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Pauly D's DJ Fee -- Spinning Out of Control

1/28/2010 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D isn't just trying to land $10,000 an episode for Season Two of "Jersey Shore" -- it's also become his going rate for a night's work on the turntables.

Pauly D
TMZ has learned the Cadillac tattooed "guido" is trying to solidify DJing residencies across the country. His plan: To provide the fist pump soundtrack once every six weeks at three different clubs -- for anywhere between $10,000-$25,000 a gig.

FYI -- Before becoming The Situation's summertime wingman, Pauly D was pulling in $1,000 a night, 4-5 nights a week in Providence, RI.


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Hey TJ, didn't you say where I said Dek is a stud. He is a personal friend of mine.

Go eat cake, you seem to be better at that.

1667 days ago


1. This is the Real Ryan. No clue who the other hater is in comment 20 & 21.


3. DJ Pauly D has worked for me many of times over the years and always has had a good set and draws many females.. In return females draw males. and wow look at that a good night.

4. If some venue wants to pay 10,000-25,000$ for a Dj so be it. RI is def not the market for that. Others maybe.

5. To comment #49. Thos DJs are DEF good DJ's but play a diff type of Music.

6. Let the kid Make his $$$$$. Good to see someone from RI do it. Just dont EVER forget where you came from.

AND 7. I cant believe I just read all these comments AND THEN commented myself.


1667 days ago


You all should stop being such haters... jealousy rearing it's ugly head. Plain and simple he's a regular guy who just happened to get lucky. He didn't have to "do" a damn thing. Once he was picked by MTV it just snowballed. That's the way it goes these days as anyone can see for themselves.

1667 days ago


Yeah I contacted one of his booking agents and for him to DJ at a party would be 15-20K plus expenses!!!!Ridiculous yeah hes pretty popular but really I mean come on.

1666 days ago


Where should I even start.....Im not a hater at all, but I had to laugh at everyones comments on this whole Pauly D DJ Fee "Situation".....The only reason why he "Thinks" he can DEMAND those Booking fees is because of Jersey Shore's ratings and success of season 1, because it certainly isnt his DJ skills....

I have yet to see hime spin a full set nor whould I pay to see him either, but what I can tell you based on the youtube videos he has, he is horrible....He cant beat match nor transition mixes cleanly like a REAL DJ should be able to especially DJs asking for 10-25 G's a gig.....

Im sure he is a cool kid to hang out with and I was a fan of Jersey Shore but far as "DJ Pauly D" he needs to take the money he has made from the show and his paid appearences and invest in some sort of DJ school to learn how to mix and actually be taken seriously....

One last thing, to the people name dropping DJs from New England, Dirty Dek DOES NOT run or control New England nor he is the best DJ out there, so fall back before you guys speak....Im not hating on Dek, but he is far from being on top in New England or anywhere for that matter, dude needs more practice.....There are far better DJs in that area better, but I will not name drop on here because like I said I am NOT hater, just stating facts....

1666 days ago


1st off congrats to pauly, get your money and the girls while the the getting is out there...

2nd dj DEK is one of the best djs in RI hands down... unfortunately RI doesnt know nightlife from its back hand so it is what it is... but i have personally witnessed djs in RI, creep on dek to get tracks they never heard of... so TMZfan should just keep readion magazines... the kid is a artist and a true student of his craft... player travels almost 1nce a mnth to get the new mixes in the big scenes to drop in NE b4 anyone else...

if my dude was 20, well 40 lbs lighter and tanned, he be killin like pauly is right now...

again... congrats to pauly, make that money...

big ups to other RI djs:


1665 days ago


@Sonny Well maybe he is the best DJ in RI, but there was someone posting on this thread saying he was the best and "Rules" New England....That is a over-statement on their part so thats why I said what I said to state the fact Dek is NOT the best DJ in New England he is off by a huge land slide on that....

People creep on alot of DJ's to check out mixes & tracks they never heard believe me just because people are creeping trying to find out his music doesnt make him the best DJ or a "artist"....On that note, Im off this.

1665 days ago


it's sad the ones hating the most are those from his area Rhode Island

1665 days ago


To the club owner in RI,regarding the comment of worst DJ's.....maybe your bad attitude comes from the fact that neither Pauly D or Richard Fraioli would ever be found dead in a club such as yours.......Sorry honey go back to playing your 8 tracks.

1664 days ago


This is why it's so hard to get in to DJ'ing as a legitimate artist. It doesn't matter how good you are and it never will, it matters what kind of advertising draw your name has.

1663 days ago

Dave Smooth    

HAHA...he can't spin! All he does is drop electro house tracks!! I'll school that fool any day and show him what real house is.

1476 days ago


Who is he? I've never heard of him.

1467 days ago

dj precision    

im a dj from R.I. and i can't believe he gets that much, it is not he's skills by no means pure luck i'm 100 percent better than him check me on youtube ill prove it

1460 days ago

Mike Hunt    

Dj Pauly D DJ'D at the coda lounge for a wopping 20 people for about $150 a night and then sniffed it all away by morning with the biggest skanks you ever seen!!!!

1368 days ago
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