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'Pants on the Ground'

A Rip-Off?!

1/27/2010 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"General" Larry Platt isn't the first person to sing about crooked hats and droopy pants -- and now a Michigan hip-hop duo is saying "Pants on the Ground" is a "take off" of a song they recorded back in 1996.

The Green Brothers -- a rap group consisting of an elderly Platt-alike gentleman -- re-posted the music video for their song "Back Pockets on the Floor" this week -- and you're gonna be shocked at the similarity.

The group claims their lift-up-your-pants jam has "the same intent, idea and in part the same message" as the "American Idol" wannabeen's.

According to MyFoxDetroit, Gerald Green says the group "wishes Platt well" ... they just want their version heard too.


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I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Hmmm....same rhythm, "hats backwards" compared to Platt's "hat turned sideways." "Pockets on the floor" compared to Platt's "pants on the ground?" All he did was change the direction of the hats and replaced ground with floor. Definitely a ripoff!!!!

1695 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Wow, obviously a knockoff job

1695 days ago


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1695 days ago

Crazy Bennett    

In 1996 I was 16 --- who cares. "Pants on the ground" sucks!

1695 days ago

Ric Marrero    

Don't all rap songs sound the same anyhow?

1695 days ago


This original is SO much better than "Pants On The Ground"! It actually has a message, rather than just calling people "a fool". But the new version is definitely not a rip-off. It's not like older people telling the youngin's to fix their clothes is a new concept.

1695 days ago


TMZ sucks...AOL had this story yesterday morning...and it is not a ripoff, it is not even close. Get a life and stop trying to bring everyone down...

1695 days ago


Just the phrase "pockets on the floor" is clunky, awkward, and not half as rhythmic "pants on the ground."

1695 days ago


The Green Brothers had all these years to make this song famous and didn't. Platt made it famous and should get the credit. Just like Michael Jacksons THIS IS IT. Paul Anka did very little with the song and because of MJ it is now famous.

1695 days ago

dr cyclops    

i actually wrote and performed a song much like this back in 1986 in tribute to run dmc/aerosmith was called "don wanna see yo underwear boy"...
I expect my laywers to be contacting the greenbean bros and private whatshisname by tomarrow demanding they pay me 1,000,000 dollors each,,thank you

1695 days ago


Lmao he said "SPLAIN" to your kids. English please!

1695 days ago


Yes, it is extremely similar however, the message needs to be conveyed and maybe the "Generals" version will finally get these people to get their "Pants off the ground!"HeeHee
Renee, Oklahoma

1695 days ago


What garbage. The older song is a real song (a really bad song), and the new Platt song is novelty, with only a few different words, and WAY catchier. Completely different tune, and almost 100% different phrasing. What are the 50% of people who say it's a ripoff hearing that I'm not hearing?

1695 days ago


They both are great with a great message. There are tons of songs with the same names and messages..look at love songs. Let it go. They are both trying to do a good thing.

1695 days ago

dr cyclops    

well they could be out selling drugs or humping their aunt..hee hee heeeeee

1695 days ago
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