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Jon Cryer's Ex-Wife --

New Info on Alleged Hit

3/1/2010 5:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer's Ex-Wife -- New Info on Alleged HitThe lawyer for Jon Cryer's ex-wife filed legal documents today discussing the alleged plot to kill Cryer and another man.

Sarah Trigger, through her lawyer Vicki Greene, is responding to a TMZ story that Trigger asked her then-boyfriend, Eddie Sanchez, to kill Cryer and her estranged husband David Dickey.

Trigger's lawyer denies there was any such hit engineered by her client, and is suspicious of Dickey's relationship with Sanchez.

According to legal papers, Dickey alleged there was a plan in May, 2009 for Trigger and Sanchez to "flee to Mexico with both of their sons."

Trigger says there was never such a plan. As for Dickey's claim that Sanchez told him it was Trigger who asked him to kill both Cryer and Dickey -- Trigger says the court should be suspicious because of how close Sanchez was to Dickey.

Lawyers for both sides were in court today discussing the child support Trigger was receiving. Trigger complained Cryer was trying to reduce support from $10,000 to zero. Cryer's lawyer says that her client is paying child support even though Trigger hasn't had custody in months.

Greene told the judge if Cryer stops paying support Trigger will lose her home.


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Jerry Martin    


1697 days ago


Yeah, right 10,000 a month to raise a kid!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

1697 days ago


the reality of what marriage does to a man.

1697 days ago


Crazy white folks!!!!!

1697 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

If she hasn't had custody of the kids in months, why does she need child support? If she's about to lose her home without it, why doesn't she get a job, actually take care of the kids, or live within her means?

1697 days ago


Okay this story is getting weirder by the minute. Can't these guys find themselves a "Normal" human being for a spouse.

Why on earth should she get child support if she hasn't had custody of the children for months?? Ohh poor thing she'll lose the house...lady it's called a job. Get one!!

1697 days ago


She is innocent until proven guilty.

Based on how evil she looked in her picture they posted the other day I will not be surprised if the evidence does prove her guilty. We shall see.

1697 days ago


yea Ok she's getting 10 G. a month, my point to this is Why? and I don't mean to defend her but why would she want to put a hit on him when he's her mealticket, I pay a Grand a month child support also, makes my opinion of women even lower than it is already--Didn't they call that Prostitution in the old West??

1697 days ago


what a shame the guy has to keep paying her money after she put a hit on him that is not right .He should get full custody of the kids and she should get zip .

1697 days ago

Tyrone Jefferson    

5-6-7-8, no more alimony!

1697 days ago

Jerry Martin    

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1697 days ago


Can't believe she was the chick from Bill & Ted.

1697 days ago


I thought it was illegal to receive child support if you didn't have custody of the kids and that it had to be paid back - or is that just for us normal folks and not celebs lol?!!! As for her losing her house if she doesn't get child support, that's not what child support is for! I'm assuming new home is co-owned with soon to be ex-hubby no2, so why doesn't he pay the mortgage or whatever hm?! He can kick her out then and Cryer can get custody of his kids fulltime as she's homeless lol!!
Of course she could actually get a job and do something to help out financially, but hey if hubby has money why not go after him hm?! Makes you sick that some women make it look bad for all of us!

1697 days ago


If she can abuse her own child, she can try and hire a hit man to kill her exes. Sounds like Trigger is nuts, greedy and lazy.

1697 days ago


Like I said... she's the "babe" from Bogus Journey. No way dude!

1697 days ago
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