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'Heroes' Star Busted for DUI

1/27/2010 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adrian Pasdar -- the guy who plays the flying Senator Nathan Petrelli on "Heroes" -- was busted for DUI early this morning after cops say he was burning rubber and swerving all over a Los Angeles freeway.

Adrian Pasdar: Click to watch
TMZ has learned 44-year-old Pasdar was arrested at 2:59 AM after cops clocked him going more than 90 mph on the 405 Freeway in L.A. We're told cops also noticed Pasdar was "failing to maintain his lane."

According to the police report, when cops approached Pasdar's ride, they detected the odor of alcohol -- and decided to give him a field sobriety test. Pasdar was eventually placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI.

Pasdar -- who is married to Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines -- was taken to a nearby jail, where he was booked and placed behind bars. He's listed at 5'10" and 175 lbs.

His bail was set at $15,000 -- we're told the bail amount was so high because the actor refused to take a breathalyzer.


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What is it going to take to prevent celebs from drinking and driving? They CAN AFFORD a cab or limo. Why do they refuse to use them? Why not have a policy that because you are famous, you will NEVER drive after drinking. That way you never have to concern yourself with whether you are too drunk to drive. If you have one drink, you don't drive. Simple solution. Don't they read the news or watch Oprah?

I bet this guy's wife is going to kill him.

1697 days ago


he should have flew home

1697 days ago


youd go on a drinking binge if you were killed off a huge show too. huh dax? what if you were killed off tmz? ... wait hhaahha

1697 days ago

nancy jo    

I Sure Hope He Had His Seatbelt On!!! Either Get a Limo or Call a CAB!!!!! Or Just Stay at Home And Drink!

1697 days ago


His dad butchered my mom when she was in the hospital. As far as I'm concerned, they all can drive into a wall at full speed.

1697 days ago


Karma is a B***H. If your family would live the life they preach to others perhaps Nat's babydaddy wouldn't be out partying down , drinking and driving in the middle of the night!

1697 days ago


Maybe he was drinking because he has to listen to his wife's bs about how Bush invaded Iraq for Oil.

She is a complete moron and I guess its rubbed off on him.

1697 days ago


I kinda feel sorry for him, like others here, since he is married to . . . her! I mean we've see that feminist on crack mouth of hers in action enough to know that that his gonads are probably hiding in his body cavity, the only safe place!

1697 days ago


Good have tons and tons of money...hire a freaking driver!!! He is lucky he didn't injure or kill an innocent person. I am sure you could have spared the money to hire a driver to take you and bring you home. So tired of these celebrities who think they are above the law.

1697 days ago


Very disappointing. I love him as an actor. Thought he would care more about himself, his family, and all the random people he could have killed.

He has so much money, could have hired a person to drive him home.

No excuses, hope he does jail time.

1697 days ago


Wo! I never knew that Adrian was fired from Heroes. He's an excellent, excellent actor.

I like Natalie Maines. Why put the lie or rumor that the lady is gay. That is aweful.

1697 days ago


If I was married to Natalie Maines, I'd drink too.

1697 days ago

Eric in Indiana    

Finally an possible answer about why he got killed off of the "Heroes" tv show, he's a drunk. This guy should've called a excuse give him an ignition interlock device for life. Better send child protective services to the house as well to ensure alcohol is under lock and key or take the children until this family learns a lesson.

1697 days ago


Another hottie ruined by a mustache!

1696 days ago

Chris A.    

Celebrities can afford expensive attorneys and hefty court fines, but current DUI laws destroy the lives of average Americans everyday.

They continue to lower the BAC, increase the penalties, while leaving a people with a permanent criminal record that'll keep them unemployed.

Please stand up to the criminal unjustice system and join Responsibility in DUI Laws:

If you or anyone you know of has ever been arrested for a DUI, you know how ridiculous the system is. Do something about it!

1696 days ago
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