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Marathon Investigation

at Jackson Home

3/3/2010 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services conducted a marathon investigation yesterday at the Jackson family compound in Encino -- trying to figure out what exactly happened with a stun gun on the property.

Marathon Investigation at Jackson Home
DCFS social workers arrived at 4 PM yesterday and left at around 10:30 PM -- 6 1/2 hours later.

As we first reported, DCFS showed up the night before after receiving a tip that Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son, Jaafar, was playing with a stun gun on the second floor of the residence.

Sources tell us the social workers are interviewing all of the children in the house -- including Michael Jackson's 3 kids -- along with other family members and staff. We're told DCFS is taking the investigation very seriously and the plan yesterday was to come back today as well.

Sources say some of the individual interviews have taken a long time and there is a lot of tension on the property.

We've learned there's a conflict among people who live and work at the property. We know some members of the staff will tell DCFS that the stun gun was there for several days, before a member of security went upstairs and allegedly found Jaafar and other kids playing with the gun and pointing it at Michael's sons Blanket and Prince.

 Michael Jackson and kidsKatherine Jackson's lawyer, Adam Streisand, insists Blanket and Prince were never in the room with the gun and that Jaafar was playing with the gun for a few minutes -- not days -- before it was confiscated.

Some members of the staff will tell DCFS there is a second stun gun on the property. Streisand says that is absolutely not true.


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Why are you calling it racism, since MJ & kids were born with mostly American Indian & white blood? The kids don't have Joe & Jermaine's ugly skank faces, so it's racism to talk about Jermaine's kid & their jackass behavior?
Did you tell yourself that most his fans are 100% white? LOL
MJ got stardom he loved & made himself look like a white old woman like his pal Liz Taylor. He acted like he was victimized by media criticism of his nose & fake marriage with Lisa Presley, who was born from a pedophile father Elvis & came from a racist family.
No one questioned him about that.

1663 days ago


Funnily enough I saw one of MJ's video's for the song You Are Not Alone on the music channel at the weekend. Lisa Marie Presley (who he was married to at one stage!) was half naked on it and getting cosy with MJ - until I saw that video I never realised that MJ had made himself completely white with skin bleaching, and I'm sorry to say he looked terrible in that video (not because he was white by the way), skin and bone!
MJ's kids lives care is not a case of take them away from the black family and put them with his white baby mommas - it's a case of who will care for them best. MJ's own stipulations in his will about his kids guardian should have been better dealt with, his mother Katherine is far too old to be taking care of and chasing after his kids especially while taking care of Jermaine's!! She has no real idea of what's being done behind her back!! MJ also named several other people as possible guardians for his kids and since he didn't want them anywhere near Joe it's fair to say MJ's own wishes have been denied by a greedy family willing to pilfer those kids resources (if any are left after all these lawsuits!)!! By the way just because the Jackson family are family as such to MJ's kids doesn't make them the best choice looking after them! That old saying of you can't choose your family but you can choose your friends has been proven right many, many times over lol!!

1663 days ago


Geez people MJ had vitiligo which turned his skin white he wasn't trying to be white! Vitiligo runs on Joe's side of the family,it's a heritary skin disease. People saying those children should be with their "real" family I've got news for you they are! MJ is their bio-dad of those 3(possibly4)children,Joe is mixed with white(and has blue/green eyes) and Katherine is half native american(indian) Those children are just fine living with Katherine after it is their house! Jermaine should take control of his children and start supporting them.

1663 days ago

Think About It... You Be the Judge    

It's timee for Jermaine's ex-wife to move out of and get her own place. The children from Jermaine and his brother born by this women need to be returned to their Dad's. If these were real men, they would take care of their children, instead of making their grandmother responsible. She's 80 years old, way too old to be raising children even with help. You guy, get jobs and start taking responsiblity for your own families.
Thank goodness it was only a stun-gun and not a real gun that Jermaine's son purchased this time. Stun-guns are very dangerous and can cause death.
DPS should have removed all the children and let the court resolve the issue of child protection for Michael's children.
This is not a game, the Jackson's have to realize that they are not above the law.
Where's the attorney who represents Michael's children? Step up and take care of Michael's children. They need you now before they are hurt or injured.

Let's not take anymore chances with their lives, Michael is probably looking down and crying to see what his family is doing to his children.

1663 days ago


Some of the comments on here are totally ridiculous,You don't need to remove anyone from the household and this has nothing to do with race,He's being a child that needs to be disciplined.If this indeed happened the way the media is reporting it, Then jaafar needs to be disciplined to ensure that it never happen again. As I stated earlier beat his little ass....

1663 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

Looks like Jermaine's kid has been taking lessons from Papa Joe.

Sounds like they might be forming a new group:

~~ Sparky Jackson and the Electric Blanket Boogaloo. ~~

Wouldn't be surprised at all if Paris ends up running a dominatrix S&M den when she becomes an adult. This is what happens when torture and intimidation become a daily ritual in your youth.

1663 days ago


This is very troubelling, ex-wives living under the same roof with the ex-mother in law, 10+ children, nannies who come and go, stun guns, A secret child former drug addict(Omer)...who knows what else. This is crazy, and not conducing to a proper development for children. MJs kids should be taken away from there, and Katherine shouldn't be the legal guardian anymore. As far as Jermain's kids, they are deliquents, but keep in mind that family especially the older grandkids had alchohool and drug issues constantly. So this is just the beggining. How can those kids live like this??? Children's judge , Berkloff, DCSF act NOW!
Grace has to get out.

1662 days ago


Lord knows they are trying to murder Prince, Paris and Blanket! Just like Jermaine Jackson and his brothers murdered the attorneys of victims coming forward! Everyone knows the Jackson's are Muslim. (forget this Jehova's Witness crap. Not only are they Muslims, they are Satan Worshippers from way back! Common Knowledge amongst the insiders. Just read the lyrics to MJ's songs. Old news... are you paying attention?) The Muslims are trying to kill the poor Jewish kids! Alot of people know what the Jackson family did in Las Vegas and who they murdered - and how they used tasers to do it! Murder the attorneys, Murder the victims, Murder the witnesses, that's the MO of Jermaine Jackson and his family. What are they going to do next, take the kids to a psychiatrist and say they are delusional and that nothing ever happened???????????? Is Gloria Allred going to have DFCS keep the kids away from the real mother Debbie Rowe and the real father ? Gloria Allred is a red herring. In the past while pretending to be a victim's rights advocate, she aided and abetted the Jackson family. Is it about money or what? Too bad everyone at SBC in Anaheim saw her beat up a bunch of people. Too bad for her the video and pictures are available. Nothing good for the children could ever come out of what she would do. Don't let them get away with this! Call DCFS and tell them to get the kids out of that murder house! DCFS (213) 639-4500 Call the FBI and tell them to investigate this hate crime: 310-477-6565 The Jackson's are having the kids murder the kids so it looks like an accident! Don't let this happen! If the authorities did their job this would not be happening. Prince, Paris, Blanket, If you can read this please call 911 and tell them what really happened. They Jackson family don't love you, you are merely a way for them to get Michael's wealth. A bunch of young kids they can murder and say it was an accident. They need to cut off the Jackson's for the money meant for the kids! In honor of all the attorneys that tried to help the molested children of Michael Jackson who are now mysteriously deceased, and many more. This is a murderous family. Michael G. Mattern Esq. Roselily Howard Mitchell Esq. RIP I pray these kids do not die before they can get away from the murder family they are living with. Michael Jackson went to extraordinary measures to keep his family away from the kids. There was a reason! They are murdering for money!

Read more:

1660 days ago

Patty C    

To: OMG what are you an idiot? The octomom didn't want anything but a sperm donor...please...this woman had some sort of unrealistic dream that once this donor "fathered" more kids for her he would want to be part of their lives...why did the MD EVER, EVER let her have more and yet this doctor "fertilized" her again? What was 'he' thinking? She couldn't take care of the brood she had...

1659 days ago

Brent A. Blomquist    

What a great story. Can't wait for the TV movie. Hope Jaafar plays himself. Jackson kids trying to stun gun "Blanket"? Wow! Amazing. Could not have come up with that myself. Gotta give the Jacksons credit.....

1658 days ago

Love you Michael    

Well said Chief Hater. They always try to make the blacks look bad. As for the one who said the Jacksons are the #1 dysfunctional? Really!! You had better take a look in the mirror before a hypocrite like you speaks. I can guarantee that there are dysfunctions in your family and a lot more. One incident that was blown out of proportion and a bigot like you jumps on it. President Kennedy had a whole bunch of dysfunctional dugged out youngsters and rapists in his family, the list of celebrities and other famous families have had their share of dysfunctional families, but you have chosen to persist in hound a sweet and caring, INNOCENT individual beyond his grave and now his children. You creep!! But then again, what was i thinking? He was black, that is his only crime. Why dont you get a life and whilst you are at it a real JOB?

1658 days ago


Why can't TMZ leave the Jackson family alone. Let Michael rest in peace. They are no different than any other family. You people must really be hard up!!! Michael went through enough here on earth. About 99.9% of everything you print are lies about him and his family. Are you guys not smart enough to make a living any other way or learn how to print positive things about people. You are evil!!!

1637 days ago


Why don't you leave these poor kid alone?? They should not have to through what Michael did. Do you not have any pride or respect. Do any of you people have kids? Do you even know anything about kids? Do you care? No!!!

1637 days ago


Listen, Randy and Jermaine should put their ex in a house with their kids. Katherine should not have to put up with that crap. I would like to know who are watching Mike's kids so that they do not get hurt. If this stuff keeps going on the kids can be taken away from their grandmother. Yeah, that's right!

1640 days ago


Why are some of you turning this into a race thing? This is not about race, it is about children for crying out loud. What is wrong with you people? The story itself is hillarious to me. They should have a reality show called "Those Darned Jacksons", kind of like a Leave it to Beaver thing on speed or should I say Propofol? Uhm, okay, that was just wrong and in bad taste on my part. Sorry, I couldn't resist. If you want to put a race spin on this, talk about the obvious. Nothing about those children says Jackson, Michael Jackson, African American, kinky hair, big Jackson nose, nothing. What it says is that Michael so hated his brown skin that he turned himself into a white woman and had the children to prove it. Does anyone remember the interview with Martin Basheer where the oldest boy's hair was dyed blonde with black roots. I laughed until I almost fell out of bed. The guy was a sick freak that needed some help. Hey, get off of your high horse, I loved him as a child too, you know, when his skin was the same color as mine. As we both aged, at no point did my skin turn white nor did I transform into the opposite sex. Boy that guy was magical. The only REAL victim in all of this is his baby brother Randy. Hey Randy, those that laugh last laugh the hardest don't they? Okay, that was in poor taste as well. Don't you just love the way Jermaine dumped Alejandra and left her destitute and destroyed? Boy, is he ever a peach of a guy. You gotta love that sorry azz, whiney azz, henpecked azzhole Jermaine. With every episode of their short lived reality show, I just felt more and more like moonwalking all over Jermaine's grease stained face.

1625 days ago
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