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Selena Gomez Making 'Jersey Shore' Money

2/15/2010 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Selena GomezSelena Gomez is one of Disney's biggest stars right now -- but she's barely pulling in more per episode than the wasted, juiced up cast of "Jersey Shore."

According to her minor's contract -- filed last month in Los Angeles Superior Court -- Gomez made $10,000 a show for the first season of "Wizards of Waverly Place," the same amount Seaside Heights' finest will pull in next season.

The show is now in its third year and her pay has only been bumped up to $11,025.

Selena ain't exactly struggling -- she's also got a million dollar movie deal and a music career on her shoulders too.

Plus, she's only 17 ... sure beats a babysitting gig.


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I thought her show was number 1 on Disney Channel? She should be making more than that. That's a lot more than what I make but in the grand scheme of Hollywood, she's way underpaid.

Good thing she's still a nice human being and has a mom that loves her and keeps her grounded.

1710 days ago

courtney's not like her music career will take her that far...seriously have you heard her sing? She's not the best and her clothing line? You can forget about that, her clothes looks like something a hobo would wear. Her acting's okay, I think she should stick to that. No wonder she keeps going out in public with Nick, she needs to feed off his star power. Poor girl don't know where to run to now. She's lost Demi to Miley (who pratically runs Disney) I would perfer Miley and Demi any time over that Selena girl. What's wrong with Disney these days? Making albums and concert tours for people who shouldn't be singing. #wealllovemiley

1710 days ago


She seems to be a sweet kid. I hope she stays level and grounded and has good people around her to keep her on the right track, it's too easy to let the temptations of Hollywood get to you...

1710 days ago


maybe it's just too much for a 17 year i mena she's not like she's 20 or something, things like that are just fate it happens

GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1710 days ago


To Courtney:

Um can't sing? Selena is 10 times the singer that Miley has ever been. You're just a typical Miley troll. You scour the internet looking for Selena Gomez articles, just so you can make negative comments about her. How pathetic. I don't like Miley but I don't post negative comments on her articles. I don't care about her. Funny how it's only Miley fans that make negative comments about Selena. Jealous? Of course you are. Miley has been exposed as nothing more than a fake, shallow wannabe. Miley is a total corporate sellout. She's old news, just like her fans. Get over it and move aside. Selena is the new up and coming girl. Your 15 minutes are up.

You're such a pathetic troll.

1710 days ago


people actually fight over Miley and Selena? LMFAO!!!!

1710 days ago

Joe Jhonson    

She is very lovely girl,she is a biggest star of Disney.many of boys want to marry with her,its her craz that she earn that futures she will make a superstar of Hollywood.

1710 days ago


Ha ha Matty is another version of trolls. They scour all articles just to make fun of other posts. They're actually the worst kind of trolls. Keep it up Matty, prove my point for me with another loser post. Go on, I know you will, you're that pathetic. Prove me right.

1710 days ago


Selena is going to go far with her acting talent. She is truly the best actress in the Disney stable and a gorgeous girl. And her pay is very low for what that show must be making Disney. I read that her Disney movie was one of the highest rated movies in all of television last year. I would have hoped she has a batter manager or agent!

1710 days ago


Yes, she is a very sweet that will be 18 verrry soon might I add......hehehehe..(Jethrow deviously laughs as he sloppily flips through his Snap-On tools calender and places and X over her 18th birthday with his chewed up pen and greasy fingers).

1710 days ago


Dang, she's getting robbed. 11 Gs seems pretty low by H'wood standards.

1710 days ago


Saying they can sing is like saying Britney Spears was the most innovative "artist" in music history. Deal with it, disney stars go nowhere after their popularity is taken by a new lame star. Or they simply just stop being interesting to kids.

1710 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

I think her career will be a lot better than Mileys. Selena is just more focused. No "leaked" panty pics, no pics with sleazy 44 yr old men and doesn't have a different man moving in with her every 6 months. Disney needs to give Miley the boot and put the emphasis on Selena who is a lot better role model for young girls.

1710 days ago

Kristi Jo Dee    

Thank you tmz for posting the info we gave you. Miley who? Nobody likes her (please don't report Miley made 67 million on her 2009 tour). My lil Selena is the best (robot)and unlike Miley she will kiss all Disney execs butts and date a Jonas for pr. Every1 forget Miley listen to tmz and go buy Sel's cd. Muchas gracias!

1710 days ago

Kristi Jo Dee    

I agree the Gomez girl should get paid more more money to help all her relatives back in Mexico. However, she is nowhere near the talent of a Miley Cyrus. And as far as a role model I would prefer Miley who is real and gives millions of dollars to cancer research, the red cross and children's hospitals and more. Selena portrays herself as perfect and seems very vacant. That sets up low self esteem for little girls looking up to someone who never makes mistakes like them. I admire Miley Cyrus for her contributions to society and the world is a better place. Miley has the it factor and all the talent.

1710 days ago
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