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Big Ben Parties Before Alleged Incident

3/5/2010 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger partied at a bar in Milledgeville, Georgia until 1:30 AM this morning -- before he allegedly sexually assaulted a young woman at a nearby nightclub ... and TMZ has learned dude partied with a posse.

Big Ben Parties Before Alleged Incident
Ben rolled over to a bar called The Brick around 11:30 PM last night -- and sources inside the place tell us he was more than generous with the drinks .... buying round after round for his friends and some of the bar patrons.

We're told Ben arrived to the place with several large men including Pittsburgh Steelers teammate Willie Colon.

Sources say Ben was friendly inside the bar, chatting with fans and even posing for pictures until he picked up and left around 1:30 AM.

As we first reported, Roethlisberger eventually headed over to the Capital City club where the alleged incident went down.

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ButtHole Surfer    

What the hell is in his ear?!?

1600 days ago

Jerry Martin    

He'll get out of it.

1600 days ago


Seems Bennie needs to learn how to keep it in his pants.

1600 days ago


Ok so there is now 5 different stories on this topic on TMZ's front page. Why not just make it 1 topic and just update it instead of just making new stories and making the whole front page basically all the same story just 2 lines of new information and a new picture.

I hate it when TMZ does that. They do it with the Michael Jackson stuff, the Tiger Woods stuff, and now this. They have a story that is big for them and then every new info they get they continue to post it as if its a new story instead of just adding an update and pushing the story to the top.

1600 days ago

i love the 80    

See skanks like this give real women a bad name.. I am a 30yr old woman.. and I know this man doesnt have to assault anyone..Hes famous and has money and that brings gold digging whores out of the wood work.. I hope he sues this skank bank trash bag and wins...

1600 days ago

Dirt Burger    


1600 days ago


1. Unless all you posters calling this woman a whore were in the bathroom you have no idea what happened. So maybe you should shut your pieholes and let the the legal process take place.

2. Perhaps this guy should consider a subscription to netflix and stay home more often given how he seems to get into trouble. Just sayin...

1600 days ago


ewwww, he is one fugly guy.

1600 days ago

C'mon TMZ    

That guy in the back looks like Kris Allen from American Idol.

1600 days ago


Maybe facts should be proven before they are published. When you got alot of money, people do stupid things to try to extort money.... Its all bull.... These people need to get a life!! GO STEELERS! We are behind ya Ben

1600 days ago


Willie Colon? Sounds like a check up at the doctor to me :)

1600 days ago


I hope Ben sues the &$%# out of this whore and the other whore for defamation of character. I'm so sick of whores going after rich men, be it athletes or actors or whatever, then crying rape to try and get a pay day. It's disgusting. Ben was SOBER last night and with a large group of people, including women. He doesn't need to sneak into a bathroom and rub up against some whore. He's a really nice guy. And everyone there knew who he was and were getting autographs and pics and he was being so nice! But then he would just randomly try to assault someone in the bathroom of a club, where there are about 25 chicks going in and out at any given time? This is such BS!

Don't worry Ben, we don't believe the skanks!

1600 days ago


I was at the Brick last night and he barely posed for pictures. I took out a camera and have one or two of the back of his head, but otherwise, when people tried to take pictures he would have these large men he was with (I'm assuming other players or bodyguards) come over and tell us to put cameras away. They were extremely adamant about it as well.

I spoke to a bartender who said he spent around $300 on beverages, and also, I am not making judgements but I have never seen the Capital City bathroom NOT crowded. It's TINY, the doors barely lock, and it's almost impossible to not know what's going on in there because there are usually TONS of girls in line and waiting. I am not saying anyone is lying, because that would really suck if that girl was in such an awful position, but I'm just saying that women's bathroom just doesn't seem like a place something like that could go down without witnesses.

1600 days ago


He is nothing but a thug. He was probably guilty the last time. Hopefully he will pay this time. Check this out - http://stores.tjwvideo.com/StoreFront.bok

1600 days ago


i agree with the first gcsu girl. i'm not saying nothing happened, but the bathrooms at capital are ALWAYS packed, and they are basically right in the middle of the dance floor. anyone would have seen him going into the women's restroom and probably would have asked questions. also, there aren't any "hallways" to go in. it's basically one big room with people everywhere and i was in capital until 1:30 and it was still packed.

1600 days ago
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