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Duggar Baby #19 -- I'm Ready for My Close-Up

1/28/2010 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Duggar Family's 19th child is confined to an incubator -- but she's still ready for prime time.

The Duggar Family: Click to watch
TMZ has obtained a first look at 15-weeks-premature Josie getting wheeled into Michelle Duggar's hospital room for the first time after the delivery ... as it went down in front of the "18 Kids and Counting" TV cameras.

She looks tiny, but the Duggars tell TMZ "Josie is 7-weeks old today and absolutely beautiful ...she is growing and getting stronger each day ... she has a long road ahead, we are encouraged about her progress to date."

Her progress will be chronicled on the show's new season -- which starts with a special Sunday night.


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melanie santana    

even god is telling them"enough is enough"!

1694 days ago

The Jackson twenty five    

Hmmm, is somebody upstairs trying to tell them something??? Keep pushing the envelope and next time you might not be so lucky! Stop having babies already; these people are disturbed and have created a cult like living situation for their other kids.

1694 days ago


The mother must be estatic! She has an extra 15 weeks of her life to spit out another one and make more money. They are freaks!!

1694 days ago


These people are just playing Russian roulette with the life of the mom as well as the is ridiculous and maybe they won't be happy until something really sad and tragic happens.

1694 days ago


They should both be sterilized, with our world population speeding towards a disastrous point, why are these people and others like them (Octomom) being treated like celebrities?

1694 days ago


You people obviously have never seen the show they expose their childern to stuff you people have never even heard of yes their religous but religon doesn' equal cult. They are wealthy but live modeslty and all of their childern are well taken care of. Unlike Octomom or John and Kate plus 8 they have never tried for kids nor gone to a doctor and been artifically inseminated this just happens to be natural for them and is the first time any one of their 18! kids have had health problems. I was an only child but had complications when I was born it has nothing to do with the number. Why should this woman put poision into her body and artifical horomones into her system just to apease society who often can't take care of their ONE sometimes TWO childern. Her and her husband are great parents to ALL of thier childern non of them do drugs or run around with boys having unprotected sex they are all giving graitous humble yet joyous people. So there is a lot of them why is this bad???

1694 days ago


Her uterus must look like a bucket by now.

1694 days ago


Plus they made thier money before they even got the show and don't use the money to buy fancy cars or anything seriously have you ever watch the show "they had a 19th child for the money" ???

1694 days ago

Waitin' for the lottery    

The thing that bothers me about this is the utter lack of respect and privacy the parents and the hospital staff are giving this baby. This is way beyond the Jon and Kate fiasco.

1694 days ago


There is no way these people can give 19 kids the emotional support and attention a child deserves. These people are despicable parents only in it for themselves and the attention they receive. If they were true Christians they’d realize this but instead they use God as a tool for attention. Someone should really assess their mental capacity.

1694 days ago


You can agree or disagree with their number of kids, their reason for having them, and whether God's trying to tell them something.

But the bottom line is can't we just all wish a struggling baby well? I can't imagine that anyone would want to see anything happen to that baby (although, knowing TMZ posters, I guess that some would).

1694 days ago


STOP with the babies already! Don't these own a TV?

1694 days ago


i love the name josie brooklyn...

i know they use "J' for all the names..BUT brooklyn as a middle curious how they decided on that name..

very cute!!!!

1694 days ago

Ava L    

As long as tax payers aren't supporting this family, who cares how many children they have. They seem like great people, they are loving parents and the children appear healthy and happy. I wish them the best and hope little baby Josie will be okay.

1694 days ago


I agree #11. Can't we just pray for the baby and stop bashing the parents? I think that at least part of the hate for this family is based on anti-Christian views. By all appearances, this family has it together--good morals, kind, responsible, and loving toward one another. I think many tune into this family's show and feel inadequate---If this family can have this many children and hold it together, what is wrong with me and my screwed up family? This is a strong Christian family. Some people just don't get it.

Pray for baby #19.

1694 days ago
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