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Duggar Baby #19 -- I'm Ready for My Close-Up

1/28/2010 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Duggar Family's 19th child is confined to an incubator -- but she's still ready for prime time.

The Duggar Family: Click to watch
TMZ has obtained a first look at 15-weeks-premature Josie getting wheeled into Michelle Duggar's hospital room for the first time after the delivery ... as it went down in front of the "18 Kids and Counting" TV cameras.

She looks tiny, but the Duggars tell TMZ "Josie is 7-weeks old today and absolutely beautiful ...she is growing and getting stronger each day ... she has a long road ahead, we are encouraged about her progress to date."

Her progress will be chronicled on the show's new season -- which starts with a special Sunday night.


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And just think, these boobs don't pay a DIME in taxes for their family's use of our highways, our schools, our public utility maintenance, our bridges, our libraries, anything paid by public funds.

The more shortneck kids you have, the less you pay in taxes.

A strange way to deal with taxes, but that is how it is in the former superpower country of the world.

China is now the superpower. And they enforce being responsible for how many kids you have. China has over a billion people now, and if they all had 19 kids, imagine millions and millions of mice overrunning the earth.

1693 days ago


To: 27 and 26

First of all "C" stands for my last name and neither Michelle Jim Bob or I are scientologist??? I'm Episcopalian. Second and no they do no live on handouts I did see that episode they were asking for assistence in building a house for their freinds who they went to just expand the porch for but ended up building them an entire new house and were asking on their friend's behalf who don't even live in the same state that they do nor have the money they do. Jim bob and Michelle own several rental properties and and car lots one of them that was bequethed to the oldest son who until he met his future wife "wasn't interested in dating" either thats their culture and much of the world's cultural only in the "West" do people date several different people to they decided to mary decades after they start dating (and then statistically divorce). And unlike 1/4 of America I haven't been diagnosed with a mental illness so there is no meds "to go back on" but I do work with the mentally ill and think they are a good thing...why am I even spending this much time on this.

Just let good people be good people and if she want to protest beer being sold at a convince store then good for her you can till get your 6-pack at the convince store or liquor store because the second she can't protest the convience store I can't protest the war the lack of gay rights (which she also opposes) so good for her.

1693 days ago


I swear that the father is a sexual deviant. The public sees one face, then behind closed doors...I hate to think what really goes on.

1693 days ago


If you believe the Bible...God gave told us to "be fruitful and multiply." Why? More humans for HIM to love.

1693 days ago


9. You people obviously have never seen the show they expose their childern to stuff you people have never even heard of yes their religous but religon doesn' equal cult. They are wealthy but live modeslty and all of their childern are well taken care of. Unlike Octomom or John and Kate plus 8 they have never tried for kids nor gone to a doctor and been artifically inseminated this just happens to be natural for them and is the first time any one of their 18! kids have had health problems. I was an only child but had complications when I was born it has nothing to do with the number. Why should this woman put poision into her body and artifical horomones into her system just to apease society who often can't take care of their ONE sometimes TWO childern. Her and her husband are great parents to ALL of thier childern non of them do drugs or run around with boys having unprotected sex they are all giving graitous humble yet joyous people. So there is a lot of them why is this bad???

Posted at 12:31PM on Jan 28th 2010 by Rae C

These despicable breeders don't deserve the title of "parents". The day has 24 hours. They have 19 children. Tell me, just how many minutes (NOT HOURS!) per day do you think they spend PARENTING their offspring, eh? They force their older girls to take care of the new babies that revolting woman spews every year from her distended vagina, destroying any semblance of childhood they could possibly have. There is no difference between those girls and a teenaged mother who birthed the child herself.

Do you think it is remotely possible for the older children to be suitable parents for their younger siblings? To teach them what an experienced adult can?

Supporting their reckless, bigoted, selfish, perverted, child-abusive behaviour just shows you're as much trash as they are!

1693 days ago


Do you think the next time this horny a$$ gets this brain washed chick prego it will finally kill her?
He doesn't seem to give a flying f--k if it does.

1693 days ago


These people make me ill. I think this woman is nuts.

1693 days ago


I wish the Duggars well and baby Josie Brooklyn. I am 45, and I had my baby last April 10th. I received a big surprise, because we all thought I was in menopause. Having a child in the 40s does take a toll on the body. I was lucky, but I am no longer a spring chicken. A few of my friends are already grandmothers, and I was not even on birth control for over 7 years. I thought my birthing days were over. lol

1693 days ago


why are they on TV if they don't need the money. They make me sick. When they are on Tv i can't change the channel fast enough. there outta be a law ugh!

1693 days ago


They pretty much shut there kids out from the world because of so many bad influences yet they allow them on TV. The older kids basically help raise the little kids which is not right, the parents chose to have them they need to take care of them 100%.

I see when they got the show Michelle wasted no time getting a total makeover to look like a hollywood star and as soon as there first grandkid was born could not wait to get her on the front page and this poor baby is 15 weeks old and in an incubator and they just could not wait to get her healthy and home before showing her off.

They are just another couple using there kids for fame, it is disgusting.

1693 days ago

The Judge    

Our planet is terribly overpopulated. This causes many of our problems and exacerbates the rest. A 19th baby isn't a miracle, it is a travesty. For farks sake, read a book and educate yourself a little...

1693 days ago


TLC encourages this type of behavior. Look at the Gosselins. By having shows like this..."Jim-Bob, you sure know how to keep a series going!" at the announce of baby #19, TLC has other people thinking they too might get a TV show...raking in the money, attention, freebies. All these shows have their good points, but in this economy and times, seeing someone squander resources without thinking of their full responsibilities to their viewers (Hello, TLC) is irresponsible. Young women watch shows like Jon & Kate or this, and they think they should seek out fertility drugs, pump out TLC..wait for the cash, attention, freebies to flow. TLC needs to stop exploiting people, so the parents with bad judgment stop exploiting their children on cable TV. Baby Josie, all preemies deserve a better chance. Really, what does anyone expect any of the kids to say to their parents when they tell their kids "we need the money". Stop having kids! Give your kids a chance at normal life!

1693 days ago


I don't care how many children this couple have - they have a strong, united family, good values, and they PAY THEIR OWN WAY IN SOCIETY. Don't see any welfare mothers who consistently spit out children doing that much. This couple's children are loved, well cared for, well provided for, and have values instilled in them that will only benefit the people around them. Just travel through the projects of your own cities, and check out the welfare mommas sitting on the front porch waiting for yet another payment from Obama while they incubate yet another generation of hate-mongers, criminals and lazy brood.

1693 days ago


Big giant WHATEVER.

Religion is for retards.

Clearly. If folks like this don't prove my point, I'm quite sure I can find MANY more nuts out there. I think they are trying to start their own cult.

1693 days ago


The father's face is one I just hate to see and the mother pretending to be so modest but yet, opens her legs every minute she gets. I dont watch them and that was when I saw the episode wher they buy clothes for the kids in a thrift shop. If you want to take care of your offspring DONT DEPRIVE ONE BECAUSE THERE ARE EIGHTEEN MORE BODIES TO CLOTHE!

1693 days ago
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