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ESPN Host Suspended Over 'Hurtful' Comments

2/23/2010 7:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ESPN has officially suspended "Pardon the Interruption" host Tony Kornheiser for 2 weeks -- after TK made "hurtful and personal comments" about a female SportsCenter anchor.

The drama began last week on Kornheiser's radio show -- when he commented on an outfit Hannah Storm wore during a recent SC broadcast, saying her "Catholic school plaid skirt" was "way too short for somebody" her age. He also claimed her tight shirt looked like a "sausage casing."

Yesterday, Kornheiser did not appear on PTI -- and now an ESPN executive VP of content John Skipper is finally offering an explanation: "Tony Kornheiser's comments about Hannah Storm were entirely inappropriate."

Skipper added, "Hurtful and personal comments such as these are not acceptable and have significant consequences. Tony has been suspended from PTI for two weeks."

Kornheiser has already issued an apology on his radio show.

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He has been horrible f-o-r-e-v-e-r; glad he finally got the boot. What an A$$!!

1670 days ago



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1670 days ago


Tony Kornholer needs to go back to trolling men's public restrooms and stay off tv forever.
Look in a mirror ass-clown.

1670 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Who at ESPN took a look at Tony's ugly mug and horrible personality and said, hey, we want him at ESPN. There was a reason MNF dumped him, he sucked.

1670 days ago


Hey, I've watched Tony Kornheiser on PTI for years and I really like him because he is a really nice guy. He doesn't go gaga over 18 year olds and he never shows disrespect for his wife and kids. He always acts age appropriate. However, I've seen Hannah Storm on SportsCenter lately and my mouth has just dropped open in amazement. She buys and wears little suits with skirts several sizes too small- and it shows. She didn't always do this but she's changed. I've seen her wearing super-skin-tight, way too short mini-skirts where she can't even move! And then she sticks one leg out prominently as if she's a fashion model. Tony is right! The woman is attractive but no beauty and Ms. Storm has been around for a long, long time. In other words, despite plastic surgery, she is waaay past 40. Rather than reporting and talking to the co-star she stands there obviously posing. She didn't used to do this and she seems to have lost all common sense. But lately, she's been acting as if she's in a past mid-life crisis and it's actually been painful to watch her. When I see her wearing thse super-tight, too short skirts and these tall hooker heels, it's just embarassing. While Tony shouldn't have said it aloud, he was absolutely correct.

1670 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Sara hit it right on the head! Hannah is going through some type of mid life crisis. There has to be a reason why a woman well into her 40's would start dressing like a 20 year old and carve up her face with all that surgery, it's sad.

1670 days ago


The guy said nothing different than Joan Rivers and her daughter say all the time in voicing their opinion about someone's clothes in fact the comments of River's and her daughter are often more crude. What ever happened to freedom of speech?

1670 days ago


The comment about work is ridiculous because the guy is paid to voice his opinion. Hurtful ? Grow a frickin backbone. We are becoming a nation of oversensitive wimps.

1670 days ago


I think Hannah Storm is hot. But that’s not the point. The suspension is a total pile of crap. The various male sportscasters regularly say much worse about each other and nobody gets suspended. If the women want to be sportscasters then they have to be treated equally. In this case, Hannah should have taken the criticism and either returned fire or done nothing. Women will never be considered equal if they have to get special treatment.

1669 days ago

Carl Gorney    

Short and sweet:

ESPN tards EVERYTHING it touches. Do you honestly think TK is the ONLY ESPNer who's acted like an idiot, on or off the air?

1669 days ago


A stupid sports network has no reason to suspend anyone for anything.

1669 days ago


......MEN kill me. They are always the first ones to open their mouths about how somebody looks.

Have you guys looked in a mirror at all in the last ten years? So many men who have the Godzilla balls to comment about a woman's apperance look like wrinkled up, sock eyed, hanging skin, big bellies, balding, mole rats! MOST of you over 35 fit this description. Look around you right now.

It just kills me. By HIS picture alone on this post I could go on and on......but I won't because I think....

Keep it to yourself people. America is not going to the pansies...

We have just turned into this gossipy, catty, NEVER mind our business little old lady with no life.

Could this be you......hhhhhhmmmmm, I would say a big yes for some of you.

1669 days ago


Whether, you agree with him of not and in this case; yes her skirts are awfully tight. But that is not the point, what is happening to this country over the last decade. Is we have gotten way to sensitive about what we say now or who we say it about. Our country is the one country out of them all, that we should be able to say whatever we want. Our country fought for that freedom hundreds of years ago. We have went from a strong take no prisoners country to the country that we are now the ones wearing the skirt.

1669 days ago

HRH Red    

Would he ever consider commenting on the Men's attire. Her co-host with the pink or lavendar tie? What about the Kornheiser wrap around do? Just let a fashion expert loose on the men of ESPN - Zoot Suits are OUT!

1669 days ago


So wait, the girls want to be "one of the boys" yet when they get teased like one of the boys, daddy has to step in and punish somebody? Give me a freakin' break!! More over-the-top PC bullsh*t!!!

1669 days ago
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