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Cover-Up in Michael Jackson Death?

3/1/2010 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson received the fatal dose of Propofol through an IV in his leg, and law enforcement believes Dr. Conrad Murray may have tried covering it up ... this according to law enforcement sources and an anesthesiologist who reviewed the case.

Cover-Up in Michael Jackson Death?

Dr. Murray told cops he administered only a very small amount of Propofol -- 2.5ml shortly before Jackson died. But Dr. John Dombrowski, a noted anesthesiologist and member of the board of the American Society of Anesthesiologists who reviewed the file, tells TMZ that 2.5ml couldn't put Jackson to sleep, much less kill him. Indeed, the Coroner's report notes the level of Propofol found in Jackson's body was equivalent to that found during "general anesthesia for major surgery."

A small, empty, 20ml bottle of Propofol was found in the bedroom, but there was a secret compartment in a nearby closet that could be the key to the prosecution's case. Several days after Jackson's death, law enforcement found numerous bottles of Propofol in that closet, including a large, empty, 100ml bottle with a large tear in the rubber stopper.

The tear could be critical evidence. There are two ways of administering Propofol. The first is sticking a syringe into the rubber stopper, withdrawing a small amount and then injecting it into the tubing. The second way is by using a spike -- which creates a tear in the rubber stop -- and connects the entire bottle of Propofol to the tube.

Dr. Dombrowski says if a spike is used to connect the bottle directly to the IV tube, the doctor must use an infusion pump to regulate the flow of Propofol -- otherwise, the patient could easily OD. There was no infusion pump found in Jackson's home.

Dr. Dombrowski and law enforcement sources believe Dr. Murray may have connected the 100ml bottle of Propofol to the tube, and then either tried regulating the flow by eyeballing it or just letting it flow by itself ... and Dr. Dombrowski calls either scenario "reckless." Remember, Dr. Murray himself told detectives at one point he walked out of Jackson's room to go to the bathroom.

If Dr. Murray did indeed attach the 100ml bottle to the tube and the contents emptied into Jackson's system, that would be 40 times more Propofol than Dr. Murray said he administered.

There is no explanation for the empty bottle of Propofol in the hidden compartment.


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just an observation    

Yes , there has been a cover up all along.

1696 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Perez Hilton likes to shove bowling pins up his own butt.

1696 days ago


The report mentions "25mg" of Propofol, not "2.5 mL". Is it a mistake from the detectives or a mistake from TMZ ?

1696 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

** YES...BUT..the cover-up was not initiated or perpetrated by Conrad Murray.

1696 days ago


Welllllllll, Duuuuuhhhhhh!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!

Why am I not shocked??? Could it be that I've been saying there was a cover up since day one???
The authorities should have handed the case over to Michael's fans; we could have solved it on June 26, 2009!!!
I just don't get it!!!
I don't care if Murray meant to kill Michael or not, he really should have been jailed on June 25th.
I just can't wrap any understanding around the fact that Doc Murray is not locked up, he didn’t even spend one night in jail, and he's still practicing his craft!!
This is a messed up society!
I wonder what Michael's kids think about the fact that no one has been accounted for in the death of their father : (

1696 days ago



I've lost faith in doctors & the justice department.

1696 days ago


I will be so happy when they lock up everyone involved in Mike's death!

1696 days ago

tania from Germany    

#Maya, correct! And the autopsy report doesn´t mention a high dosis of propofol, neither in MJ´s blood or other body fluids.
No word about such a high dosis, that would have been given to sedate him.
TMZ should get informed better before posting those wrong informations!

1696 days ago


What are you playing at TMZ? This is OLD news, and yes, mommy says there has been way more than a cover up.

You know, they know, we know.

Stop messing with us, we are smarter than that!

1696 days ago


If this is true then 4years in prison is not long enough...

1696 days ago


Why Is he still practiing? I dont get It? There were over 10 detectives when the allegations about Michael went through? It only needs one to solve this case! Murray Is a murderer!

1696 days ago


Hey Willo-
Don't ya mean practicing his "witchcraft"? Lol
Wonder if this can change his charges? Maybe vol manslaughter or even murder? Does this mean they'll finally haul his butt in now...IN HANDCUFFS?

1696 days ago


How this doesn't garner a second degree murder charge, I'll never know.

1696 days ago


Interesting phrases, terms & words being used increasingly frequently here on your MJ page lately, TMZ..."Impostor", "Fraud", "Fake", "Hoax", "Life is a carnival", "Secret", "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!", 'Airport versus Hospital', "Didn't act alone", "It's all going to come out", "Murder--metaphorically--", "Bogus", "Another hoax" & now "Cover-up"...Why, anyone would think you are trying to tell us something here! ;)
Come on, boys, quit playing hooky with us: spill the beans, share the candy, score another MAJOR First again!! 'Ya know it, ya want IT'... :P
Oh & one more thing: just a friendly word of advise-Don't attempt to pull a Perez Hilton & get away with it!!!

1696 days ago


You would think that as much money is making off people who click and refresh on TMZ, they would at least get the AMOUNT OF PROPOFOL given to Michael Jackson correct.

Murray stated he was weaning MJ off propofol and had reduced the dosage given nightly from 50 mg down to 25 MG....not 2.5 ML. Geez TMZ, even in "death" MJ is making money for you, could you at least REPORT ACURATE FACTS??????????????????

1696 days ago
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