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John Mayer

I Need to Grow Up!

2/11/2010 6:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer apologized a second time last night for his controversial Playboy comments -- this time to his band ... some of whom are African American.

John Mayer: Click to watch
Mayer stopped his Nashville concert Wednesday night to address the interview where he dropped the n-word and compared his you-know-what to a white supremacist -- saying he was trying to be "clever" and "did that at the expense of people I love."

He then thanked his band for sticking with him, adding "I just wanna play my guitar."


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good than just shut your mouth and play. tool

1718 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Look at how sweet and kind the article is written about Mayer. Not a single personal insult or opinion added. Almost as though it pained the little TMZ Nazi that was forced to write it. Now had a Conservative made the same comment, this site would be saturated in post after post about the person and attacking them left and right. Your liberal hypocrisy is disgusting, and don't think Americans are not waking up to it.

1718 days ago


Do I hear John crying?

1718 days ago


just shut up, i don't even care if you play. I'm white and i'm
so over you i can only imagine how african american's feel about
you. is anyone else as tired of mayer as i am? just go away. as
talented as you are it's not worth listening to your mouth.

1718 days ago


What a douchebag and an attention whore.
Just shut up and play your guitar while you still have somewhat of a chance that people might care.

1718 days ago

get better J.C    

He's a loser, who acts like a kid in highschool for talking about people he slept with. He's ugly inside and out!

1718 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Wow, mayer uses the N word and there's not a single jab or insult worked into the article. Sarah Palin writes a few words on her hand and not only have 5 different articles been written about it on here, but each time they are filled with insult after insult by the authors. This is why people don't take you morons seriously. You don't have any real principles, you only pretend to have "beliefs" so you can attack those you do not like, for whatever insane reasons you have. Had Sarah said the exact same thing John did this website would be filled with nothing but pieced going after this woman for it.

1718 days ago


How bout an apology to Jessica Simpson for his sexual related comments. This man is an absolute pig and I refuse to listen to his music.

1718 days ago


This is getting as tired as his music already.

1718 days ago


What a douch bag. All John Mayer needs to stop giving interviews.

1718 days ago


I am soooo sick of John Mayer trying to be funny and relevant. The only time he should open his mouth from now on is when he is going to sing.

Dear John, Get over yourself already. The rest of us have.

1718 days ago


#10... just goes to show you how in the real world the media rules. 90 percent of us believe or end up believing what is shoveled in daily, hourly and minute by minute. To the media it is not about truth anymore it is about what will sale and make them money or what will get most of the population to believe and vote for their agenda.

1718 days ago


The man may be an idiot with a tendency towards false self-depreciation and perhaps a bit piggish when it comes to women, but at least he's not a racist. If you're intelligent enough, you'd be able to get that from his comments.

1718 days ago


I had already quit listening to his music and didn't buy his last CD because of previous insulting remarks. I'm sick of this guy thinking he is intellectualizing and then apologizing. It's insulting to anybody who is still listening to him. He's frickin 32 for God's sakes and that's old enough for anybody to know better.

1718 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Why is Ni**er a bad word when blacks use it all the time????

1718 days ago
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