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John Mayer Uses His Head ... Not the Racist One

2/15/2010 11:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer didn't say one word about his racist penis this weekend -- in fact, the singer didn't say one word about anything.


After all of last week's drama -- and his subsequent teary-eyed explanation -- Mayer kept his head down and his mouth shut as he waded through a sea of paparazzi on his way out of his hotel in Canada.

As for the penis -- no comment from Lil' David Duke either.


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Barbara Ann    

I can't stand this guy! Never could. Truthfully EVERYBODY at some point has been guilty of saying something "not nice" and didn't mean it, on that note like him or not, I'll cut him a break BUT he CONSTANTLY is running his childish mouth all over the place. I think he appears as though he doesn't even bathe so how any female, celebrity or Jane Q. Public spends time with this idiot escapes me. They label females as "gossip mongers and catty" but THIS GUY??? Oh honey, if that were true only of females, he should be at the sex change clinic because there would be a vagina with his NAME on it in the freezer! Another BS rumor bites the dust about females...he needs to keep his head down and his mouth shut, I for one am just as sick of looking at him as I am about hearing from him!

1676 days ago

Crissy Angela    

Douchebag walk of shame.

1676 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Yet Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Eddie Griffin, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton have made a career off being racist. The hypocrisy is beyond astounding.

1676 days ago


*********(I am a BLACK women and MANY of my friends who are BLACK, LOVE JOHN MAYER. A lot of people in the BLACK community LOVE JOHN MAYRE'S music. We also have NO problem with him "N" word comment. Because COMMON SENSE, tells you what CONTEXT he used the "N" word.

The MEDIA today is ALWAYS looking to make a story or some kind of DRAMA for a story. Most of the BLACK people and friends of mine that talk about the JOHN MAYER comments, had **(NO)** problem with it. Most understood the context of how and what JOHN MAYER was saying.

Message to TODAY'S MEDIA! Stop TRYING TO CREATE stories when their is NO story. And I am NOT just talking about with JOHN MAYER. Today's MEDIA and TALK show HOST, are all about creating **(HYPE)**, and making the story BIGGER than life, to generate rating...and to get the PUBLIC to listen and read their stories.

Once again. MEDIA, STOP IT already! And the ***(PUBLIC)*** has to speak up and say STOP it MEDIA and GOVERNMENT! And the general PUBLIC have to be SMARTER than them and NOT allow the MEDIA to dictate to the public how WE see things!)****************

1676 days ago


As a black female that has listened to JM's music since his first CD, I have always been amazed that the immature/narcissistic JM I saw & heard speaking on TV could be the same JM that wrote & performed such sensitive, thoughtful lyrics/music. His antics have definitely escalated over the years & I thought nothing he could say would shock me...I was wrong. What are PR people paid for(?!), they have NO control over his mouth. I am curious; why are black women being singled out by the David Duke comment? Wasn't JM alluding that he was attracted to white women only & doesn't that exclude ALL other races...?

1676 days ago


Ah, well, I've never been a fan of John Mayer. He's another one of those mediocre, metrosexual, sort of forlorn, faux-sensitive types (and a legend in his own mind as a guitar player, too) that the music industry manufactures as a "romantic" sort. To appeal to a certain demographic consisting mostly of women who view him as strong (eek) but sensual (argh). I've always found him a bit nauseating. As for his "relationship" with Jennifer Anniston, I will repeat: You TMZ troglodytes are stupid. The exterior packaging of a woman (in this case JA), her choice in vacation spots, her refusal to change bikinis every hour for your masturbatory pleasure, that she chooses to read rather than get roaring drunk or stupidly high, screw everyTHING in sight, then get arrested and/or end up in prison-detox-or-rehab (with some loser's "love child"), does not collect children like antique dollies, does not indicate anything about the woman within. I think her biggest mistake is dating loser, egocentric, minor celebrity tits who are ruled by their penises rather than their tiny brains (or nerve ganglia...they don't seem too highly evolved). Like John Mayer.

AS for the racist element of his interview, he's just another white boy trying to assert his relationship and affinity with the "hood", as if being one race or ethnicity rather than another was somehow superior. Of course, he is not the only man I have ever known to claim that his penis made his life decisions for him (Mayer just went public about his little head doing the talking). It is totally ludicrous, and one of the funniest things I have ever heard. The man has been a complete tool and a total moron his entire career. I've never heard anything remotely intelligent drool from between his lips. This is just the nadir (if you happen to be his totally frantic PR people, who have probably been rendered completely spastic by his public puking up of his innermost idiocy) or the apex (if you're me, and you choked with hysterical laughter at his wide-eyed sincerity and amazing lack of anything resembling intellect, common sense, or self-preservation...and nation-wide career suicide) of John Mayer's own over-rated career. Yes, what he said was racially insensitive (I'm the first one to call out a racist, see any comments I've made about Rush Limbaugh), but there is a great difference between an incompetent, insignificant stooge barfing his guts (and blaming his penis)...and a well established, politically and media supported (if thoroughly revolting) ideological demagogue spouting actual racist hatred in a national forum, even going so far as to ask Americans not to send aid to a devastated nation (couched in terms of his own special hatred, and his followers, for our current President; and in lies, since the aid was not going to the White House, but the Red Cross) because the vast majority of Haiti's population is black.

John Mayer is a fool. My husband and I read the interview, looked at each other, and had the same question, "Has he never learned how to avoid getting his ass kicked?" Oops. Yes, it is a free country, and Freedom of Speech is guaranteed constitutionally. I have no objection to what Mayer said...I guess he was feeling his inner moron and felt like emoting. He's allowed his preferences, people DO have them, I guess, and can reveal them at any time (think of all of the cell phone conversations you wish you could un-hear). What is funny is his sincerity, his obvious belief that people would think he was "the dawg" (or whatever anyone says anymore), and the unintentional hysteria he's managed to generate...none of it beneficial to him. I think his day just might be done.

1676 days ago


@Fan -
"Hey AZ, you hit on the most troubling question: What good could possibly come from saying the things JM said?"


Maybe I could understand (not condone whatsoever) his comments if his target audience were heavy metal white supremacists. While I'm sure that they appreciate JM's comments, that still doesn't equate to any album sales for him because they just aren't into his style of music. Did he not realize that the majority of his fans are not white supremacists? Do his handlers consist of nothing more than yes men?


"I, too, believe these interviewers might encourage consumption of alcohol, pot, coke, downers, or whatever, to "loosen up" the star."


You know I read a few weeks ago that the Playboy stockholders were upset because the cost of the stock had tanked to less than the cost of the magazine. Maybe they were looking for the perfect patsy to increase magazine sales. I guess they found one.

1676 days ago


Why are the whites the only ones called for racism?? Because you f'd over all the other races in the world - Blacks, Chinese, Native Americans,Certain people from Central and South America, people from India, people from the middle east, people from Japan, and even Jewish people, and the list goes on. Sorry, but you ran out of all your racist talk privileges!!

1676 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Aren't Jews white? I didn't know they were a "race." Clearly Rex is a racist himself. A very stupid one at that.

1675 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

I still can't help but laugh every time the most racist segment of the human race screams "racism!!!" There's something very ironic about it....

1675 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

He didn't mention how good all those dudes were in bed

1674 days ago


iglaria, whether Jewish people are white or not didn't stop you and your white brethern in Nazi Germany from exterminating 6 millon of the Jewish people. I see I hit a raw nerve with you. I tell it like it is.

1674 days ago


LOOK, everyone has that oh.... we all have it we all like a particular type big, small, wide,black,white,latino what ever the ethnicity we all have a preference I know you know so just stop with the criticism the main problem was the word "racist" and the people that have a problem with the word racist are the same people that will never let it go we all are human we all make mistake at one point in our lives that is who and what we are ....just deal with it.

1429 days ago
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