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Brangelina at Super Bowl -- Game On!

2/8/2010 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hit up the Super Bowl yesterday -- where they appeared tighter than a spiral from Drew Brees.

The couple -- who have been subject to a ton of breakup rumors lately -- were all over each other in a private box at the game in Miami.

In case you missed it, the Saints won.


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K man    

Is Brad growing that beard to play Osama Binladin in a movie. looks like.

1719 days ago


Everyone needs to go to the photo and wire sites and look at ALL the uncut candid images of them photographed in the last two days. 90% of the photos show them relaxed and having a blast. The media sites go through and pick out the one or two where they look tense and unhappy and then edit them down, to fit with the very profitable break up rumor story. All I am saying is have a look at the uncut pictures for yourself, just google photo service there are hundreds of them out there.

1719 days ago


Since they're so tight, I find it odd that they don't plan on attending the Academy Awards because of the rumors. I would think they would do just the opposite.

1719 days ago


36. Hey Ulic, get a life. You're such a douche bag.

Posted at 11:28AM on Feb 8th 2010 by Luv It 'Til It Bleeds
OK you little Brangelina loving a$$ wipe Don't blame me because your roll model is a druged out herion smokin skank. She's a phoney mentaly unstable piece of Sh!t. So go F2uck youself!!!!

1719 days ago


"Angelina Jolie has overthrown Oprah Winfrey by becoming the worlds most powerful celebrity in the annual list compiled by business magazine Forbes."

So is it any wonder that tabloids or web-sites in this economy (or miserable "author" named Ian Halperin, rumored to work with Aniston's publicist's Huvane, hungry to sell his books (lied on other people too, including the first sentence where he bragged about his 'Rolling Stone' award.) aren't trying to shadow Angelina? Same as saying Oprah is gay, blah..blah...sells copies and makes money for them. Tabloids lie and have no morals.
A normal family is boring, doesn't sell copies. Does Angelina even have a publicist like Huvane? I haven't read that she does, maybe that is why she catches so much grief, she won't play ball like Aniston does, companies like E! hates that. But, the public has caught on to manipulations and they weary of it. Sometimes people just want to be sold a product like a movie with good old fashion acting....where the actor steps out of their comfort zone, not the same old rom-com or talking about the ex-husband or making little references to their life, i.e. Rat Pack, Ocean11 stopping by her new house or the other references meant for Brad, Jen thinks we are too stupid to figure out.
Now why would ANYONE want a FAMILY with 6 children to split? And manipulate by saying the couple's kids' names in an interview such as Jen has? "We all go to the Hamptons together and I have Zahara on my hip and Knox...." disgusting.

1719 days ago


Why are you couch potatoes surprised? This is a "gossip" magazine run by a has-been lawyer (whose been inactive for decades), a bunch of ignorant kids, old maids, and Lassie. Why on earth would you give any of them credibility? Oh believe Superman can fly! You flood yourselves with soda, and fill your stomachs with sugar and fat. Constantly whine about not having enough money. Damn welfare lines!

1719 days ago


THIS IS FOR CLAUDIA, #9 The last i heard, we are STILL America, where we STILL read in English, where we STILL correspond in English and where we STILL respect our country. I am bi-lingual but, not in your language and I have never, ever PUSHED my second language on to others. It is called, "respect." If you feel you would be more comfortable to join the country of your language, then, by all means, have a nice trip.

1719 days ago


God Bless this lovely family.

1719 days ago


Oh my some of these comments are down right hateful. Cheer up your lives can't be that bad. As always theres a jennifer analston thread that you can go to and pity her. Just as the world predicted
1. go to mexico and act like your in heat
2. do a magazine shoot, copy Brads AD shoot
3. talk about Brad like your still in love

1719 days ago


THIS IS FOR Butterfly #45....You called out #9 Claudia for using a different language than you and then you spout off about respect. See the irony there? Get over yourself.

1719 days ago


THIS IS FOR BRUISER #49 Thank you for your response. Obviously, you let the "cat out of the bag" about yourself. Not too complimentary, for you. I do not wish to quarrel with you but, it seems I hit a sore spot otherwise your reaction would have been a little more different. Have a nice day!

1719 days ago


the both of them are starting to looking very very haggard wore out

1719 days ago


They are actor's. Actor's act. Get a photo opportunity & media attention. Actor's act. Also, how many of us may have problems at home yet when out in public we don't bring attention to those problems? So these photos mean nothing. Nothing at all!

Also, one more thing. When were these photos taken? Pitt was to have had his goatee manicured. Sure doesn't look like it here.

1719 days ago


Brad and Angelina may be extremely happy(and I could care less one way or the other), but I can't help but wonder how a man of Brad's age could go from 0 to 360 in such amount of time and be happy. I mean all those kids! I think maybe when they were in the honeymoon stage of their relationship, in the heat of passion Brad must have whispered in her ear that he wanted to get married and make a house full of babies. Maybe Angelina took that literally and now Brad has to pay? They were a sexy couple, now they are starting to look dead, especially dressing in all that black.

1719 days ago
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