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Quentin Tarantino

Lucky Basterd

3/4/2010 1:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar nominee Quentin Tarantino finally got his groove back ... by dancing the night away with model Eugenia Chernyshova in L.A. on Wednesday.


The 46-year-old is a very hands-on director.


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Donald Ray    

I can't BELIEVE the number of people that compliment THESE legs. They look as sickly as Ho' Hilton's legs. Reminds me of that old song, 'skinny legs and all' by Joe Tex.

1692 days ago


Quentin seems like a nice guy. He needs to stay away from these 'types', it's just not him. BTW, they do look very awkwerd together.

1692 days ago


he looks like a retard who's never seen a girl dance before and his shoes are so GAY!!

1692 days ago

Black Power    

All you people complaining on this site need to stop. QT is one of the most nicest people in the business. Yeah, he may not be up to par in the looks department like Clooney or Pitt, but he is the genuine article when it comes to being professional and always signs autographs and will talk to us everyday people as if you were his friend. I'm sure a lot of you who say he's ugly are not the best looking people either. Say what you want about him, but if you ever have the chance to actually meet him, you willsee how real he is and it would probably change your minds.

1692 days ago


She's not that attractive, but then, of course, neither is he.

1692 days ago


What is wrong with women? Okay, so he's rich. He's hideously ugly and obnoxious. How can ANY amount of money compensate for having to sleep next to that every night.

1692 days ago

Black Power    

All you people making dumbass remarks on this site probably look just as ugly as you think QT is. I hate every one of you and can only wish that bad things come your way. To make stupid comments as if they were relevent to anyone but yourselve is just plain idiocy. You bunch of lametards are what is wrong with everything in this country. But I guess that is what society is all about these days. Making stupid comments and worshiping idiots like the Jersey cast and half of the other younger celebrities that contribute nothing to this world. Please do society a favor and kill yourselves.

1692 days ago


He's a great director. He should enjoy the benefits of Hollywood. If he were still slumping a job at the video store, this woman wouldn't give him the time of day. He's not physically attractive but his intelligence, reputation and huge bank account makes him one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood. Women throw themselves at rich powerful men. I say, enjoy the fruits of your labor Quentin. Get paid, get laid and enjoy life.

At least he's not a dawg like George Clooney who continuously humps 20 year olds and the media ignores the fact he's beginning to look like an old pathetic horny pervert.

1692 days ago


Good for Quentin... She's almost everything he dreamed of while passing movies at blockbuster :-/

Wonder if she saw him in Dust til Dawn?

"We're having a wet bikini contest, and you just won."

1692 days ago


I'm surprised she is not 13...

1692 days ago


I'm still waiting for QT to make a worthwhile film. Eventually he may crawl up to the level of a PRC Poverty Row director...

1692 days ago


Wow. Having money is a wonderful thing. I think I've seen this guy SPIT on people when he's interviewed in The Tonight Show and places like that. I'm sure he's a fun and great guy, but to have him grope a girl like that...EEUWE!

1692 days ago


seems like people in this country think any thin female is "hot". she has chicken legs, not nice legs, they are just long. she's too thin (i like thin females) but her body is tall and lanky that's gross. don't forget she also looks like a man, someone should tell him to check for an adams apple

1692 days ago


Love his movies he's very talented.

1692 days ago


Bitch has a Jay Leno chin......LMAO!

1691 days ago
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