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Tiger Woods

Screws the Paparazzi

2/18/2010 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was the holy grail -- the most sought after image in the world -- but when the first image of Tiger Woods was released through Getty Images yesterday, the move blocked the paparazzi from their million dollar shot.

Tiger Woods Run
TMZ has checked around with some major paparazzi agencies, who tell us the first picture of Tiger could have scored them more than $1,000,000 in worldwide distribution profits.

But when the image was released through Getty Images -- a non-paparazzi, subscription-based photo agency -- the value of the photo plummeted ... as most major media outlets got the pic essentially for free as part of their deal with Getty.

FYI -- Just 24 days before the shot was taken, Getty had announced a "multi-year" deal with the PGA, in which both sides touted the move as a "strategic partnership." Turns out, they were right.

We called Getty for comment -- but they're on lockdown.

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No Avatar


And...somehow the intrusive pop feels it is owed something? Though you don't see it, most of us see that career on the bottom of the food chain in right below ambulance chasing lawyers. This story is dumb. he is wrong for cheating on his wife but he has every right to lay low through this. He doesn't owe us anything you idiots.

1709 days ago


Hahahaha poor paparazzi your gravy boat sailed without you!! You got one upped and lost out. Wish more celebrities did this maybe those paparazzi would have to get real jobs instead of being the leeches of society!

1709 days ago


Good deal, the paparazzi suck big time. They should be stopped.

1709 days ago


The guy is an egomaniac and publicity whore. I hope this affects his golf game for the rest of his life. The best thing is that his kids will read about him one day and see how he treated their mother and how much he valued his family.

1709 days ago


PLEASE, LET'S JUST WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW TO HEAR WHAT HE HAS TO SAY. No doubt he is filled with remorse and deep emotions about how he disgraced himself and how he has hurt his beautiful family. Only he knows the torture within himself no matter what anyone believes. As humans, we all need a "second chance" and so does he.

1709 days ago


Is that a Tag-Heuer watch he is wearing?

1709 days ago


Getty Images? What a surprise! I wonder how much Getty caved in to whatever demands Tiger and his people made in order to get this "exclusive"? Did Tiger have photographer/picture approval? Is Tiger or any of business of his receiving the proceeds of syndicating the pictures? Will Getty now be the pool photographer for his "press conference"? Was Getty hired by Tiger Woods? The picture to get is Tiger with his wife, and I hope somebody unaffiliated with Tiger gets the shot.

1709 days ago


I could care less if i ever saw any more photo's of Tiger Woods.
This guy does not warrent or deserve the attention.

This guy is a loser and the only thing his picture is good for is to teach your daughters what ya see on the outside, does not mean it's what is inside. Pretented to be a family man, and in fact he could not keep his balls on the course.

1709 days ago


It's not a Tag-Heuer watch he's wearing.....it's a Tag-Whorer

1709 days ago

dirty diana    

it's all about the money, wonder what the douches next move is. tiger is a COWARD!!!! yes even tomorrow he's a coward, he won't be talking his own words, of course he bought a speech. f&*king loser, i hate him!!

1709 days ago



Love this story! Gotta love it when these photog losers get shafted by a smarter operator.

Gotta love it when the moralists (snicker) on this site chant on about a golfer's responsibility to the world. Reality check - He's a great showman and athlete - nothing more. Hint - All celebrities have fake public personas that change behind closed doors. The holier than thou posturing is too funny and more than a bit pathetic.

I want Tiger to pay for all those evil men in the world (HAHAHAHAHA). Not taking into account the stupid women who hang with them (HHAHHAHAHA).

Keep it coming...better than any comedy show.


1709 days ago


dirty diana... Tiger HATES you, too!

1709 days ago


I don't believe that all those women were telling the truth. They saw a way to make some money and jumped on the money train. He's still awful for what he did to his family though. The media would only ask dumb questions anyway, so I'm glad he's not taking questions. He doesn't have to answer to them. It's none of their business.

1709 days ago

Mrs Butters    

My opinion of Tiger is changing now that I hear he also screwed the paps

1709 days ago


All you guys who are happy the paps got screwed..then why are you even on this site. This site is pretty much based on all of that.

1709 days ago
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