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Tiger Woods -- Back Home with Elin

2/19/2010 6:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods has returned to his home in Windermere, Fla. -- and his wife Elin Nordegren is there too ... according to an eyewitness.

Tiger arrived home about 45 minutes ago as part of a four-car motorcade. About 40 minutes later, Elin arrived at the house.

We're told security in the gated community has been ramped up with Tiger's own private security.

Security teams are set up outside the house, at the end of the street, and at the lake behind his house.


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There's nothing a tigger loves to do more than to f**k.

1671 days ago

She's Dumb    


1671 days ago


That press conference was a joke. The only emotion he showed the whole time was his anger at the media. He has no reason to be mad at them, he was involved in adultary; they just outed him. Are you mad that now you can't continue on the way you had been?
He was praising his wife and couldn't even come up with any words until he looked at his notes! This wasn't an apology, it was a media bashing opportunity. Go away!

1671 days ago


Couldn't watch it all, kept laughing at Tiger...

Three comments, (1) his demeanor in this video reminds me so much of Jon Gosselin, full of empty apologies and very bad acting, not convinced he's the least bit sincere. (2) When he did the staring at the camera bit, I lost it, he looks so unconvincing again.. and finally, when he talked about his wife and the 'domestic violence' claims...and he said his wife didn't deserve to be blamed...(3) hey Tiger, no one (*&$*#& blames her if she did or didn't beat you upside the head with a golf club or not, lol...

1671 days ago


I'm so upset my so many people who say "married men do this all the time" and accept it as norm and OK. Do the vows you take when you get married mean nothing? Don't marry anyone, ever. If you feel it is OK to cheat, never ever ever ever get married - never. Cheat until you blow up but never never get married because IT IS NOT OK to cheat. It's a real biggie too in the Ten Commandments too -right up there in the top 10. Thou Shall Not Commit Adultry. Screw around all you want but do it as a single person.

1671 days ago


Absolutely HIS WIFE AND MOTHER are more valuable than those "HO's -like that Rachel dirtbag and the others". YES HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN ARE MORE VALUABLE. Those others knew he is a married man and even if he threw himself at them - all they needed to say is NO. They are NOT VALUABLE becasue they didn't do that.

1671 days ago


Sometimes you can tell the AGE group of TMZ's fans by what they write in the comments. Elin is NOT stupid and what is happening to her and Tiger is personal. If they can work it out then they should try. It is easy to walk away from a marriage,it takes real courage to stay and try to work thing out. I just wonder how many people out there judging Tiger are living in glass houses?

1671 days ago


Tiger's father cheated on his mother which upset Tiger as a child. That's why I'm so shocked he would do the same to his own wife. Yes his speech was robotic. Mine would be too. I'm not a public speaker and neither he is unless he is on the golf course talking about the game. I never heard anyone say before I thought I was entitled. I respect him for saying that if even someone else wrote the script. Let the family heal. He doesn't owe us anything. I wish them whatever it takes to get them through this ordeal and find some happiness again.

1671 days ago


# 3... That is rude! You do not know this man... He did not do anything wrong... He did not cheat, he did not.. No, I am not in denial. My husband says that he did do that and I said Jermaine Jackson said he did not I know Jermain knows him despite what anyone thinks about Jermain, no matter ho the media has portrayed him, I beLIEve in him and I know he is a better man than most.. HE IS A JACKSON!!!! So he did not do it... He did not!!! Look at his wife anyway, she is hot, but so is he so they stay with one another like that.. They hook up with eachother like they are supposed to. My husband tells that he did and I said well how do you know and he says cause the media says

1671 days ago

This wise man told us 99.9 % of what we read and see on the t.v. screen told me it aint factual, I beLIEve him... LIEs LIEs... Rip a man into nothing but shreds... Do not beLIEve this people, even if he made a conffession, something is going on... It is all for the sake of L.O.V.E. do not judge this man, you dont have the right it is God's job... He did not do this he did not.. Please wake up.. I heard 1 2 women and I thought possibly none of my business but the number kept riseing...

1671 days ago


When I saw the numbers going up like that porn stars and so on and so forth, I thought... NO WAY!!! I am right! There is no way this is true... it is not!!!! I mean why do we beLIEve all the bad stuff? Why dont we insist that the media give us good stuff truths... Like, how they came up with We Are The World 25 For Haiti.. I mean good stuff there, why cant they share with us the good that is them...
I went to Target yesterday, I hate tabloids.. I do not buy magazines.. I will Rolling Stone though.. They have Whitney Houston dying... I dont think she knows it though!!!! Big surprise for her I bet..

1671 days ago


Just like Obama collpased cause he has lung cancer.. It is awful!!! These poor people!!! Loretta Lynn, she was supposed to have died years ago, but she is praise GOD still alive... Liz Taylor, all this B.S. and people beLIEve it.. I love Michael.... Please people realize the LIEs... Recognize!!!! Please!!! God bless you all.... L.O.V.E. all for L.O.V.E.!!!!! Hurry L.O.V.E. please

1671 days ago


15. Wow that is so cold!!!! I am shocked!!! These are people and we need to care about people.. He did not do it!!! He did not!!!!! Money is the root of all evil! Yuck, it is awful!!! Why would anyone care more about money than a human being? WOW!!! :( So sad!!! It is about L.O.V.E. something is going on!!!! BEHIND THE SCENES!!! I knew but it was confirmed on T.M.Z. I love those guys.. They are not paparazzi the people that go in front of there cameras know it before they do it... Unless what I think is wri=ong and I am certain I am right... There is a point and it is coming L.O.V.E.

1671 days ago


All of you who support Tiger and feel sorry for him don't. He will do just fine as he boards his private jet or yacht that was bought by all the little people who bought what he had to sell.

1670 days ago


LOL at his speech with the "just between myself and Elin" between the two of you and rachel, jaimie, kalika, jamie2, cori, mindy, holly, the vegas ho, the brit, and the closet of unmentionable others.

1670 days ago
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