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Mom of MTV 'Teen Mom' Cops Plea, Gets Knives

2/26/2010 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Danielson -- the mother of 18-year-old "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham -- struck a plea deal after she was accused of choking her daughter ... and as part of the deal, she wants her knives back.

Mom of MTV 'Teen Mom' Cops Plea, Gets Knives

Danielson agreed to a deferred prosecution at Pottawattamie County court in Iowa today -- meaning if she has no other legal issues and complies with her probation, the case will be dropped.

She also pled guilty to a lesser charge and got a suspended sentence of 30 days in jail. As part of the plea deal, the prosecution had to return two kitchen knives that were seized as evidence.

Danielson was arrested last month after she allegedly choked her daughter Farrah, who appeared on the MTV show "Teen Mom."


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1698 days ago

BAM O'Neal    

this doesn't surprise me at all!!!! this woman was nuts on that tv show.... it was really a matter of time before she flew off the wagon. farrah... get the eff out of your mom's house!!!

1698 days ago


Let's be real...if Farrah was my daughter, I'd choke her too! Your child having a child, living with you and being disrespectful, using you like a built in babysitter so she can chase boys would push any parent to the edge. Farrah came off as an entitled, not-so-bright, oversexed brat who needs to take her kid and go see what it's like to live in the real world where you don't have mom and dad's help. Hopefully she uses birth control, that's all I gotta say.

1698 days ago


I saw an episode of this with these two. The mom is a manipulative guilter who considers herself so hard done by by her daughter. I'm not surprised this happened. The girl's mother seemed like a big teen mom herself.

1698 days ago


As if she doesn't deserve it? I would've caved and strangled the bitch long before her mother did.

And then gave the baby to the family of the late father, so it has a shot at a decent life.

1697 days ago


The reason that Deborah nagged and bitched at Farrah all the time was because she was tired of raising Farrah's kid!!!! Farrah's lucky she's not my kid...she'd be beaten daily, black and blue. What an ungrateful little whore she is!! If she was old enough to have sex then she has to take responsibility and care for Sophia herself. If she can't handle the job, give her up for adoption.

On a positive note, my 16 year old watched this show and had her eyes opened wide as to what it would take to raise a kid. So, it did have a positive effect on her as far as her having pre-mature, unprotected sex.

1697 days ago


"NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

1697 days ago


I just happened to watch the show 16 and Pregnant yesterday when I was channel flipping and this was the same mother and daughter tag team. I wanted to jump through the tv and choke that mother myself. She's a robot of some kind that doesn't show affection or love, and now Farrah is rebelling.

Even on that show they were going to look for cars for Farrah who was doing a good job with the baby and the mother and here got into a fight and the mother hit her right in the chest while she was driving. I feel sorry for that girl Farrah ! No wonder she got pregnant so young, she was only looking for love she never gets at home.

1697 days ago


I don't know if you've ever watched the show but I wouldn't be supprised if that Farrah had a baby just to be on TV. She's a spoils disrespectful and a bad parent

1697 days ago


I think Farrah and her mother both need parenting classes.

1697 days ago

Yea,who mom would have choked the sh*t out of me too! If I was speaking to her the farrah spoke to her mom. She is very disrespectful and ungrateful. I got pregnant at 21 and my parents ain't babysat for me NOT ONCE!!!

1697 days ago


WHAT ED !!!!!!!!!!!Typical white people either killing molesting or
hurting they're own family member's ? ARE U KIDDING ME !!!!!!!~!

Typical of BLACK PEOPLE Chikezie Eze was arrested after trying to buy

men's cologne on a stolen credit card !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1697 days ago

Nyki G    

These young chicks are CRAZY!!! They got it all messed up, Farrah mother should've kicked her ass for talkin' reckless to her and her father a long time ago! For all those people out there that say her mom was wrong for choking her, let her come stay with you and talk 2 you like that! I hope she learned that she needs to have some level of respect for her parents.

1696 days ago


gggossiphound. just because a mother slaps her daughter for being an ungratefull bitch doesnt mean the whole fam is messed up. its ok for stupid teens like her to get slap ones in a while. and it wasnt even that, she kinda punched her in her shoulder. farrah is one of the most inresponsable mother ive ever seen. shes allways crying n talkin about she allways wants the best for her baby, but at the moment she gives her back to whomever shes talking to she forgets about it.

1696 days ago


The mother should have choked herself for being such a bad mother. Where was she when her daughter was on her back making babies! What's up with the bags and dark circles under her eyes? A little too much drinking and drugging? All trash!

1696 days ago
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