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Jillian Michaels

Sued by Another Big,

Big Fan

2/16/2010 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jillian Michaels Sued by Another Big, Big FanIf you're keeping score at home, this is the third time Jillian Michaels has been sued over her line of fat burning pills -- but this time, there are allegations they contain a "potentially lethal" blend of ingredients.

In the class action lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Kathy Hensley claims "The Biggest Loser" trainer "sold her proverbial soul to the devil" by teaming up with the companies that created her fat burner.

Hensley claims Jillian and those companies -- Thin Care and Basic Research -- failed to disclose that the main ingredients of the "Jillian Michael Maximum Strength Fat Burner" allegedly combine to make a "toxic cocktail."

In the lawsuit, Hensley claims one of the pill's ingredients -- citrus aurantium -- is "potentially lethal" and known to cause high blood pressure and serious cardiac problems in certain individuals.

Hensley filed the class action lawsuit against Jillian, Thin Care, Basic Research and Walgreens -- and is suing for less than $5,000,000.

Two lawsuits ago, Jillian's people told us the product was vetted by experts and she's confident she'll prevail in court.


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this is bull =) jillian is one of the sweetest people i have come to know in LA and she would not put anything harmful in her products she is very conserned with people well being. I know from personal experience that she does not want anyone to do anythig harmful to there body she is all about doing it the healthy way =)

1675 days ago


This is why you should have kept your big mouth shut. Calling out OPRAH? Priceless! She researched your product and found it to be a fraud. What did OPRAH do to you? You are not reverent at all. OPRAH did not even respond to your angry butt. LMAO wanted a cat fight with one of the Richest women in the World. What were you thinking?

You will be broke. Can't mess with the BIG BOYS ARE GIRLS.

1675 days ago


please .pdf the Creer et al and Hensley er CA. I think the lawyers are ambulance chasers or Erin Bokavitch ewanna-bes.

1675 days ago


Exercise, eat less & more importantly, stay away from fast food. You can achieve your weight loss goal without having to pay someone else.

1675 days ago


Dear Plaintiffs Creer & Helmsly:
Did you lawyer tell you that your medical records, as well as photos, places of and employment records, disability./Workers comp, and mental health health records from the past 20-30 are fair game for discovery subpoenas and deposition questioning? Did you attorney inform you that you risk counter suit for interference with future business opportunities defamation, slander, and false light swearing?
I expect to see YOU personally, stand up and publicly make a sincere, forthright apology to Jillian Michaels and to her clients after your meritless suit dismissed on summary judgment. I hope Jill fights (you) as hard as she trains, to clear her reputation and that she’ll instruct her attorneys to send a an unequivocal message to mendacious rapacious persons of your ilk.

1675 days ago


Response to "kidneydonor":
First you say I'm "disseminating disinformation and fear mongering", but then you spend the rest of your tirade backing up my assertion that the use of ephedra/ma huang and bitter orange both need to have their dosages judged carefully, because of the very effectiveness they do have. So WHAT I SAID WAS PERFECT: I only guided people to be careful of dosage.

Kidneydonor, no doubt you are a young, irresponsible and naive moron who has no capacity to judge for anyone else. The fact that there are millions of bodies in various states of health out there is beyond you. You are most certainly "on the take" and concerned only with spewing your words and taking a position, probably also very concerned with taking people's money. I'm concerned with the healthy use of the medicine. I'm the one who would promote and defend the use of the herbs and the Chinese and Ayurvedic approach, neither of which tolerate the brash and irresponsible use of medicine with universal dosages that you are all about.

So drop the nonsense, admit you are completely irresponsible and have made an idiot of yourself.

1674 days ago


I am surprised that their has been no claim that she is meth addicted crack whore.

1674 days ago


It amazes me how many people think all "fat" people are lazy. Look up hypothyroidism. I work a full time job, a part time job AND take care of my family. I may be "fat" but I am not lazy.

It sickens me that people think it is OKAY to make fun of overweight people.

1674 days ago


Holy donut! Polarbear. Way to put me in my place there

Even more kudos for missing the point, for not reading my posts (“using TCM for over 30 years”
Do you think that means I began using Chinese herbs at birth?) and/or having the poor reading comprehension and the attention span of a fruit fly).
Why don't you go take your own advice, little buddy? Chill. Take a pill to chill that liver-fire yin deficiency excess damp heat syndrome that your words reveal. Move your stagnant CHI.

I’ll see you In my the next OASIS tai chi class or Masters swim.(FYI: polarbear OASIS is fighting childhood obesity. The AARP Bulletin Today spotlighted Active Generations In a story about how OASIS volunteers are teaching the value of good nutrition and exercise. OASIS Journal 2009 is the 8TH annual edition of the Journal contains the work of 87 writers over 50, at least one of whom is in her 90's and still writing ageless stories.)

As for polarbeqr jesery shore guy’s boogey herb ephede aka Yellow hemp root, English translation, aka ma huang, mandarin Chinese; Herba Ephedrae, Latin botanical is so 1970s. By ANY measure and standards of comparison, ephedra and bitter orange are NOT remotely similar.

To imply any cause-and-effect linkage between ephedra and bitter orange is analogous to comparing legos to skate boards and by extension, the recommended relative age range and intellectual development of usage. (Grasping the meta-text polarbear?)

It is doubtful herbal usage which dates back five (5) millennia in China would not have endured for so many centuries if the herbs; effectiveness had not been well proven.

1674 days ago


look folks, I'm not going to defend those looking for an easy fix. yeah, they should get up off the fat ass and eat right and so on (some do by the by). BUT folks like Jillian who prey on those that feel they aren't losing fast enough etc are just as bad. Hell that whole show is preying on folks, they are NOT being taught healthy weight loss at all. they do in weeks what should be at least a year if not two or three for some of them. it's no wonder half those folks gain back the weight when they get home. Just the fact that the winner is picked by number of pounds lost is dangerous and irresponsible.
perhaps all these lawsuits will make the network stop and think for a moment about the image they are promoting and they will drop the show or change it to something more in line with actual reality.

1674 days ago


To Kidney Donor: Appreciate the information and the research. Am planning to print it out and read more thoroughly when I have more time. Thanks for taking the time.

1674 days ago


Citrus Aurantium (Zhi Ke) (Bitter orange peels) is very safe as is Ephedra (Ma Huang) when used properly. The problem in the past with Ephedra was that manufacturers manipulated it, super-concentrated it and combined it with caffeine, sugar, etc. -thereby creating a dangerous product - especially dangerous for fat, out of shape people with pre-existing health problems looking for a quick fix. This is a bogus lawsuit, but then again so was the witch hunt against Ephedra. B/c of 'scare media', we may have orange peels banned, too. Ridiculous.

1674 days ago


Not much to say about Jillian. Her commercials alone irritate both myself and my husband. I'll never buy her products or videos, THIS just confirms it. She just appeared out of no where on the TV and WE BOTH click her to mute when she pops on, THAT or change the channel all together.Not surprised at all to see she's being sued.

1674 days ago


This unfortunate woman has the same charm, hollering ability, and good looks as that Kate hairpiece woman from that Jon, Kate plus Kate show. I hope you're happy TMZ: NOW I'M BLIND!

1674 days ago

Hi my name is Gina from London what is with all these lawsuits against Jillian Michaels man haven,t you guys got anything else better to do do all of you like wasting time and money all you got to do is if you don,t like the product ask for your money back that was a money back guarentee is all about jillian wouldn,t put her name to something if she knew nothing about it would she so come people leave the women alone

1673 days ago
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