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Rush Limbaugh -- Dancing Fool

1/30/2010 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush Limbaugh, dancing to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," while doing the "Jersey Shore" fist pump -- yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

Rush Limbaugh

It was all part of some kind of preliminary competition on Thursday night in advance of The Miss America Pageant, which airs tonight on TLC. The host was having a "Judge the Judges" contest when she got into the dance portion and Rush Limbaugh channeled his inner Elaine Benes.

If Rush isn't careful, he'll land himself in the hospital again.


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# 61 I see why you are a right wing nut. You can't put a comprehensible sentence OR paragragh together. Oh, is that you, baby Bush? How the hell did you EVER think you could run this country? Well, you did--run it into the ground, that is.

1727 days ago


I only voted for him so he would have a heart attack.

1727 days ago


RushMeister...... Your dancing is a "Gift On Loan from God"...

You are the BEST!!!!

1727 days ago


No words, never thought I would see Rush doing the fist pump...weird choice of judge for Miss America

1727 days ago


Rush Limbaugh is like that creepy guy at the local diner. The guy who pinches the waitresses and thinks he's funny. I have four sisters all republicans who can't stand him. Rush appeals to the frat boy mentality and, oddly enough, should actually be a good judge at this pageant. If someone wants to prance around in a bikini and an evening gown then you deserve a creepoid like rush to judge you.

1727 days ago



Basically, you're damned if you do - you're damned if you don't. F%@K it!
Pls don't change. Like Leno, you're the Underdog. We love you so much!

We're a bunch of 30-something French-Canadians and Italian-Canadians listening to you every day from Hollywood Fla.

Bravo ~ Ciao


1726 days ago

Helen Speight    

Rush Windbag

1726 days ago


60. Some democrats Brag that this government run health care has been tried for a 100 years ,in this country, and has finally passed. Democrats have always been a Leftist party. The republicans beginning with Abraham Lincoln stopped an authoritarian health system back in the early 1900s TO the late 1990s. The republicans rose to power which began with Abe Lincoln and the motto of 'FREEDOM, FREEDOM of
the Individual for All (there is No such thing as being half free)'. (Note: This is just a historical note.)
THE DEMOCRATS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE PARTY OF STATE CONTROL OVER COMMON PEOPLE. The Bills that the Democrats have passed are ALL intended on Benefiting Democrat Groups ONLY. This leaves the idea that the Democrats have become a Collective , Statist Party that have exploited Obama's historic presidency for DNC PARTY GREED . Democrats intention is PURE MONEY MOTIVE GREED USING TAX MONEY (See Bills). (Note: Obama himself Exploited his own historic presidency)
The Bills that are being passed by the DEMOCRATS due DISCRIMINATE Towards GOP supporters (Read the Bills & Note the recent DNC Union amendments).

Posted at 3:58PM on Jan 30th 2010 by Democrats have an Exclusive History of Bias in the USA


LOL, good one! I especially like the part when you make a "note". Funny stuff!

1726 days ago

terry s    

too bad rush limbaugh didn't have a heart attack. the world would be a better place

1726 days ago

Anton Chigur    

rush limbaugh is a born of privilege, self obsessed, pig. He should do the world a favor and stick a shotgun in his mouth and pull the trigger.

1726 days ago


You 'tards hate Rush because he speaks the truth about your boy Obama! lol

1726 days ago


I think it would be so cool if he danced on stage to Maniac from Flashdance.

1726 days ago



1726 days ago


He is truly a dancing fool.

1726 days ago


you know who else was on drugs heres a few hints:

1.he's black
2.his name starts with a b
3.his house is currently white and coincidentally so was his drug

give up...... barrack hussein obama mm mm mmm

would i rather have a non influential radio personality who happened to have had a drug problem or...a completely influential sitting president who happened to have had a drug problem its a huge conundrum for the libertards

1726 days ago
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