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Brittany Murphy -- 109 Mystery Pills

2/27/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy obtained a prescription for 120 hydrocodone (Vicodin) pills 11 days before her death .... and the day she died there were only 11 pills left in the bottle ... TMZ has learned.

What's more we've learned the L.A. County Coroner's Office cannot locate the doctor who prescribed the pills and they are on the hunt to find him.

According to the Coroner's report on Murphy's death, the pills -- which we've learned were prescribed specifically to Murphy -- were supposed to be taken a maximum of 4 times a day. Yet 109 of the pills were missing from the bottle when she died. If Brittany had maxed out on the prescription, only 44 pills should have been missing.

So why were so many pills prescribed in the first place? That's what the Coroner wants to know. The doctor's name on the pill bottle is Cohen, but so far the Coroner can't locate him. A member of the Coroner's Office went to Brittany's husband, Simon Monjack, to assist them in locating the doc, but we're told Simon was no help.

The cause of Brittany Murphy's death is listed as "accidental" -- the result of pneumonia, along with prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

UPDATE: Simon Monjack contacted TMZ and says the hydrocodone prescription was not Brittany Murphy's. He says it was written for either Sharon Murphy, Brittany's mom, or himself -- he said he was unsure.

Monjack also says Dr. Cohen did not write any prescriptions for Brittany.

As for the 11 hyrdrocodone pills that remained in the prescription bottle for 120 pills -- Monjack says yesterday morning, after we published this story, he and Sharon located 73 pills from that prescription.


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Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Mary P

I don't think it is right that any one on here is minimizing someone's pain and comparing their pain to someone else and saying how their pain is worse.

Everyone, EVERYONE has a different pain tolerance, to minimize someone else's pain is insensitive. (to the poster minimizing a woman's husband's pain and comparing it to her endometriosis pain)

LOOK IT UP AS YOU TOLD THE OTHER WOMAN TO DO, everyone's pain is different and everyone's brain chemistry is different which makes everyone's pain tolerance level different.

it's great to make your point, but not at the expense of minimizing someone else's pain MaryP.

To the woman who's husband's leg is paining him, I would ask his doctor to refer you to a pain specialist, they have all types of pain management, from cortisone shot series to medications, to ones that are narcotic, to ones that are not narcotic, to blends where they put a slight low dose of a narcotic mixed with another medication that is non narcotic. A pain specialist is in the know on determining what could best help your husband's leg pain.

I feel for anyone in pain, physical pain is no fun and debilitating and it does not help when people minimize it, or make fun of someone else's pain.

You can still share your knowledge and experience and pain story with compassion, but why minimize someone else's when you are not in their shoes?

1699 days ago

something smells    

I was addicted to pain pills years ago and I would take 20 a day sometimes. I always thought I would OD one day on them. They didn't make me high anymore, just kept me from having the shakes. She sounds like she was addicted too if she was taking so many a day.

1699 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

She was taking VICOPROFEN 7.5-200mg
(7.5 vico/200 ibuprofen
(Hydrocodone/Vicodin with ibuprofen)


Hydroco/Apap 5-500mg
(5 vico/500 tylenol)
(Hydrocodone/Vicodin with tylenol)

BIG DIFFERENCE in the prescription, vicoprofen you are allowed a
maximum of 5 per day (1 every 4-6 hours)

vicodin with the tylenol is as you stated the 1 to 2 every 4 to 6

Where As...

VICOPROFEN is sooooooo different in how the prescription is written

And I am Not an RN! Just a person getting help for back pain and in
the meantime I have been prescribed both (at separate times) to see
which works better for me while waiting/referred to another doctor
for a cortisone shot series appointment with a pain specialist, and
have better luck with Vicoprofen because of it's anti inflammatory
qualities, so if she had cramps and was taken it for cramps, the
articles I read, she was taking VICOPROFEN, not the one you are
talking about with the vicodin and tylenol.

1699 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Since she would not go to a doctor, she probably purchased them online. They charge a very high price for the drug and then get a physican outside of the U.S. to sign off on the prescription.

1699 days ago

so cool,we can not miss

1699 days ago


Oh come on ..What's so strange about missing Vicodin! always share it!!!

1699 days ago

something smells    

Also, it doesn't matter what kind of pain pill it was, they are all from the opiate family of drugs. Some of mixed with different otc pain pills but they all have an opiate in them that makes you high. Some people can take them and not feel high, for me I got high. It's the opiate that is addictive.

1699 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

I think the actor in FRIENDS also in the past had been abusing vicodin, not sure if he was on the vicodin/tyelnol or the vicodin/ibuprofen one, but he had to get help wasn't it twice for a vicodin addiction? Luke Perry was that his name on FRIENDS?

Be careful if you are taking more then your prescription says, you can build up a tolerance and it does not seem to be working as it first did when you started, but talk to your doctor then, don't think more will help, because you can cause stomach bleeding, liver damage, kidney damage or death (stop breathing in your sleep).

Don't take it more often then prescribed or more then prescribed, if your pain is still chronic, go back to your doctor, have them refer you to a pain specialist, who knows all types of pain meds (and ones that are not habit forming that can be added to others to find what works to manage your level of pain), the body is funny in the way that it builds up a quick tolerance to a pain medication, and some sooner then others. For some, a lot of pain meds don't work and many can cause vomiting and make you sick, some you have to take with food, and sometimes a doctor will prescribe an anti-nausea medication called promethazine (generic name phenergan) to help if you are nauseous taking a pain medication.

There are two different types of vicodin, one is a blend of vicodin (generic is hydrocodone) and tylenol, and the other is a blend of vicoding (hydrocodong) and ibuprofen.

The vicoprofen 7.5/200mg has a stronger dose of vicodin (7.5mg versus 5mg) then the vicodin/tylenol 5/500mg, and the dose is different due to the difference that one has a higher milligram dosage then the other.

Vicoprofen is 1 every 4 to 6
Vico/tylenol is 1 to 2 every 4 to 6

1699 days ago

Mary P    

We know there are two types - but it clearly states HERE - she was on VicoDEN - "Brittany Murphy obtained a prescription for 120 hydrocodone (Vicodin) pills" - NOT Vicoprofin as you suggest. It's right up there in the story!

1699 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Mary P, google her story, you will see other articles clearly say she was taking VICOPROFEN!!

The other poster was right, I read it too and it was reported that way on TV also. It was stated on CNN yesterday!!

Here Mary P, read the article, Brittney was prescribed VICOPROFEN!

quote from the article
"Monjack said Murphy used Vicoprofen to relieve pain from severe menstrual cramps. Vicoprofen includes hydrocodone and ibuprofen."

1699 days ago


it's what addicts do....duh.

1699 days ago

Mary P    

62 - you are correct - but I was speaking in response to her comparing her husbands issues to Murphy's. She was going on about it and told her personal story, so I did mine - and you cannot convince me bone spurs are worse than endometriosis. It's fact that what she described isn't as painful in general because of the common RX's to treat the two different animals. Endometriosis can range through to Opana like I mentioned, while generally broken bones and bone spurs do get Vicodin. Everyone's pain is different, this is true, but without an underlying nerve condition like fibromyalgia or the like, based on RXes and procedures alone, endo is more painful than that. It's considered logical. When's the last time you saw someone RX Opana or Morphine (in pill form) for a broken bone? Exactly.

I find it rather interesting, that instead of speaking to her, who basically ripped what I was saying, you come to my response. Same person, don't know, but ironic to defend the one that started comparing what they gave her husband versus what they gave to me. Even mocking me for 'pain' - I responded with the severity as such. Like I said - it's quite possible Murphy suffered quite a lot of pain and HER comparison to her husband would be asinine.

1699 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Vicoprofen is VicoDEN and ibuprofen= VicoPROFEN

Durr Mary P, you seem like maybe your pain meds are making you IRRITABLE.

1699 days ago


What pain or medical condition did she have to warrant taking Vicodin?

Until that's answered we can't really speculate. Of course, if she didn't have any medical need for it, that's an answer too!

My guess is since they can't find the doctor who prescribed it, it might well have been shady. That's too bad. She may well have used drugs to numb emotional pain.

1699 days ago

Mary P    

Hey Ms Know it all - I'm going by what was said HERE because the missing pills pertain to THIS RX, not what all she was on. While we are being specific - the report refers to VicoDIN - it was her HUSBAND who said Vicoprofin, not the autopsy report nor the pill reports found.

Gee, go with Monjack's word, or the actual report that states vicoDIN was found, and the autopsy report from the very article YOU linked:

"Acetaminophen and hydrocodone are components of Vicodin. Chlorpheniramine is the active ingredient in some over-the-counter medications. L-methamphetamine is a component of some inhalers."

1699 days ago
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