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Sean Penn --

Lifesaving Hero in Haiti

2/26/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Penn is personally responsible for saving two lives Thursday during a rescue mission in Haiti -- a woman and an orphan child badly injured in the rubble of a collapsed building ... TMZ has learned.


Penn -- who runs the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization -- drove an hour and a half with his daughter Dylan to rescue a woman and child who were trapped in rubble outside Port-au-Prince, possibly from an aftershock.

An eyewitness tells TMZ Penn helped extricate the woman, who suffered leg injuries, and the child, who suffered head injuries. Penn drove them in his truck to the University of Miami hospital camp in Port-au-Prince.

We're told Penn waited while the woman and child were treated for their injuries and then took them back to his place.

The woman and the child have nowhere to go, and Penn won't leave them until they have a safe place to go.


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WOW, kidneydonor:

Now it's type to stereotype YOU: Typical elitist, pompous liberal who uses big words and considers himself PC and humanitarian, but IMMEDIATELY resorts to stereotypes when someone insults your vast intelligence and world view. Your happy to generalize about people watching Nascar, living in the woods, barefoot and pregnant - all a bunch of a*shole rednecks. Does that mean you feel the same way about poor black people in the inner city, or anyone else that doesn't fit into your academic elitist view of the lower class? You act like you care about all the masses, but the reality is that they have to fit into the little PC box you've created in your mind. Go back to your college cubbyhole and your leftie blogs where you can spew as much hate as the "rednecks" out there are doing. Oh and PS, you seem to spend a lot of time on TMZ yourself, based on the multiple copying of peoples' comments and your extensive replies. What a hypocrite you are.

1664 days ago


Is he actually waving to the camera? I guess we only get to see him as saintly?

1664 days ago


Why doesn't this douchebag put his money where his mouth is already and move to one of these 3rd world/Socialist loving countries?? He hates America, even though it's made him rich while being a hideously ugly, idiotic, ignorant hobbit. At least Johnny Depp had the stones to back up his anti-Americanism and moved to France. I wish tools like this has-been and Alec Baldwin would stop with the threats and back it up already!!!

1664 days ago


Sean Penn is an egotistical moron who only does things for self promotion. Any one who sees this fool as a hero has been totally fooled by him and if he is SUCH a caring, compassionate and loving person WHY is he up on assualt charges? Mr. Wonderful got his Jockeys in a jumble and acted like a 3 year old with a temper tantrum. What a loser. Keep dreaming people. Keep dreaming. Oh, and KidneyDonor, you sure are pressing the matter. I think we protest a little too much.

1664 days ago

Morte Fish    

Gee, I was wondering where Super Man was. I thought he may have been swallowed by Hugo's ass. Drove an hour and a half? Who else was helping? Laurel and Hardy? Must have waited for the Savior to show,eh? Photo op? All hail Sean, leader for life. Schmuck.

1664 days ago


Does he ever do any good deeds with out letting the press know.
He is usually a very hatefull man except when it comes
to dictators he loves them and doesn't care what they do to
their people...

1664 days ago


What a nice, kind act. I wonder how long it will be before the Haitian government arrests him for it.

1664 days ago


This idiot is just there for publicity. He could have saved the money he spent on the trip and donated it to the Red Cross. He is so desperate. This is the same clown that paddled around in a boat after Katrina with his photographer. It's all about the pub.

1664 days ago

ed price    

funny how someone is such a pussy i lived in anaco venezuela for years and friends of mine were just abducted. you are a peice of shit call me and i will tell you the what you do not understand..... of course you will not call 805 550 4511

1612 days ago


Sean Penn smart. Him haz kidneez. Him say you no like Sean Penn, you die wit rectum cancer! Him say you call him friend Hugo Chavez dictator you go jail, not pass GO, not collect $200. Him say mean stuff to reporter because her ask question him not like. Sean Penn good. Him smart. Him haz kidneez. President Suit, Savior of the World

1612 days ago


I would assume it was for the publicity to try to improve his public image since he has been quoted say such stupid things lately. Strikes me as a high school dropout that got lucky in Hollywood. Just proves that you do not have to have any sense to be an actor or actress just be in the right place or screw the right person.

1183 days ago
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