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Gosselin, Lysacek -- Ready to Rumba

3/2/2010 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Minutes after the new crop of celebs were announced for "Dancing with the Stars," they were already doing what the "Dancing" people do best -- partying it up in Hollywood!!!!

Dancing with the Stars: Click to watch
Kate Gosselin, Olympian Evan Lysacek, Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, Chad Ochocinco, privacy deficient Erin Andrews, some hot British guy named Aiden Turner and "Reno 911" star Niecy Nash all showed up to STK last night to kick off the new season.

Pamela Anderson, "Bachelor" Jake Pavelka, moonwalker Buzz Aldrin and Shannen Doherty are also in the cast ... but they didn't make it out with the fun bunch last night.

Buzz's wife Lois went in his place -- that woman could be crazy entertaining this year.


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I Am Canadian    

They really have scraped the bottom of the "celebrity" barrel this time.

1642 days ago

attorney in nyc    

Great comments Susie...couldn't agree with you more. And oh pleeeaaassseee, the Bachelor Jake!!! I guess next season we can expect to see OctoMom in the lineup!!!

1642 days ago

polly purebred    

To boost ratings, they should have had both Jon and Kate on!!! I agree with nearly everyone - why won't she just go away?

I've watched this show only twice - once when Rocco DiSpirito was on and once when Aaron Carter was on. Given this lineup, I have no reason to watch it a third time.

1642 days ago

justice is mine says the lord    

OMG ...I AGREE WITH JUST ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE ON THIS IDIOT. Even the View got this one right. She has no business being on that show. She is NOT a STAR....this shows orginal concept just blew out the window totally. It should be called DANCING with the INSIGNIFICANTS AND WIERDOS
The legitimate stars would be the gold medal skater, the NFL player ( im rooting for him and Cheryl) and maybe the gal from 90201. But to put people like KATE ("I aint got no money to pay my bills,cause he took $300,000 ((or whatever amt)) out of the checking acct wha wha wha ) Goseelin....This chick is a real piece of work. SHe thinks people are going to vote FOR HER???? I wish we could choose who gets kicked off FIRST AND FASTEST...I bet it would be a unanimous vote to tell her to take it back to the CULDESAC you sorry sak of silicone, tummy tucked, hair extension freak of a so called mother. I honestly would have rather seen JOHN on there long before her. SHe will be bossing around the poor slob who has to teach her about dancing. I bet HE QUITS just like JON did!! and who would blame him? Jon just got tired of being told what to do, when to do it and how to do it and why he still was doing it wrong and all of America could see him slowly but consistently doing the burn....and when he blew up....BAM.
Same thing will happen to Len, and all the other male members of the show. LOOK OUT SHE BEAST IS ON THE LOOSE AND SHES GOT THEM HAIR EXTENSIONS....SHES READY TO RUMBLE!

1642 days ago


This is for that idiot: by GWOP ARE LOSERS You must be the loser that spends all your time on ROL getting your granny panites in a twist over people who cant stand YOU IDOL KHAT.

She will do ANYTHING other then be a mother. GO HOME you nasty loser.

1642 days ago


Well, the world is officially coming to an end with Kate Gosselin on Dancing. What happened Dancing with the stars? run out of REAL celebs to have on your show? How ludicrous that DWTS is actually putting a dance studio in this woman's basement, its so she can tell anyone who will listen that she is a GOOD MOM. NOT LIKELY lady. And nice LOW cut outfit you had on going out last night. You sure are getting your money out of that boob job.

1642 days ago


Next season: Octomom, Tila Tequila, Paris Hilton, Snooki, The Situation, some flat-footed Black athlete(in other words, someone most of us have never heard of, but someone who has actual talent in his field), an Olympic gold medalist(the eventual Mirrored Ball winner), THAT season's Bachelor? Bachelorette? and an elderly person who has a true claim to fame, but can't dance worth a s**t, but will stay on for several shows because of the sentimental vote. Wow! It's the same mix they've got this season, but the losers (Tila, etc.)will be coming from BENEATH the bottom of the barrel!

1642 days ago


Evan lose the hair on your forehead! You are so much better looking without that hair on your face!!!!!

1642 days ago


Neicy is going to be a riot and that British guy with the dimples at the end is hot. Didn't it look like Kate was about to lose one of the girls? Did she get those pillows "for the kids" too?

1642 days ago


I didn't see anyone else have a body guard besides Kate Gosselin, or is Steve Neild her paid escort, boy-friend or what?

1642 days ago


Are these television shows really that desperate! Nobody is jealous of Kate Gosselin. She is a fake, selfish, greedy, lying, bossy, controlling witch. Who would be crazy enough to be jealous of her. She has no talent, she is a celebrity wanna be. She is no where near being a star. No, I won,t be watching the show. And by the way, she has plenty of time to enjoy herself at the malls and spas. Does everyone forget that she was just fired from one show and that she was on national television and out and out lied that she didn't have enough money to pay her bills when there are so many people out there nowadays without a dime in their pockets. How dare her. Shame on these people for even thinking about putting her in front of the television cameras. Jon was emotionally abused for 10 to 12 years by her. Why is it excused for woman to put up with it for years, but not men. He loved her and stayed and she treated him like poop on the bottom of her shoes. This witch has got to go!

1641 days ago


Maggie, you are an idiot. Go back to ROL and fantasize about your b*tch k8 over there. You and the folks over there need to come up with something other than "hating on Kate" and "you're just jealous." The "woman" (I use that term lightly) is the worst example of motherhood. She is the best example on how to emasculate your spouse and how to lie and manipulate people continuously without being caught. Perhaps she should write a book about this. That is one book that she could actually pen on her own and not rely on ghost writers.

1641 days ago


Ochocinco got a head start on his salsa dancing

1640 days ago


I have just watched my last DWTS. If I have to look at that Kate Gosselin one more time, I'm going to PUKE! What have we come to to call her a "star"? All she does is whine and lie about how little money she has. As long as she's in the spotlight, she will be happy. I hope Jon gets those kids as I would rather see him a thousand times before her. TV in general has gone to the dogs anyway and this show is at the top of the "Dog" list.

1600 days ago
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