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Marathon Investigation

at Jackson Home

3/3/2010 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services conducted a marathon investigation yesterday at the Jackson family compound in Encino -- trying to figure out what exactly happened with a stun gun on the property.

Marathon Investigation at Jackson Home
DCFS social workers arrived at 4 PM yesterday and left at around 10:30 PM -- 6 1/2 hours later.

As we first reported, DCFS showed up the night before after receiving a tip that Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son, Jaafar, was playing with a stun gun on the second floor of the residence.

Sources tell us the social workers are interviewing all of the children in the house -- including Michael Jackson's 3 kids -- along with other family members and staff. We're told DCFS is taking the investigation very seriously and the plan yesterday was to come back today as well.

Sources say some of the individual interviews have taken a long time and there is a lot of tension on the property.

We've learned there's a conflict among people who live and work at the property. We know some members of the staff will tell DCFS that the stun gun was there for several days, before a member of security went upstairs and allegedly found Jaafar and other kids playing with the gun and pointing it at Michael's sons Blanket and Prince.

 Michael Jackson and kidsKatherine Jackson's lawyer, Adam Streisand, insists Blanket and Prince were never in the room with the gun and that Jaafar was playing with the gun for a few minutes -- not days -- before it was confiscated.

Some members of the staff will tell DCFS there is a second stun gun on the property. Streisand says that is absolutely not true.


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Cool a good happy end!

1665 days ago


And the real SHOW begins..again ill say how convenient..timing with the "trial" not far away..yeah right a bunch of BS..


1665 days ago

dont beLIEve the hype...    

those kids will be out of that house before murray goes to *jail

1665 days ago


Jermaine's ex-wife still lives there (Alejandra? from Columbia, South America)- is she not the one stirring the pot? Is there any truth to the report that Katherine has been trying to get her out, but a judge's court order states (?) she has the right to stay because she has no where else to live, and has minor children, who are Katherine's grandchildren?

With a brew like that, no wonder MJ stayed as far away as possible!
Just saying....

from Asd

1665 days ago


the Jackson family are NO1.disfunctional family in US.

1665 days ago


Watch how the story will change over today. TMZ has now again thrown this way out of proportion and all other media is laughing at TMZ. Be real, the investigation is done, their is no internal fighting and believe me, no one inside the family is telling TMZ the opposite to the statement. Watch for a family spokesman on the morning shows to contradict TMZ.

1665 days ago


What in the world makes anyone think Catherine can control that wild bunch of kids who have never known boundaries? Michael gave his children structure and a life filled with a moral center. It may have been isolated, but it was structure and had limits and controls on behavior that taught those children right from wrong. Now, his children have been thrown back into the chaos that is the Jackson brood. Michael would be mortified. They should be out of there. I don't know where they should live, but not with all those crazy cousins and uncles. Did you see how they ran around that hotel suite last Thanksgiving as if it was a play ground? Michael would not have appreciated the way they were treated other's property like a playground. Now this stun gun incident. I respect Catherine but she does not have the ability to control that many children at her age. Get them out of there before they become spoiled, uncontrollable brats like their cousins and uncles.

1665 days ago


I don't know if it is true... but now people should know why Michael was protecting his children so much ...

1665 days ago


I do not think any children will be removed from this loony bin right now, but the authorities are going to be up their butt from now on. Their is no way DCSF would be in that home for that length of time unless the place was a living nightmare.

1665 days ago


Someone needs to be held accountable. If Michael's kids aren't safe in their own home, where WILL they be safe? It is obvious that Streisand is doing major spin here. I believe that there were TWO stun guns there, and that Jermaine's delinquent son DID try to harm Michael's kids because he's clearly jealous of him.

That boy needs to be sent to juvenile hall. Some people say that he's just a child. NO, he should know better by age 13. A delinquent 13-year-old will grow into a dangerous adult. They need to nip this in the bud RIGHT NOW.

If that means that Michael's children are removed from the home, then so be it. NO...HOLD UP...THEY OWN THAT HOME as heirs to their dad's estate. Better yet, remove Jermaine's kids from the home, along with that scheming whore Alejandra. The gravy train is OVER!

Mrs. Katherine Jackson, I implore you to protect Michael's children!! It's time to unload the dead weight and hangers-on at Hayvenhurst.

Jermaine, take your delinquents to live with you and Halima. They and your ex-girlfriend are NOT your 79-year-old mother's responsibility to support. Alejandra needs to get a real job and her own house, and get a grip on the future inmates she's supposedly raising.

1665 days ago


NOT very NICE is IT ..!!?? `Bad` `bad` kids ( jermaines )... Michael Jackson kids should have a bodyguards around them 24/7 even on the PLAYGROUNDs even In the ROOM were they play ALL the time should be Bodyguard watching other thugs ... this kids worth allot of MONEY ..So keep them SAFE

1665 days ago


so was paris even in the room cause streisand said that blankte and paris where never in the room in the last one but now they are saying prince

1665 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

Oh Poo... These kids are just being kids.. I know a stun gun is dangerous but get for real people what's so weird about all this mess? Kids everywhere are buying this crap, why isn't the government banning this crap for sale on-line? Geez...

1665 days ago


TMZ once again believes their "source" over what the family involved and the family lawyers say! Has tmz ever thought their "source" is not/has not been very accurate?! TMZ couldn't even keep their own story straight last night! I'm saying again tmz should read this and take notes!

1665 days ago


Get ALL of the kids out of ANY Jackson family influence. This PROVES the adults only want to make $$ from Michael's kids, that they don't care about them

1665 days ago
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