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Charlie Sheen Officially Charged

2/8/2010 5:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen was officially charged with three crimes today in court in Aspen, Colorado: felony menacing, misdemeanor 3rd degree assault and misdemeanor criminal mischief -- but Charlie did not enter a plea.

Charlie Sheen charged: Click to view document

Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller were at the courthouse in Aspen. The judge also relaxed the protective order that has been in place since Sheen's Christmas Day arrest -- so Sheen can now have communication and contact with Brooke.

Sheen is still not allowed to drink alcohol, harass Brooke or possess firearms. Charlie and Brooke hugged each other at the end of the hearing. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller at court

He's due back in court in March.


No Avatar


Typical violent white man...always beating on their women. Go back to Europe!

1716 days ago


Shocked!!! That's what we hear every time a black man commits a crime. The whole race is guilty because of one man’s doings.

1716 days ago


His wife was so drunk that night..blood alcohol higher than his actually..she doesn't even remember what happened and went back on her statement to say it isn't true.

1716 days ago


Your live feed isn't working!!

1716 days ago


I hope this doesnt affect my viewong of 2 1/2 men

1716 days ago

Howard Star Hughes    

MJ went all Howard Star Like hughes`s on them pissing in a jar like a flyboy...even his DOA piss gets more news than NOT Star kissed.

1716 days ago


Charlie can't have firearms but what about the switchblade that he allegedly threatened his wife with?

1716 days ago


Prosecutors are going to feel pretty foolish when they plea deal down to a misdemeanor and then Brooke ends up beat-up or worse by Sheen. Hope the kids aren't around when it happens.

1716 days ago


Kinda weird. She was the one that was drunk off her ass and Charlie is the one who can't drink acohol. What about her?

1716 days ago


I would say Charlie could qualify as a "Dangerous Acquaintance" wouldn't you??

1716 days ago


I agree Shelly, surely she should stop drinking, any mother who
is drunk on xmas morning at 8.30am shouldn't be allowed to have the
kids ! They should go to Charlie ! Funny how she was "resting" after being in hospital from the stress and "not in rehab" as her family keep insisting. Funny how two days after she said Charlie attacked her she was seen out shopping - She looked fine then !!!

1716 days ago

Charlie Sheen is a drunken idiot.

1716 days ago


Relaxed the protective order? Her blood is on this judge's hand.
(and yes, she was drinking...but she's allowed to in her own house...and she didn't pull a knife!)

1716 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

The whole thing is a farce.These celebrities buy their way out of the Justice System.Money under the table for the judge and the prosecutor and everything is ok.Anybody else is send to prison for no less than a year but these bums buy their way out like in the Monopoly game.They do not even pay for the bribes.The networks pay for the bribes.No Charlie Sheen for a year,no 2 1/2 Men program for a year.Come on people realize that in the USA Justice is not blind anymore unless you are poor.Shameful.Mark my words,he will be given probation although this is the umptiest time he has gone thru situations like this or just dismissed altogether.Dirty justice.Period.

1716 days ago

All your base are belong to us    

It doesn't matter if she was drunk.

That's like saying, "The woman deserved to be rape because she was wearing a revealing dress."

Her original statement was supported by the evidence the Police found. What do you naysayers want?! A freaking OJ situation?? It's known that in many cases of domestic violence the victim goes back on their word. It's a viscous cycle of trying to love/protect the oppressor and/or not make them more angry or upset.

I am glad the prosecution is pursuing this. It may save this woman 's life (though she may not know it.) And it may save Sheen's life from the penalty for committing the ultimate act while in a fit of rage.

To those who think the prosecution is over-reacting... Hell no. They are duty-bound because Charlie has a history of badgering and threatening women. In one prior case he pleased no-contest.

If this was TOTALLY his first time, I would say they are witch-hunting. But it's not. And this may ultimately protect/save Charlie even if it only serves as a reality-check and wake-up call.

1716 days ago
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