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Marathon Investigation

at Jackson Home

3/3/2010 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services conducted a marathon investigation yesterday at the Jackson family compound in Encino -- trying to figure out what exactly happened with a stun gun on the property.

Marathon Investigation at Jackson Home
DCFS social workers arrived at 4 PM yesterday and left at around 10:30 PM -- 6 1/2 hours later.

As we first reported, DCFS showed up the night before after receiving a tip that Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son, Jaafar, was playing with a stun gun on the second floor of the residence.

Sources tell us the social workers are interviewing all of the children in the house -- including Michael Jackson's 3 kids -- along with other family members and staff. We're told DCFS is taking the investigation very seriously and the plan yesterday was to come back today as well.

Sources say some of the individual interviews have taken a long time and there is a lot of tension on the property.

We've learned there's a conflict among people who live and work at the property. We know some members of the staff will tell DCFS that the stun gun was there for several days, before a member of security went upstairs and allegedly found Jaafar and other kids playing with the gun and pointing it at Michael's sons Blanket and Prince.

 Michael Jackson and kidsKatherine Jackson's lawyer, Adam Streisand, insists Blanket and Prince were never in the room with the gun and that Jaafar was playing with the gun for a few minutes -- not days -- before it was confiscated.

Some members of the staff will tell DCFS there is a second stun gun on the property. Streisand says that is absolutely not true.


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That's INSANE!! I am sure these kinds of things happen all over the country and there is NEVER an investigation like this. They are targets for sensationalism just like Michael was his whole life. Leave them alone!!!

1673 days ago


14. TMZ once again believes their "source" over what the family involved and the family lawyers say! Has tmz ever thought their "source" is not/has not been very accurate?! TMZ couldn't even keep their own story straight last night! I'm saying again tmz should read this and take notes!
Posted at 7:36AM on Mar 3rd 2010 by Missy

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Wow! thanks for sharing that article! Finally someone is speakng the truth! I knew deep down inside that he didn't do those things! It is horrible how they ridiculed him and so sad that the truth finally is coming out after he is gone... but so glad at the same time someone had the decency to speak the truth about MJ!

I just pray that those kids dont change from how MJ taught them cuz of those messed up kids that are up to no good..I know he wouldnt have approved of this...sad that he cant be there for them..truly sad for anyone to lose their parents that young...

1673 days ago

Once again people fall for the story that is clearly flawed with information    

It's disappointing that supposed MJ fans are falling for this bait. TMZ changed the story like a billion times and people inside the house are giving different stories as well. TMZ scandalized it by picking a story saying they tried to stun Blanket. I highly doubt that. Yes kids shouldn't be playing with stun guns but kids do get involved with things like this-- it happens all the time. This is what kids do get into mischief! They're all very young including Jermaine's kids, and there is substantial security in the house so pinning the blame on the grandmother or kids who are obviously going to mess around is foolish. Leave them alone.

1673 days ago


Michael's kids probably called 911 because they are scared to death of Jermaine's kids. Who would want to be threatened & tasered with a damn stun gun? Is there nothing theses poor kids can do about their living situation? When the court let MJ's kids move in with Katherine, did it know about the other kids living there too? And whose credit card did these underage hoodlums steal in order to order this weapon? Clearly, Katherine has no control over her house and these kids.
Stun gun threats + stolen credit card = hoodlums.

1673 days ago


I wish they would install a stun gun on your computer.

Posted at 10:23AM on Mar 3rd 2010 by Wanda

Yes, wouldn't that be nice - if I could figure out a way to use it online I could shoot you and all the other idiots here with it. Go F@ck yourself. If you want to remain ignorant of interesting facts, go for it. You'll just stay stupid the rest of your life.

1673 days ago


If a 13 year old can order a stun gun online and use it at home without his parent(s) or guardian(s) knowledge then obviously there is not enough supervision in that household . . .

1673 days ago


110. @randy. White people are the biggest hypocrites no one cares what kind of moral values you have to pass on because you have none. Wall street pimps, reality , closet gay politicians. f you all. By the way do you have a job? why are you here commenting? Oh I forgot only blacks are unemployed and lazy. I am really done with you now.
Posted at 11:11AM on Mar 3rd 2010 by Keepingitreal

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Stop playing the victim cuz ur black...stop it with the racist crap!! get over it people have just as many gays as we do...we are all human beings...stop pulling the color card out..
do you have a job? cuz your commenting just as well! get over it...this story is not about leave it alone! gosh

1673 days ago


The bottomline is this.
The other Jacksons (especially Jermaine) need to assume full
responsibilty for their own children and move them out of Havenhurst. Katherine is the only legal guardian
Michael's children have.
Plus, Havenhurst belongs to Prince, Paris,and Blanket.
The other people must be made to vacate their home.

"Don't tase me Bro."

1673 days ago


I think the family is a Bunch of IDIOTS and the children were much better off with Micheal. Its all a Shame.....If only they could see what we all see.....................

1673 days ago


Why is this news? Talk about media hype. Although I don’t agree with the multitude of Jacksons sponging off of Katherine (aka Michael’s money) and all the rest of the hangers on, is it really our business?

Yes, it is a serious family situation because of the fact that the kid could go on-line, purchase a stun gun with a credit card (whose?), have it delivered to the house, pass security, receive it without question and be able to use it. But really, is this newsworthy? C’mon. It should shake up the household, however, and Katherine has to make some decisions. She has a moral obligation and a commitment to Michael’s children – if she cannot fulfill her role, well, money stops flowing, the entire household will screech to a halt and the deadbeats and their offspring will be without financing and quite possibly a home. (I’m sure Katherine would still receive her allowance but it would be cut back.) It’s time a couple of the Jackson boys step up to their responsibilities, get jobs (what a concept), be proactive in raising their children and paying their alimonies, etc. and give their children and families a home that isn’t paid by their brother, Michael Jackson.

I’m in agreement with many of the posts on the last few articles, there was a reason Michael chose to have only occasional contact with the family – now we know why. He raised his children protectively (with good reason), peacefully and with love. The chaos at Hayvenhurst is quite likely out of Prince, Paris and Blanket’s comfort zone. What a shame that Michael’s best intentions for his children may fail at the hands of his family. Come on Katherine, do the right thing.

1673 days ago


Blanket is very resilient. Let's not forget that he was dangled over a 10th floor balcony as a toddler by his own father, and he got over that just fine. Ripping the kids away from Katherine and Hayvenhurst at this point is about the worst thing that could ever happen. Not only will it probably kill Katherine literally, but the kids will have to suffer yet another loss. It's the last thing Michael would want. Discipline Jaffar or make him go live with Jermaine for a while.
Posted at 11:25AM on Mar 3rd 2010 by cathclassica87

Seriously? Okay, let’s ask Blanket how he felt about being threatened or maybe even electrocuted with the taser. And Prince, too. Why are you more worried about Katherine’s health than the safety of MJ’s 3 kids? I’ll bet Katherine’s health would improve drastically if she weren’t burdened with Jermaine’s brats. Michel Jackson would be HORRIFIED if he knew his kids had to live with Jermaine’s ill-behaved monsters and what parent wouldn’t freak out if their children were being threatened with a stun gun, too bad MJ’s kids can’t get restraining orders against Jermaine and his kids.

1673 days ago


I just pray that those kids dont change from how MJ taught them cuz of those messed up kids that are up to no good..I know he wouldnt have approved of this...sad that he cant be there for them..truly sad for anyone to lose their parents that young...

Posted at 11:37AM on Mar 3rd 2010 by MJFAN

This is so true. Michael was about L.O.V.E. as Prince said at the Grammys. It seems like Michael did an amazing job with his children. He dedicated so much time to raise them properly. I just wanted to post this again, because its so important.

Read more:

1673 days ago


I am almost in agreement with the "chief" on here. You guys, if Michael hated his family that much, Katherine wouldn't have been in the will. If Michael didn't want his kids to live there, and he knew who all lived in the house, he wouldn't have placed them there himself in a will.

These are kids, other then sibling rivalry and jealousy, there is probably not much more to it. Discipline the kids, let them know they are putting the family in jeopardy at this time after Michaels passing.

As for people taking pot shots at TMZ, the radio people and the news people here in Tucson are pretty sure that when TMZ prints something, it is a reliable source. If you notice (and you yell at them), they don't do some stories, which probably means they don't consider it reliable or over blown. Sure they might mess up here and there, but if you look back their stories have been right on.

I swear you all complain if they do and you complain if they don't! dang.

1673 days ago


jermaines kid is jealous of michaels kids..mj kids have always been treated specisl and loved by their father.. jermaine is not the dad mj was by any stretch of the imagination or they wouldnt be parked at grandmas house with their discarded mother.

get that kid away from michaels children before his jealousy escalates.

who orders a stun gun unless they plan on using it on some one

1673 days ago

don't trust 'em    

get your facts straight, the Jacksons said that Jaafar only toying around with the taser gun in the bathroom lighting up a toilet paper. He is 13 years old who is pique to his own curiosity. Every Teens does these kind of wacky things even stupid things. But they should have known better. Taser Guns are dangerous, period.
Anyhow, I bet you that DCFS had already strip searched Blanket for any marks of a "taser gun". They do that to many other children by strip searching them to see if there's any marks or bruise.
Poor things does not know why they were being strip searched by a bunch of hoodlums/strangers, that's even worse than living with the other Jacksons family!!!
STRIP SEARCHED!!! probably strip searched the other children is disgusting as well.
IF there are NO MARKS, then that means the Jacksons are telling the truth! Who are doing all the twisting and lying?
The Media and DCFS of course. They have done so in the past history. The Jacksons are INCAPABLE OF LYING, CUZ they are JEVOAH's WITNESSES!! They are not allowed to lie. and Muslims are taught by the Korans not to hurt or harm anyone, but treat others the same as they would themselves!!!

1673 days ago
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