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Stun Gun Caper -- Supermarket Accomplice!

3/3/2010 5:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So how does a 13-year-old boy score a stun gun? It's as easy as buying groceries.

Jaafar Jackson
TMZ has learned Jaafar Jackson, Jermaine's precocious boy, found a serious loophole in his pursuit of the electronic weapon -- at an L.A. Ralphs supermarket.

Sources tell us Jaafar bought several gift cards from the market -- we're told either Visa or American Express. He then used the cards to purchase the weapon online.

Online sites that sell the weapon in question make prospective buyers declare they are 18 years of age or older.

So apparently, Jaafar figured out if he got a lawful credit card number, no one would be the wiser.

Smart kid.


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Why do you need to call people names on here? Hiding behind your hidden identity here huh? Or do you do that anywhere, supermarket, gas station????

Take your butt on a walk, you obviously need to blow some steam!

1692 days ago


35. Why is TMZ posting this minors face on their website as if he has been tried as an adult and found guilty of a crime. This is outrageous. The stalking of children continues. Maybe DCFS could investigate TMZ!

Posted at 4:36PM on Mar 3rd 2010 by Marion


It is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG to expose a child like this - shame on you! Look at the nutty comments this generates.


1692 days ago


Mr. Jermaine Jackson, a council as a mother and grandmother, less imitate Michael, less reality-show, and look for you and immediately a school-parents that offers parents useful tips on helping your child.

ILYM :`(

1692 days ago


TMZ reporters you and your families need to be stalked and photographed and every incident that happens with your families need to be blown out of proportion and blasted accross the news media. Jermaine Jackson should take care of this situation and give Jafaar the proper discipline for his actions. Teenagers can be very resourceful when they want something and have the means to get it. Katherine will be sure to protect Michael's children and give them love and care.

1692 days ago

That's actually a pretty smart kid. And way to go TMZ for telling everyone how he did it.

1692 days ago


Give The Kid A AK-47
So He Can Do It Right.

1692 days ago


pictures of children without parental consent, in media, in other countries is penalized !!!!

ILYM :`(

1692 days ago

a fan    

In the Netherlands, Jermaine said on tv that Jafaar bought the stun gun for him. (Was he going to shoot Blanket?)

1692 days ago


52. In the Netherlands, Jermaine said on tv that Jafaar bought the stun gun for him. (Was he going to shoot Blanket?)

Posted at 5:02PM on Mar 3rd 2010 by a fan

Really??? I don´t buy that.

1692 days ago


okay, store bought BANK credit cards.... I have a 16 yo and a 14 yo.... my 16 yo can't figure how to use them on the internet. My 14 yo, he can. He is not a rocket scientist, but he knows the internet, can find things, buy things, etc. As for the stun guns, he told me the site right away where to get them, but unfortunately, FOR HIM, it is against the law to ship them to New York.... because the internet has NO WAY to check your age... why doesn't other states follow some common sense? as for the crap going on in the jackson house-we will never, ever know what is the truth. it is against the law for CPS to let any information out and how can you believe anything the comes out of a jackson mouth or the mouth of their lawyer?

1692 days ago


If this is the kind of parenting & oversight the 13-year-old has with apparently NO SUPERVISED access to the Internet.....what the HELL kind of parenting can we expect for Michael's younger children?!?!?

Idiots!!!!! No excuse for this crappy NON-PARENTING!!!!!

Stun guns can & do kill as they short-circuit the body's electrical physiology.

1692 days ago


He probably learned it from someone else at school, this kid ain't that smart.

1692 days ago


One act negates the other. The result = stupidity!

1692 days ago


scares me to think that between cousins, may exist the fearsome jealousy!

God protect they all!

ILYM :`(

1692 days ago


jermaines kids are probly like him...thats not good, if they have unsupervised internet acess then God knows what they are looking up, and exposing MJs kids to that, there is all sorts of filth on the web and alot of horrible pictures and videos of MJ, like mean ones about his nose and stuff, Jermaines kids might show MJs kids that to be mean

1692 days ago
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