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Dr. Drew's Alleged Stalker -- KKK-Krazy Lawsuit

3/4/2010 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Drew Pinsky was sued by his alleged stalker last month -- after the guy claimed Pinsky was a member of the KKK and "performed illegal surgery" on him.

Dr. Drew Pinksy: Click to view!

Charles Pearson filed the small claims suit in L.A. County Superior Court on February 8.

In the suit, Pearson is suing Pinsky for $2,500 for a number of reasons including, "Performed Illegal Surgery, Medical Mal Practice ... Auction Tampering, Implant Tampering."

In the document, Pearson says he hasn't asked Dr. Drew for the money in person because Drew, "claims membership to KKK, used LAPD to intimidate/harass."

A court hearing for the case is set for March 8 -- we'll see if that actually happens.


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This makes me sad for this guy, they have to do something with him though. I know the story of the "chip" inplanted somewhere because my son says it. I am wondering what this guy sees, hears, feels. I haven't heard of another person with it. I am so thankful my son doesn't go to this extreme on stuff. Drives him up the wall and he swears it is real to him..and this is with medication. Sometimes it can numb it, but it seems to be always there. I think it is the voices, but I'd sure like to get feedback from people that have this.

Hope they can help this guy.

1693 days ago


General Dynamics does make a implantable bug. These bugs are a rare as moon rocks.) That can view through one's eyes, and listen to conversations. The bug will last for years, and will pick-up converstions with others that are around the implant victom. - Dr Drew would have been ordered by our government to put the bug into Charles Pearson during surgery. So to sue Dr. Drew alone is not the right lawsuit. These are secret list the hospitals have on people that need surgery. If your name is on the hospital list, they get fedex a bug, and the doctor is ordered to implant the bug for the investigation. These types of investigations are very expensive, and for some major reason.

1693 days ago

Wait a second    

WAIT A MINUTE! Isn't this the accuser doing crack off a counter?

1693 days ago

Jason Chambers    

Hmmmm.... now that i think about it, we never have hear dr. drew say he wasnt a member of the kkk...

1693 days ago


That can mean only one thing, Dr Drew has been tampering with John Mayer's balls too. No wonder he was acting nuts last week.

1693 days ago


Did the stalking complaints arise before or after the lawsuit was filed? The alleged stalker really doesn't fit the profile of a celebrity stalker.

Adding to pie's comment above, General Dynamics will usually use a subject who is crazy when choosing to perform a bug implant experiment. Usually things go okay, but sometimes the guinea pig will remember it all. Then things go badly.

Seems the guy was complaining about an RFID chip being implanted in his penis. RFID chips help locate things like missing shiping containers and such. But we have the authorities own copy of the guy's online postings to explain how they found him so quickly yesterday.

Okay, back to erasing online identities from here in the bunker.

1693 days ago


What's KKK?

1693 days ago


KKK = Bunch of little d@ck, low self esteem, uneducated, wannabe hoods, running around with sheets to cover their disgusting outta shape gutless bodies and wear dunce caps usually dancing/chanting in the woods parading as the perfect "white" race hahaha .. Just silly clowns who need to wear sheets to hide their identities, they feel the need to give themselves ridiculous titles, they corrupt little children, hillbillies, primarily rednecks with their idiotic views, and spend most of their time running around hating everyone that's not aryan. In other words just life's losers looking for validation from other losers.

1693 days ago

dan the man    

@ 10 lol thats 1 way to put it.. just look up kkk on wikipedia if you really don't know.

1693 days ago


SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!! I've never seen Dr Drew and KRAZY KOOKY KLOWN at the same place at the same time. Just sayin'. We haven't heard from KOOKY since this guys arrest either,mmmmm.

1693 days ago


TOLD YOU SO!-KKK is harvey L as mean as harvey K? ^^^*** SULLY RETIRED!!! BAM BAM newsflhash.There is a old old saying that goes anyone can fly but only a hero can stick the landing and that he did.

1693 days ago


ELMer thud had those implants as did bugs.RFID GPS GPX marfe turus plasmid spin robots via japan china and WW II SS doctors shipped over here to do implants after the war MK-ULTRA subjects.HHMI and SLICK`s brain labs also did implants,,,,BUT they are super cost IE muti-millionares used them to build thier kid`s into the new super race.BUT anyone can HACK into yout cell phone image project off satellite and sound and F/R project and pickup earth mics worldwide broadcast system owned by the USA DOD can hear a frog fart worldwide and they use that system for crop planning and security so big brother saves you and ripps you doffy from the cradle2grave4graveietrain 1%.little man noncase no MK-ultra mutimillion dollar willing test subject

1693 days ago


He's a member of KKK I will never watch his shows again!!!

1692 days ago

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