked she did none of those things.Most parents of missing children would kill to get the National media involved because there is a much better chance of finding out what happened and Trenton's family was lucky to have the National media involved but other than the father the family totally took it for granted and did nothing to help. This is Melinda Duckett's fault and she is the only on responsible for this little boys disappearance.She either killed him or she arranged for him to be taken out of this country but the the fact she threw aways ALL of this child's stuff meant one thing-she no longer needed those things because the child was gone.
On a personal note my daughter and I are victims of Domestic Violence.My daughter watched for hours while my ex-husband,a former NAVY SEAL,beat me until I had a concussion and then when I could no longer physically protect her he beat her. Nancy Grace is a strong voice for crime victim's and every night she uses her show to bring awareness to some very horrific crimes that the majority of the time have been committed against women and/or children or both. I am also the sister of a soldier who began serving this country at the age of 17 and 2 tours in Iraq and nine years later he is still serving his country.I love that Nancy brings our fallen soldiers to our attention every night because they should be remembered.

1640 days ago


Wow...We quit watching this show after Melinda D's suicide. Wondered why this got swept under the rug, glad her parents have brought back the awareness of what happened. We had watched an `unstable'young mom being haranged with a barage of nasty accusations, Nancy G wanted an on air confession from this distraught was cold & unrelentless. Really, really sad. This mom was in a fragile state of loss & probably thought that NG would be an advocate for her & the situation. NOT. The undeserved public humilation was more than she could emotionally handle, she looked for help & got condemnation...for ratings.
The Queen of sensationlism should be held accountable!

1640 days ago


Watch the video of Melinda Duckett on Nancy Grace again. Clearly Melinda knew what happened to her child. She was not being honest!

1640 days ago


A lawyer who convicts without a trial??
And her so-called fans are Americans????

1640 days ago


One thing this woman has on her side is she never Plucked with me or my family, if she did that interview would never happen
Anyone who watches this woman on TV is disturbed to a degree.
And to those ignorant family members or friends of Nancy eat meat! Mine to be exact

1640 days ago


I agree with most people I use to like Nancy Grace until the night she gestapo style interrogated this woman..she was way over the line. She badgered, accused and buffaloed the woman until she broke. I like to hear about alot of different cases..instead we heard about the Casey Anthony case for about three months straight. I think Nancy's days as a former prosecutor have made her biased and jaded.

1640 days ago


MsDiva, please cite the source that states Trenton Duckett was found alive! Unless you can, you are lying because that child has not been found.

1640 days ago

Jeanne From NC    

wow. Talk about hypocrite! You always take everyone else's depo's out of context, the latest being the Anthony case, possibly tainting the jury pool there!

For those playing along at home, it is her grandparents not her parents suing Nancy. The ones who's house she killed herself in. She had attempted many times before and had threatened to do something with Trenton before this.

Nancy did nothing to push this woman over the edge. It isn't 1 incident that typically pushes someone over the edge. In this case, the questions were spot on and she was feeling the pressure of the police moving in etc. She knew she was had and didn't want to deal with it.

As for Trenton being alive? That's news to me that he's been found etc. would be news to america's most wanted, etc.

Nancy, stand up and tell your side. you've done what you are worried others will do, but no one other than you does that! They don't have a case so just do it already.

1640 days ago


Nancy Grace is now a convicted killer
Nancy Grace has now wrongfully accused of telling the truth
Nancy Grace is now being charged with a Felony
Nancy Grace is just a disturbed woman
Nancy Grace wants to kill you by CNN airwaves (legal to this date)
nancy Grace wants more $$$$$$

1640 days ago
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