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Rip Torn's Home Defense -- Don't Bank On It

2/2/2010 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rip Torn was right: His house does look like the bank he broke into ... if it's dark ... and you're also colorblind ... and you're wasted ... and can't read giant signs.

Rip Torn's home
TMZ has obtained a photo of Rip's home (left) and the yellow bank he was arrested in over the weekend (right). Rip claims he entered the bank -- with a loaded weapon -- because he thought it was his own pad.

We're told the two locations are 4 blocks apart. At least they both have white trim.

Keeping in mind he blew a .203 on his Breathalyzer test, we have one question ...


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He's old. He'll claim dementia, exacerbated by alcohol. Besides, who the hell would know that was a bank?

1732 days ago


Here's to alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all life's problems.

1732 days ago


This is the funniest story ever! :oD

1732 days ago


The bank doesn't look like his house but the bank doesn't look like a bank either. I have no idea what it looks like to Jim Beam.

1732 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

Rip Torn must have a helluva bill for glass repair if the only way he can get into his own house is to break a window!

1732 days ago


Thats a bank?! If I was hammered like he was, hell I guess I would mistake it for my house too!

1732 days ago

Old School    

This place looks more like his house than it does a bank. How good can the security be on this place if a .203 can easily get in anyways?

Go Team Torn!!!

1732 days ago

Billy Occam    

Rip Torn has a legitimate defense;

Rip Torn's actions (w/ the facts disclosed currently) do not constitute a prima facie case for either burglary and or larceny.

(1) The elements of a prima facie case for burglary include a breaking & entering at night in the dwelling of another with the intent to commit a felony within.

(2)The elements of a larceny include the taking of personal property of another with an intent to permanently deprive the true owner of possession.

Here, the fact that Rip Torn told responding officers that "he thought he was in own house" coupled w/ the fact that he was legally intoxicated suggests Rip Torn did not have an intent to commit a felony within the bank and or permanently deprive any individual of personal property.

If the facts remain as Rip Torn asserts, I find it hard to believe he will even be charged w/ either burglary or larceny.

1732 days ago


7-11 is his summer home

1732 days ago

~Garp & Triforce Luvva~    

OK, not to defend old man drunkity drunk drunk here... but perhaps he once DID live in a house similar to the bank, not the one he lives in now. When someone gets a few in them, and starts to think back fondly of days of old, one might break into a BANK.... just to go home :)

1732 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

Does this mean Rip could screw any woman he wants while he's drunk and claim he thought it was his wife?????

1732 days ago

Old School    

Only if said woman is in a house that he thinks is his house...or if shes in a bank that he thinks is his house, either way, then yes it would be acceptable.

1732 days ago


The bank looks like a residence, not a commercial bank. If I were judging this event, I'd dismiss it.

1732 days ago


Blowing a .203 indicates inhebriation beyond the point of all human comprehension. Maybe he can avoid the felony charges by signing title of his car over to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

1732 days ago

Michael Haase    

Well, I don't think he is planning to beat breaking and entering and/or trespassing charges. But it would be silly to suggest that he was there to rob the place, either. People don't get drunk and break in through an alarmed window to rob a bank. I have heard nothing to suggest that he had any tools or anything else that would have gotten him near the cash. He'll cut a deal to make this a misdemeanor and he'll get a fine and probation. Maybe a few days in a halfway house. He broke the law, sure, but he is no hardened criminal.

1732 days ago
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