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Dr. Conrad Murray -- Not Charged Today

2/3/2010 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray Two law enforcement sources have just told TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray will not be charged today in the death of Michael Jackson.

As we first reported, Dr. Murray's lawyers prepared yesterday to surrender Dr. Murray today, but we are now told the D.A. will not pull the trigger until tomorrow at the earliest.

And, sources tell us, when Dr. Murray appears in court for the first time, the D.A. will recommend that bail be set at $25,000 -- standard for involuntary manslaughter in L.A. County.


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What it is worth for a bankrupt Dr. to be the fallen Guy?

Would you go in Jail for ...1 year for ..2 mill or 5 mill?

What it is worth for Michael Jackson have a life?

----could he go outside before June
---- could he do anything normal before June
----had he enough money without selling the catalogue
----would your kids understand its better to live then to die

Is Michael Jackson smart?


1731 days ago


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Posted at 5:46AM on Feb 4th 2010 by ric

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1731 days ago

Marie Bowman    

I totally agree with Cindee. Murray SHOULD be facing murder 2 at least!!! It is time for Michael Jackson's death to be avenged in a proper courtroom. He cannot speak for himself...all we have to go on is Murray's word on the last few hours of Michael's life, a story which has changed several times. We don't know he even asked for Propofal.


1730 days ago


I agree with you Cindee... Something has to be done about this... All the lives this man has destroyed is overwhelming. Even if he gets convicted he will get maximum 25 years and we all know that that will not happen in this country. I say it’s about time we make an example out of these “Hollywood Doctors” who will give stars WHATEVER they ask for given the right amount of money. I think Dr. Murray’s Case should set the standard to show these other docs it’s not acceptable to give massive amounts of drugs and potentially illegal dangerous drugs that should ONLY BE GIVEN IN HOSPITALs (as in Michael’s case) to these drug seeking stars. The everyday man or woman could not do this… maybe from a drug dealer but not a medical doctor! They are being drug pushers just like the dope dealers on the streets but for larger amounts of money.
My second argument is for Michael: Dr. Murray should not have left his side for one moment while administering that drug…. Wait… let me back up…. It should have never been given outside of a hospital setting!!!! PERIOD!!! I don’t consider that involuntary manslaughter… He is a man from the medical profession who knew exactly what he had for a drug….. I would call that MURDER! It was NOT SUPPOSED TO BE OUT OF A HOSPITAL SETTING!!! THEY NEED TO HAVE CERTAIN EQUIPMENT IN CASE A PATIENT GOES INTO CARDIAC ARREST… IT SLOWS THE HEART! You left Three Beautiful Children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket, without their Daddy, a Mother and Father without their Beloved Son, Sisters without their Brother, Brothers without their closest friend and Brother, Nieces and Nephews without their Uncle! You left Friends without their Friend Michael. YOU LEFT MILLIONS OF FANS WITHOUT THEIR INSPIRATION….YOU LEFT ALL OF US SO VERY HEARTBROKEN!
I agree with you Cindee, Michael had many friends…. Many famous ones…. It would be nice to see some of them stepping out to help him now…. Michael DESERVES JUSTICE… Where is everyone now that the law is on the other foot for him…? Where are they now? Where? DO SOMETHING???? I BEG YOU ALL Write in everyday if you have to, they will listen if there are enough of us! We are powerful in numbers and can invoke change in numbers….. He deserves his day of J.U.S.T.I.C.E……
All for the L.O.V.E. of Michael
Forever the King of Pop

1730 days ago


Who is it?
What is really going on here? First let me say I knew they were playing us regarding charging Murray when 1/18--their first proposed date of charges came and went. I was irate at that point when it occurred to me--they wanted to wait until they could milk "This Is It" for all it's worth and let the Grammy performance work it's magic to remind us all how wonderful and magnificent Michael was and how great a loss it is for the world now that someone has killed him in order to make it easier to prove their case against Murray--not that they needed it based on his statements in the police affidavit. In light of all this, I have a few things:
Thing 1--Ghosts and hoaxes: Someone even dared to say Michael would do it to make things better for his children and keep them safe from the paps, etc. So okay, you're saying he went out and had his death faked for nothing then because now, his kids are splashed all over the place--if they spit in a trash can, we all have a bird's eye view of it courtesy of TMZ and other tabloids. So sorry, I'm with MJ'sPYT on this one. And you can call me close-minded, fanatic or whatever just because I don't agree with you. I'm okay with it because I believe what is true to me and what is true for me in this case is that Michael would never do something as selfish as faking his death. You're right, Michael was very intelligent, too intelligent to pull a stunt like if noone would ever be able to spot him in any corner of the world and rat him out to the highest bidder.
Thing 2--C.O.N.spiracy: I will say one thing for the hoaxsters, they did pick up on the same smell I did; that something's not quite right in Denmark. And yes, I do think Murray may have an ace up his sleeve but I don't think it has anything to do with a hoax, I think it has to do with conspiracy. Just think about it. Some entity at a pretty high level (Sony? AEG? Illuminati? Tohme and Jermaine?) has to be pulling strings in order to stall these charges from being made to this point. It's ludicrous that we don't even have the official Coroner's and tox report--and don't bring up Anna Nicole because they had released all of that on her way before this time frame they just took awhile to bring charges against the defendants involved...then again, none of the defendants in her case ADMITTED to giving her the fatal dosage...
And now we're expected to believe that the whole thing has been hung up again because the LAPD and DA are having a spat? Over whether or not LAPD gets to dramatically cuff Murray and haul him off to jail--as he so deserves? This is the height of stupidity!! DO they not realize a man has lost his life, a family has lost their brother, children have lost their father, I HAVE LOST MY MICHAEL!! Dag-gonit, I am ready to go to LA myself and find out what the problem is--where's Al Sharpton when you need him--but oh, isn't he part of the mason's/illuminati, too? Maybe that's why we haven't seen a follow-up from him on his promises to protect Michael's legacy, or was it just a momentary opportunity for him to get another 15 minutes?
Thing 3--Speechless: That's what this case has made me thanks to the antics of the LAPD and DA aka keystone cops. You'd think they would be embarrassed to have yet another screwed up investigstion on their hands, but it seems they are to be congratulated because they've succeeded in outdoing themselves this time. And somewhere not far away, the mastermind is laughing at the whole thing because he has succeeded in his evil plan: to do away with the biggest icon/megastar the world has ever known and then make unprecedented money off his death. They knew they couldn't make Michael do what they wanted to while he lived--especially with him coming back to the glory of his former self with his kids to give support and his army of fans to march behind him, he would've run more than this town, he would've run the world...
Thing 4--Manslaughter is the word: As for the half-hearted Involuntary Manslaughter charges, that alone makes this case fishy. As I've posted before, the Calfornia penal code states that Manslaughter is when a person does something that endangers the life of another person, KNOWING that there's a danger to do so. Dr. Murder definitely knew because he stated he was weaning Michael off the drug--due to it's danger. Now Murray may have been assured that he would get no more than Involuntary which is little more than a loss of his license and slap on the wrist in the end as 4 yrs will actually turn into 1-2 yrs, if that. The only reason why LA law enforcement is even going that far is because they fear a backlash from the fans if they don't--they have to at least make it LOOK good.
Finally, let me say that there's no joy in me saying these things as I would love nothing better than to convince myself that he's still alive, but I can't. I can't lie to myself no more than I can lie

1730 days ago
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