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Another Overweight Woman

Sues Jillian Michaels

2/12/2010 7:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jillian MichaelsJillian Michaels of "Biggest Loser" fame has been sued for a second time in as many days over a weight loss product a consumer claims is "worthless."

Stephanie Creer claims in her class action lawsuit she has struggled with weight loss her entire life and was "intrigued" into purchasing the product Calorie Control because Michaels was endorsing it.

You know the story ... Creer didn't lose a pound so she's suing.

What's interesting: The suit is almost a verbatim copy of another class action suit filed against Michael's yesterday -- a suit which also alleges Calorie Control is bogus. But this suit was filed by a different set of lawyers.

After the first suit was filed, Michael's rep told TMZ the product was vetted by experts before Jillian put her name on it and she is confident she'll prevail in court.


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Heated on both sides aint it? On one hand I agree that weight loss involves a change in lifestyle and you have to have some activity. However, on the same token diet and exercise does not work for everyone. If it were that simple, prescription diet pills, medifast shakes, stomach stapling and liposuctions wouldnt make as much money as they did. Not everyone who uses modern science to assist them is a 500 pound lazy person stuffing there faces with Doritos and cream buns. I use pills myself in conjuction with watching what I eat and exercising because diet and exercise alone did not work for me so I needed a little help. BUT THAT's JUST ME! In fact my doctor said I really didn't need to lose as I everything else cholesterol, heart was healthy and my weight is porportional to my body type so I don't look what I weigh. I really don't trust that herbal stuff anyway as I tried it and it didn't work for me. But I'm not going to sue the manufacturer or the endorser just like I wouldn't sue the pharmaceuticals if I suffer any side effects from what I'm taking now. Its a choice I made and I accept the concequences. Just like she made a choice and should accept the possibility that it wouldn't work.

1658 days ago


Kim Bassinger is a SICK BITCH, imo!

1676 days ago

Just sayin'    

Who cares?


1676 days ago


IT'S CALLED DIET AND EXERCISE!!!! Sick of people who say the struggle with their weight all their lives.. Well, try putting the Doritos down, and getting off the couch once in a while, instead of believing in some "miraculous" diet product.. NO SUCH THING EXISTS!!!

Try putting a little effort, work, sweat into it!!!

1676 days ago


Die Calm Down!!! I failed at the abortion, but it's still not too late for you!

1676 days ago


fatties trying to cash in. They think "I can take two pills and act like a pig eating whatever I want."


push away the dunkin dougnuts and work out... eat sensibly, and use this as a suppliment along with a sensible diet and exercise plan... AS IT SAYS IN THE PRODUCT'S INSTRUCTIONS.

God do these fatties have negative 2 IQs or something? "I thought I could take two magic pills and eat as much chocolate as I want."

Seriously? Are you stupid or just dumb? Even toddlers with undeveloped brains knows thats not possible.

This is a SUPPLIMENT, not a miracle pill (a thing which doesn't exist) You use it WITH an existing exercise and diet program... not all supliments work for all people because everyone has different metabolisms.

That's why they offer a money back guarantee. My friend is using this product and lost 10 pounds so far. Her cousin was on it and it didn't work for her, she got her money back.

boom, just like that.

1676 days ago


There are NO weight loss miracles. Only dieting and exercise works!! Any bloated fat chunk who consumes 5000 calories a day and then plants her ass in front of the tv will not win any lawsuits.

Get up off the couch already and put the candy bars down. Eat fruit and excercise or have a surgeon cut half your stomach out. Your obesity is your own fault.

1676 days ago

Just sayin'    

@Calm Downs Mom,


1676 days ago


seriously? OMG do these fat a$$es have lives? Maybe if they'd get one they wouldn't need supplements.

1676 days ago

Just sayin'    


LMAO!! "Slick Willy"! HAHA! Love it!

1676 days ago

what's the difference??    

Hi I'm a big FAT ASS disgusting lazy ass pig that lays around eating junk food all day and watches tv all day and i popped these pills & haven't lost nothin! What am I doin wrong? It said I would lose a lot of weight but I'm still disgusting! Does anyone know a good lawyer? Please cuz I need to sue these bastards!

1676 days ago

Just sayin'    

BORING story! Thanks for livening it up Calm Down!!!

1676 days ago

Just sayin'    

Obviously the pills don't work. President Clinton is still fat @ss.

1676 days ago


The best exercise for losing weight is to push yourself AWAY from the table BEFORE you've overeaten. Get up and take a short, brisk walk and forget the calorie laden junk food. A lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, small portions of lean meat and whole grains in lieu of fatty desserts, snacks and heavy sauces. Works every time!

1676 days ago


Another fatty with no willpower who would rather blame anyone but themself.

1676 days ago
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