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New Twist in Brittany Murphy Death

1/30/2010 11:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany MurphyBrittany Murphy's death investigation has taken a mysterious turn -- the L.A. County Coroner's Office is now trying to fill in some critical gaps in her medical history ... sources tell TMZ.

We've learned Brittany was suffering from severe anemia and other conditions and was under a doctor's care. The Coroner's Office received medical files from her doctor ... but they show her last visit was months before her death.

We're told the pathologist assigned to the case has been told by Murphy's friends and family that other doctors treated Murphy during her final months. The Coroner's Office is looking for the other doctors to determine her medical condition leading up to her death.

The pathologist also wants to know what medications may have been prescribed by the other doctors.

The toxicology report is not completed. Once the report reveals the drugs in Brittany Murphy's system at the time of her death, the Coroner's staff will then determine if the medications were prescribed to Brittany or, possibly, someone else.

As we first reported, investigators found numerous medications in Murphy's home after her death -- medications prescribed to Murphy, Simon Monjack, Brittany's mother Sharon Murphy and "unidentified third party names."

We're told the Coroner will not release the cause of death for weeks.


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Anemia wouldn't you get that from, not eating properly like anerexia or bolimia. we are not stupid. most actresses do have eating disorders of some kind. even counting calories is part of having an eating disorder. but Brittney for sure noooooo doubt about it had an eating disorder. The husband is out of his mind if he thinks he can get a dime for her death. she caused it herself. sad but true.

1724 days ago


Anemia - obvisously, as opposed to what they've been saying - she was TOO SKINNY and the body takes a hit as it is deteriorating. Her husband has threatened to sue a movie company and this leaves her life WIDE OPEN to investigation and I wonder if he wants that. She looked way too skinny, and not only was she anemic, but I'm willing to bet other deficiencies and these are probably what contributed to killing her, along with the possible flu and her vomiting (maybe a vagal reaction causing her heart rate to drop or even stop) and with the deficient nutrients like potassium and calcium (and even sodium) that the heart needs to beat... well...

1724 days ago


RIP baby girl.

1724 days ago


Anemia is not the same as anorexia. It is a disorder of the blood and children can get it. My sister had it at 2. That being said, what exactly is the "twist in the case"? That the medical examiner is looking into her doctor visits? Please!

1724 days ago

Martin Bormann    

The only "gap" you'all are trying to fill, is the one that doesn't get you sued for releasing all the medications found at the home which you failed to stipulate were for Brittany, Monjack, Mommy or the dog.
Lets see. "Severe anemia," yet she didn't see a doc for months. Oh but wait, somebody at Hollywood and Vine told you she was seeing another doc. So we have to look into that...And this bullcrap that the "Toxology reports won't be released for weeks." Don't you listen to Cyril Wecht? They already have the tox reports. They had them weeks ago. The gov-ment is still investigating and buying more time. That's why they tell you the reports aren't back yet. Jesus how dumb do you think we are?
I am fully expecting you will say she was abducted by aliens, given the anal probe and died from it. End of diatribe.

1724 days ago


... anemia usually denotes a lack of iron in the blood. Treatment for such would be of course, iron supplements or dire cases - iron shots or injections.

A large, endomorophic person can also become anemic... size or weight has no direct corelationship to iron-deficiency anemia.

Britt was clearly in an anorexic or bulimic state and the additional detrements of having been bipolar, anxiety prone, and possibly addicted to Rx opiates or *illegal drugs*, did not do Her already Health-depleted state any good.

1724 days ago


Never once have I posted on a board that was not Michael Jackson related. However, I find Brittany Murphy's death at age 32 such a TRAVESTY, I felt I should say something.

One of the BEST movies EVER is called "Freeway". It has Reese Witherspoon, Keifer Sutherland, Brooke Shields and Brittany Murphy in it. It's a dark comedy, and ONE OF THE FUNNIEST MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN. Brittany puts in an absolutely BRILLIANT performance as an inmate in a juvenile detention center. I HIGHLY recommend if Brittany Murphy fans have not seen this movie, either rent it or buy it on Amazon. It's an amazing performance and a true tribute to Ms. Murphy's limitless talent.

RIP Brittany Murphy. You will be missed here, but God must have needed you.

1724 days ago


#6 is full of hate. If TMZ is so evil why does he even log on? This whole scenario is so very painful for the her Mom. The investigation needs to take place. No matter what the findings are, Brittney had a wonderful mother full of love and joy. Bless her for being there for her daughter!!!

1724 days ago


For all you people talking about Brittany's severe anorexia..... It has been widely reported including here in TMZ that at the time of her autopsy she weighed 115 pounds - well within normal limits for a woman her height.

1724 days ago


come talk with me, Harvey fans:

[b]PS- anemia pretty much proves she had an eating disorder.[/b]

1724 days ago


druggie she was seeking painkillers to kill herself, right? I mean anyone who costarred in a movie with Ashton Kutcher would want to kill themselfs

1724 days ago


We don't need no stinkin' tox reports! Her deadbeat husband has already declared that she died of a heart attack due to the stress Warner Brothers created by firing her. He's suing them and that's how he's going to make HIS millions, since she left him NOTHING! Her mother should kick his sorry butt out of the house and send him on his way. Yeah... WB is responsible because she wasn't suitable for a job. Blecchh!

1724 days ago


PS: Anemia in and of itself doesn't "prove" an eating disorder. I'm anemic periodically and have a VERY healthy appetite!

1724 days ago


Anemia can be iron-deficient and/or B12-deficient. I had both last year, and by the time my doctors figured out what was wrong, I was so deficient I would have qualified for a transfusion, but since I was otherwise healthy, I was treated with iron pills and B12 shots. I have to take a B12 shot every month for the rest of my life. When I had severe anemia, I was lethargic and overly cranky, and all I wanted to do was sleep. Not anorexic; average weight. However, I did drink a lot over the course of the year prior to my diagnosis. If she were an alcoholic, she could be a relatively normal weight of 115 while still not eating a thing.

1724 days ago


All you stupid brain-dead people need to shut up. 99% of the people I know who are severely anemic are also very overweight and love to eat. Anorexia has absolutely nothing to do with it. For those who also don't know, Brittany suffered from a benign heart condition which may have been a contributing factor in her death. So stop acting like you're her doctor and know what was ailing her, it makes you sound stupid not smart.

1724 days ago
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