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Dr. Conrad Murray to Judge -- I'm 'Not Guilty'

2/8/2010 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurrayMichael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, will plead not guilty Monday morning when he is arraigned on involuntary manslaughter charges ... sources tell TMZ.

We're told the plan is for Dr. Murray to arrive at the courthouse 20 - 30 minutes before the arraignment -- which sources tell us will be at 1:30 PM PT. He will surrender voluntarily.

Law enforcement sources tell us 20 L.A. County Sheriff's deputies will be at the courthouse, some of whom will be evident and some who will not. We're told the Sheriff's Department has had its security plan in place for a while, in part because of crowd control concerns and partly because of security issues surrounding Dr. Murray.

We're told there is a concern about Dr. Murray's safety because of intense feeling on the part of some Michael Jackson fans that Dr. Murray killed the singer.

As we first reported, Dr. Murray will be accompanied by a bail bondsman who will post bail -- expected to be $25,000.

Our sources say Dr. Murray will not waive his right to a preliminary hearing.

Following arraignment and booking, we're told Dr. Murray will leave L.A. and go either to Las Vegas or Houston.


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TMZ I ask you and the rest of the world media that during the trial you give Michael Jackson the one thing which was denied him during life, which is A FAIR Go!
The eyes of the world are watching to see that the media and law enforcement get it right this time round.

1662 days ago


We love you Dr. Murray!!!!! Never fear because we will always be by your side!!

1662 days ago


Be sure and watch or record OPRAH'S show today, Monday. For most of you that do no understand the entire process of how child molester's work, they will be showing the progression of luring, grooming and all the steps they take.
It will be very educational, especially if you are a parent.

1662 days ago

We want justice    

Please people! Be respectful and stay on higher ground! Remember: Ignorance is a bliss. Just ignore people like "Barbie" - they don't deserve attention, since they have no knowledge about the facts and just parroting the tabloid press.

And remember that Murray is only the tip of the iceberg. He is the little fish, we must get the big fish who were pushing Michael to his limits and eventually caused his untimely death.

Nevertheless, Murray should be handcuffed, he should be fingerprinted, he should have his mugshot just like they did to Michael. The American justice system is a joke!

Please help to reveal the truth and sign this petition. It's for justice and truth and for Michael.

Get yourself some information what really happened to Michael: email:


1662 days ago


Its about damn time!!!!! I hope they lock his lying butt up!!!!

1662 days ago


It is not surprising MJ would rather deal with children than with adults. Just look at the venom that is being posted here.

You people who think he was guilty do scare me. Not one stone was unturned during that trial; if MJ had done it, they would have been able to show it.

He was guilty of a lot of things, of foolishness, of thinking he could use anesthesia as a sleep aid, of mutilating his face with plastic surgery, of not being able to relate to adults, maybe even of being bipolar-- but he was not a child molester.

1662 days ago


HIStory is repeated!!!
Condemned without proofs
Michael please back soon :)
I love you moreee !!!

1662 days ago


How could he plead "Not Guilty"?!!!
He gave a man a medicine, ONLY used in hospitals,in his house.
He left this man more than 40 min alone without any monitoring, without no intensive care material. He did NOT call the 911 quickly because "he has forgotten the adress of the house he was almost living in" and now he dares plead NOT GUILTY!???
it's insane!
Man you killed Michael Jackson you Killed the most famous man on earth...come on

1662 days ago


I want that "person" DEAD
I hate him, I hate him

I want to see him suffer, with handcuffs, with pain, with shame

1662 days ago


It'll be good to have all the evidence reviewed in our system of courts. Michael Jackson's death will be better investigated, scrutinized and challenged than 9/11, where the evidence has never been entered into an American court.

1662 days ago


FREE MURRAY! He didnt kill anybody.
You are so brave man.

1662 days ago


I wonder if, in order to avoid a media circus and for security reasons, they have publicized 1:30 as the time for the arraignment, but it will happen earlier.

1662 days ago

summer rain    

You know,if you did'nt like M.J.,then what the hell are you doing here in the first place????He was proven innocent of the charges and it is done and over with and on file!!!!!!!!!!This so called doctor gave him meds not to be given outside of a hospital and then left him un-attended for longer than he said he did,his phone records prove it.The man is guilty and should be treated just like they would anyone else with these same charges.M.J. did not get special treatment...why the hell should he!!!!! By the way,,,if you are a M.J. basher....Stay the hell off all the websites having to do with him....WE DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOUR B.S......Have a good day.

1662 days ago



1662 days ago


Please STOP this madness, STOP this hatred !!!
Prejudice is ignorance.
Murray is innocent like Michael.
We love youuuuuu guys !!

1662 days ago
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