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Dennis Hopper Prenup -- He Gets Everything

2/11/2010 7:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Hopper Prenup -- He Gets EverythingThe judge in the Dennis Hopper divorce case just unsealed a copy of the prenuptial agreement Dennis had with estranged wife Victoria, and unless she gets the prenup invalidated ... she's screwed.

Prenup Highlights:

-- Dennis keeps all his property -- which includes a house and a condo in Venice, a building in New Mexico on 320 acres, land in Arizona and a number of other properties.

-- Dennis keeps his "separate property pension and retirement benefits."

-- Dennis keeps his huge collection of fine arts worth over $2.5 million, including a $350,000 painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

-- Victoria has to move out of his house within 30 days of either party filing for divorce ... but it's bumped up to 60 days if they have a child together, which they do.

And here's the kicker: Victoria was guaranteed a $250,000 life insurance policy and 25% of everything in his will ... but only if they're married and living together at the time of his death.

So, here's the deal -- they no longer live together, so it would appear even if Dennis were to die before the divorce is final, she gets zilch.

But there's something in the prenup for Victoria, too. She gets to keep her separate property -- including two computers, two bookcases full of books, a 1973 VW Karmann Ghia, and her grandma's furniture.

UPDATE: We now know Victoria would have pocketed a total of $6.25 million -- which includes Dennis' L.A. home -- if things would have worked out between them ... this according to The Dennis Hopper Trust.


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Maisie, why does a guy have to pay a woman just because they don't want to be married any more? Why would a rich woman have to pay a guy? I never understood that: 'I love you, and if something goes wrong in our relationship down the road, you DESERVE to take half of all the stuff I own!' Why bring that into it?

If I write a series of books, and a long-time fan doesn't like the last book in a seven book series, do they deserve to have all the money back they spent on the books they did like? This is sort of like that.

Put it this way: does G.W. Bush owe me half of all the money he has because I had to put up with him being president for 8 years?

1682 days ago

miss sheree    

Well - she should have gotten a job.....she should be entitled to child support, regardless of a pre-nup. Other than that, I agree wtth Dennis - you get zip, zilch, nada...and I am a woman.

I want a pre-nup like this one.

1682 days ago


It's a bad prenup. Why did she sign something that harmful? Most prenups, even if they did protect his property, would give her some compensation or money for each year married, and something for the birth of a child.

While this might sound materialistic, so does a prenup sound materialistic, because that is all it is. A prenup is a business arrangement, nothing more or less.

1682 days ago


Um, #12, I'm sure she got plenty while they're married, so why should she get more when they're not? Especially after treating him like that? Also, I'm sure he gave a lot to the marriage too, perhaps she should pay him back for that?

1682 days ago

Fred Farkel    

This is the BEST news I have read in years!!

Congratulations to Dennis Hopper and I hope men can find your lawyer through a google search!!

1682 days ago


We know which of the 2 of them had the better lawyer for their prenup!

1682 days ago


I feel for their little girl, what is she left with.... a broke mom. Seems the older daughter wants her full cut. Looks like she will get her wish.

1682 days ago

bsb fan    

That's what I call a prenup!!

I'm assuming that Dennis would leave his kid an inheritance in his will if he were to die.

And if he weren't then they can go to court and discuss child support payments.

1682 days ago


VICTORY FOR THE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1682 days ago


She gets the Karman Ghia? SCORE!!!

1682 days ago


If she just wanted his money, she would have REFUSED to let him move out. Clearly, he's not in good health and is suffering from diminished mental capacity due to the cancer and painkillers - I doubt he was able to leave on his own.

1682 days ago


KTLA has just announced that John Edwards is engaged to his mistress.,0,7991966.story

1682 days ago


I'm sure his 6yr old will be taken care of.. he specifically wants daily visitation and was given said visitation from the judge, not weekends, not every other Wednesday but 'daily' visits. Sounds like he loves and wants to see his daughter as much as possible. The reason child support isn't included in this is that it's a whole separate issue from spousal support and the divorce itself. He's probably paying child support since it's not being brought up by this woman, do you really think if he wasn't supporting his daughter this woman would just be sitting quietly by? NO way she'd be throwing the dead beat Dad stories around crying that her baby was suffering.. instead she can only come up with 'he smoked medical marijuana in front of her' ?? Give me a break.

1682 days ago


All the men that are happy about this are poor. What's wrong with wanting to be with a successful man? That's right, she was with him for his personality. He would have just as easily fallen for a 200 pound woman as he fell for a skinny, beautiful woman. Men are just as shallow.

1682 days ago


She's still in the money if 'child support' turns out to be 10k per month.

1682 days ago
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