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'Price Is Right' Suit - They Called Me 'Wide Load'

3/1/2010 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A former "Price Is Right" model claims the show was so cruel about staffers becoming pregnant, she suffered a miscarriage from stress and abuse.

'Price Is Right

Brandi Cochran claims she became pregnant in 2007 but didn't tell anyone because she was afraid of getting fired. Brandi claims the stress was so severe, "that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage."

Brandi claims when she told a producer about the miscarriage, the producer told her, "It's natures way of getting rid of a bad baby."

In late 2008, Cochran became pregnant again. She claims, in the lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, a producer put his hands on his head when he learned she was having twins.

In the docs, Brandi claims when she walked past a producer he said, "Wide load coming through."

Brandi says she had complications from the pregnancy and went on disability. She claims she was eventually squeezed out of her job on February 23.

Brandi was a prize model during Bob Barker's reign as well as Drew Carey's.

CBS had no comment on the lawsuit.


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O, so you're hiring me to be a model and stand around looking good? So it's okay if I get fat and swollen and bitchy, right? No? How dare you! *Phone call to Gloria Allred*

1644 days ago


. If she was in such a stressful environment why didn't she leave long ago? Is pointing to cars and crap more important than the health of your baby? Maybe she's the one that should be prosecuted for fetal endangerment.

Posted at 7:26PM on Mar 1st 2010 by shuffler
Wow, I've been cloned. Imitation is the sincerest form of...

1644 days ago

The man the smiley face serial killers decided to set free    

Memba when I xxxxxx dat 1 chick from helzberg diamonds in 90? Then Bobbi B. took her away to put her on TPIR. Dat when the first Gulf War started. .Sheet man. I quit spaying my animals afta dat.

1644 days ago


You have got to be kidding!! Not only can she not prove that her miscarriage was due to stress in her working enviroment, she tells nobody and then blames them because the stress of not telling them made her miscarry?!! Most reasons for a miscarriage are quite simply that there is something wrong with the baby itself and the miscarriage is natures way of sorting that out (Not that that helps anyone suffering a genuine miscarriage!)!!
Now 3 years later she wants to sue - honestly these models and celebs need a dash of reality in their lives!! I'm not saying there isn't prejudice in the t.v and film world against older women, pregnant women etc but get real, the whole story sounds lame!!

1644 days ago


Point the finger at everyone else...she needs have a sense of humor - especially in the entertainment business..She and two equal three coming through.

1644 days ago


Brandi Cochran has to sue, the law suit is her only source of income. The woman needs the money to feed her babies. She sounds desperate, pathetic and shameless.

1644 days ago


I always thought there was something very creepy and kind of starched, Sunday morning televangelist isolationist about Bob Barker. I can see that show being run by basement Nazi boot polishers. "Ya, you bet, we got a deal for the babies with boobies, ya, ya, you bet, ya, come on down and make a deal for the Fuhrer's lost treasure, his Evinrude 2500 with extra large getaway gas tank and five Third Reich speeds!"

1643 days ago


males aren't the only ones who make comments on a women's size when a women is pregnant. It has nothing to do with chauvinism. It's like people just touching your belly without asking. It's part of the territory. You don't always care for it, but it's not that stressful, annoying yes.

I would agree that if my choosen career was based on my model like looks...that choosing to get pregnant could be very well be a career ender... say working at Hooters, working a game show, stripping or poll dancing (not to many people want to see them pregnant). Now if my chosen career was teaching, grocery clerk, stock broker, postal worker, fashion designer, make-up artist, producer, tv anchor, etc... and I lost my job because I was pregnant...well then I'd have something to grip about.

1643 days ago


Sounds to me like some prettttty severe emotional abuse was being doled out behind the scenes on The Price is Right. She really should think about seeing a therapist, she might have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

1643 days ago

Matty J. M.    

Okay. We all agree she's emotionally frail and can't take a joke. But even so.. why didn't she speak up? "I'd appreciate it if you didn't make jokes about my size."

Surprisingly, most people listen when you simply ask them politely. If it persisted, quit and find other means of income. Oh wait, you did find income. Buying a lottery ticket, so to speak. Suing "The Price Is Right" when they clearly had nothing to do with it. Use a condom, take the pill. If you're making babies, quit and either find another job or stay at home.

She'll problem win, hell, that girl won "Hot Coffee" against McDonald's. And I still haven't gotten over it. It's like buying a gun and accidentally shooting yourself in the foot with it. You know it can happen if you're not careful, but you sure as hell don't blame the people who made it.

1643 days ago


I'm sorry if I sound cruel...but...she knows the scoop on Price is Right..I'm sure she anticipated some kind of reaction to her pregnancy from the higher ups....if you want that job so badly, it's not the time to have a kid. I can understand the stress and the unfortunate outcome of the first pregnancy but to go and do that again and expect any different treatment is unrealistic. Not sayin' they're right..I'm just sayin...

1643 days ago


Is she kidding me....going after money now replaces your babies hugh? Of course Price is right can't have some big preggers on stage demonstrating items (dugh). Take your bogus law suit to hel_, stop wasting our tax dollars on law suits (thank you very much), and mourn your loss in the appropriate way, like a real mother does.

1643 days ago


"the price is right suit?" Oh, wait I thought you were talking about OJ's suit. Sorry.

1643 days ago


I've had six miscarriages. It has never been proven that stress causes a miscarriage. Usually it's a genetic or chromosomal defect that causes the loss. After my first loss, the subsequent pregnancies were beyond stressful for me because of my fear of another loss, and every one ultimately ended in loss, but certainly not due to the stress that I was under. She also went on to carry twins to term, which is much more stressful on the body than a singleton pregnancy.

She might be able to sue for undue stress, but she cannot prove that it in and of itself caused her loss. I hate it when others trivialize miscarriage. The grief from the loss(es) is beyond anything I can describe.

1643 days ago

know it all    

Forced out of your job??? Give me a break..Your a unless your modeling maternity clothes,or baby carriages..Your employer is entitled to show his "product",any way he wants..So if you dont have the "body type" for the gig...Get off the stage and shut your pie hole..And by the way..Hiding a pregnancy is you also vomit to keep from getting fat??

1643 days ago
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