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Nike Accepts Tiger's Apology ... Duh

2/19/2010 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In completely obvious news, Tiger Woods' apology got the Swooshtastic stamp of approval from Nike -- who's already looking for their cash cow to get back on the golf course.

Nike Accepts Tigers Woods' Apology ... Duh

A rep from Nike tells TMZ, "Tiger has apologized and made his position clear. Nike fully supports him and his family. We look forward to him returning to golf."

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Elin N    

Nike, the same company that uses child labor in 3rd world countries and makes the shoes with a landed cost to the US for 20.00, then charges 120.00 retail.

Screw them and screw tiger. Vans and Converse for me and my family.

1707 days ago


I was actually okay with everything BEFORE this whole apology thing. Now I feel I'm being force-feed a load of horse-sh*t. It's disgusting. I wish he had just said. "Hey, I screwed alot of women, love it, lied to cover it up, but got caught. I really would rather not be a role model and wish everyone would just leave me alone". See, I'd respect that.

1707 days ago


Do you people think Nike cares what you think? You can boycott them as much as you want but at the end of the day Nike is still collecting the papers. I support Tiger Woods and Nike. You people worry too much about celebrity figures. Get a life!

1707 days ago


I don't see what the problem is because the Nike Swish looks like a sperm suddenly hitting the brakes anyways.

1706 days ago


nike and the PGA were all behind this so called apology and pictures.i wont be buying any nikes any time soon if this is the trash they are gonna keep around.

1707 days ago


What do you expect from a low-life company that encourages low-class behavior from a professional golfer?

They want money from all you losers that bought into the false image that is Tiger Woods.

Lambs to slaughter, Nike loves the STUPID PEOPLE, makes THEIR jobs even easier!

If it's associated with Tiger Woods, it's a NO-BUY ZONE !!!

1707 days ago


I love seeing our Olympic athletes (who are not perpetual liars and cheats) wearing the Nike logo. It makes me want to buy the product. Tiger Woods wearing it DISGUSTS me. It's time for new running shoes. I have always bought Nike....but not now. I will go w/ another brand.

1707 days ago


LOL!! Most obvious staged NIKE commercial ever! BOYCOTT NIKE!!

1707 days ago


The simple truth is that we all can vote for what we believe in. If you believe someone as vile as Woods deserves your support then purchase Nike equipment. If not then simply buy your sporting goods from another manufacturer.

Good thing is that there's so many good manufacturers that it's no sacrifice to go with equipment other than Nike. Particularly in golfing gear.

1707 days ago


Nike has sunk to new lows with Tiger Woods as a spokesman.

When we didn't know about his false personal image, we bought their products.

Now with the knowledge Nike knew it was a sham/scam on the public for their profits, it will be a NO-BUY ZONE for anything associated with Tiger Woods.

Time to WALK in a COMPETITORS' brand shoe!!!!!!

1707 days ago


I was happy with the TW speech. It is what was expected; wished he had left out the Buddha part, but I do hope he has seen the light and that he, his beautiful wife and children can build a lasting life together.

Actions however will determine his destiny, not words; but I was glad for what I thought was a sincere apology...usually I'm a cynic. Best to his family. And yes, I do like NIKE products. How bout a pair of ladies size 7 running shoes???

1707 days ago


Great Spin Doctors...Nike off my shopping list.

1707 days ago


Nike may not know when to keep it's damned mouth shut, and they're pissing people off already. VIP lounge boobies and beer under a Nike label anyone? ya ya ya, get those Nike coasters out there...

1707 days ago


Nike brand clothing and shoes are just about all Elin wears! I will never buy anything from Nike again.

1707 days ago


As someone that just ended their employment with Nike, I'm only commenting on one thing, don't think for even one second that Nike is looking at Tiger as anything other than a cash cow which is precisely what Tiger is. The man breathes money with every exhaled breath he takes and bottom line, Nike is there to pick up the dollars that float to the ground. They are a business......period.

1707 days ago
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